gosh darnit why are you so cute

Do not hand me your baby because you want me to hold her/him: I am not obligated to do so under any circumstances.

Do not hand me your baby just because you think she/he’s cute, and gosh-darnit, you just don’t understand why I don’t love her/his adorable little baby-cheeks, too.

Do not hand me your baby because you know absolutely nothing about me or my background, and I am not going to let you use your kid (or ME) to prove a stupid point about “biological clocks” or “maternal instincts.”

Do not hand me your baby assuming that because I’m a woman I magically know what the fuck to do with them.

Do not hand me your baby because for all you know, the nerve/muscle damage in my entire right arm & shoulder might cause me to accidentally drop them: That’d be YOUR fault, not MINE.

Do not hand me your baby because I already told you “no” ONCE, I do not like repeating myself: If I were A MAN trying to force YOU to hold something fleshy & stinky, you’d be calling the cops.

Do not hand me your baby because… okay, for real, why the fuck are you handing off your kid to strange women anyway? Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Do not hand me your baby, please.


This was so much fun!!! I had a wonderful time with ask-gallows-callibrator and cosplaying their otp with them and they let me borrow their stuff to be terezi and gosh darnit I felt freaking pretty and they are one of the cutest karkats EVER. But holy cow I had so much fun I want to be terezi again ahhhhhhh

Try not to let the lip piercing bother you guys to much cause it’s not going anywhere~

Me as terezi

Ask-gallows-callibrator as karkat


dont touch my girlfriend

BTS Meeting a Little Girl...

Jin: Jin oppa can I do your make-up? *little girl looks to him with hopeful eyes* Alright, but go easy on the colors, I have to look beautiful. *little girl smiles at him* But oppa is always beautiful! *Jin looks to her in pure happiness* Oh my god… You’re the nicest and most honest person ever!! *hugs her tightly*

V: *Little girl stares at him intensely for a moment* What? What is it child? *she runs off and comes back with an antenna headband* *puts it on his head* You’re an alien. *she smiles*

J-Hope: *watches Little girl run around, sees her trip and fall* *runs over and helps her up* Are you okay?! *she smiles at him* I’m okay, why is oppa crying? *J-Hope wipes his tears* Because I couldn’t help you!! *little girl proceedes to comfort him*

Jimin: *smiles and waves at little girl* Hi~! *little girl kicks him in the shin* Creeper! *runs off* I’M JUST TRYING TO BE FRIENDLY!!!!

Suga: *Attempts to teach girl about swag* Swag? *she says in adorable voice* Oh my god… That was so cute… I give you ten swagger points little lady! *hugs the confused girl*

Rap Monster: Oppa sit here! *sits in small chair, it breaks and he falls over* *little girl bursts out laughing* Gosh darnit!!!

Jungkook: *having a stare don’t with the little girl* I don’t like you *she growls* Well you need to learn how to share! *He smirks* You need to grow up! *she retorts* *glare so intense she runs off* Get back here you brat!