gosh engagement

Me: Oh, it’d be so nice if my OTP held hands or hugged!

YOI Creators: Done. What else?

Me: Oh well, it’d be super nice if they lived together somehow. Domestic stuff. Parenting -

YOIC: Done. What else?

Me: Oh! Well I don’t know, ahah, kisses and confessing their love would be super cute and nice but that’ll never happ–

YOIC: Done. What ELSE?

Me: Well …. I’ve never gotten this far so …. ml hahaha wouldn’t it be crazy if they got engaged? Gosh that’s so–


Me: *stuttering* I - I I don’t know what else to want? I’ve never - this is uncharted -

YOIC: *Shaking me by the collar* WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT. NEXT.

Me: *breaking down crying* Please … i dont know … i dont even care about the grand prix just … don’t hurt the dogs anymore…. oh gosh …this is so new I … let me live. … *choked sobs*


TG: Man, this camera is way too high up, geez–we’ll talk aaaaaaaall about the specifics we’re planning later on–for now, we’ve got tons of stuff to answer!



But, there’s a problem with these characters as well. Since it’s not really made clear whether or not these characters are genuinely interested in multiple genders, or if they’re just married to hide who they truly are, and they’re actually gay. Because as we’ve discussed many times on this channel, sexual identity and sexual behavior are two different things. For most people there is at least a correlation between the two, but they are two separate things. Which is why it’s not always a good idea to use a person’s sexual behavior to define their identity, since the two may or may not always line up. This is also made worse that there are already so many misconceptions surrounding bi people and the bi community, that we’re in denial, or we’re greedy, or we are just indecisive and haven’t chosen what team to bat for… so even if you do portray a character who shows a sexual interest in multiple genders, you’re not really doing much to dispel any of those misconceptions. It also perpetuates this erroneous notion that someone can’t really be bisexual unless they engage in behavior with multiple genders, which is also not true.

Now this is hardly a critique that applies to just one mini-series. In fact, it applies to most stories that try to portray a character that’s somewhere under the Bi+ umbrella… [sic] So many stories out there love to portray characters that show at least a passing interest in multiple genders, but then never really bother explaining it or fleshing it out in any sort of detail later on. They just let the viewer or the reader or the listener draw whatever conclusions they want about the character, which creates a paradox I like to affectionately refer to as “Schrodinger’s bisexual”.

Oh gosh! Piper’s engaged to a dude but she has an ex that’s a girl! Is she bi? Is she pan? Was she just experimenting? Who knows! Since the show doesn’t really bother addressing it. Which is why so many of us in the community keep repeating this very same line: say the word! I understand why some writers might be hesitant to have characters say the word, since they could potentially run the risk of having that character become a stereotype, but at least from where I’m sitting, the benefits of having a character self-identify far outweigh the risks. Especially since it’s ultimately up to the writer whether or not that character becomes a flat character based solely on stereotypes, or someone who’s multi-faceted and fleshed out. Not to mention that there are some unique issues and challenges that bi people face in real life, that exist independently of who they date and/or sleep with. And I for one would love to start seeing some of these fleshed out on screen.

But I can definitely see how it might be difficult for someone who is not Bi+ to identify with this plight. And I can say as a writer I always get a little bit nervous when I try to write a character that is of a different gender, ethnicity, or ability level, or whatever. [sic] But that’s also why you do your research, and talk to people who live those experiences. And practice empathy at every turn.

—  RJ Aguiar, “Bi Representation” [source]

yesgabsstuff  asked:

Oh my gosh congrats on the engagement! I don't know if you guys have been engaged for a hot minute or not but still congratulations!

lmao thank you!! we’re been engaged since i think last decemeber, but thank you anyway 💋💖

Melinda May and Phil Coulson run a successful Security Firm together. To save Melinda May from being deported to China after her visa runs out, Phil Coulson proposes to marry. Things get complicated when his family hears about their engagement and when an U.S. imigration agent starts snooping around. …

A new Philinda!AU, hopefully coming to you February 2015.

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oh my gosh you got engaged??? congratulations! can you share the story (sorry if you already have or don;t want to)?

thank you!!!

i haven’t shared it yet actually

my dad woke me up on my birthday and started shoving all these rings on my finger, saying he needed measurements cos my nan was buying me and my sibling’s some rings that she’d pass down to us when she died and stuff (it made sense to me at the time)

andy was coming over to see me anyway, and he turned up with roses and we just sat and chilled with my parents for a bit

we went upstairs to watch a film, and he started doing this long speech (which isn’t strange for him. he likes to tell me how much i mean to him and stuff)

and then he stood up and i got all confused and he was smiling like an idiot, and he kept trying to get the box out of his pocket (it got stuck and it took him a while and it was so fucking cute)

then he got down on one knee, and said ‘marry me?’

me and him would say 'marry me’ to each other all the time before, and i’d say yes everytime, knowing he was joking around, but meaning it all the same

so i said 'i’ve already told you so many times before. yes’

and then he put the ring on and everything was wonderful

my mum and him had been messaging each other all throughout the day to plan it