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“Why do you want to fight?”

Jake could say a million things.

“I’m Jewish.”

okay so. before i go any further, this fic was originally started because @mayabazaar and I wanted to a) spite nick spencer for being so blatantly antisemetic and b) wanted to do something to speak out against the awful HyrdaCap thing that I don’t even want to … consider. maya’s idea, and my baby, the only thing running through our heads after spencer’s captain america #1 revelation was “oh my God, we have to make cap jewish”. of course, this was easier said than done – i totally and completely missed “make your marvel faves jewish day” (June 1st, I believe), and have been crying about this all summer. i chose b99 because i love b99 Too Much and because jake peralta is, like, pretty much the Perfect steve rogers, but – listen. my family background is jewish, and this story is one of the most important things I’ve ever written. it’s not just to spite nick spencer, though that is, admittedly, a large part of my motivation. it’s because of the phrase, “raise your words, not your voice”. it’s because there is something more important than cap’s identity at stake. and it’s because people like nick spencer don’t seem to understand why what they’re doing is wrong. I’m posting this on ao3 tomorrow, so the EXTENSIVE research notes are going to be There, but for now I’ll say: the references to chaplin’s The Great Dictator are very deliberate and have a LOT of background, I have done so much research but if i have any historical inaccuracies please take into account Superheros and the suspension of disbelief, and, finally and most importantly: please enjoy! love yall <3 

Perhaps it would be prudent to say that there are certain situations that inherently demand such short answers that do not, really, convey the true complexity of an issue. Indeed, human nature itself demands simplicity: black and white, good and evil, yes and no. However complicated the world might actually be, to delve into the the intricacy of anything – from why Mrs. Lewenski next door has a peculiar obsession with plums, to the moral questions of right versus wrong or, even, why Jake Peralta’s mother thinks to herself in the relative safety of her lumpy mattress that one day, her son might possibly get himself hurt trying to realize his constant and persistent need to protect people starting with her – well, to dive into anything would not be conducive to the eloquence or comedy or dramatic impact for which stories are written.

Jake sits on the plastic-covered cot of the medical room. If his mother were there to ask him exactly how he was feeling at that particular moment, he would tell her that he feels as though he can take on the world in a fist fight and win. If Rosa were to ask the same thing, he’d say that his heart is trapped in his throat.

A terrible sentiment, really, but then – oh. Dr. Erskine is asking him a question. His eyes are kind, Jake notices, but a voice that sounds suspiciously like Rosa’s tells him that now isn’t really the time to notice such things.

Erskine tilts his head.

“Why do you want to fight?”

Jake could say a million things.

“I’m Jewish.”

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twigthewigwig  asked:

I have very quickly developed an unyielding love of Lori... Can you tell me more about her?

Lori is from what could be called the country side in the Galra nation. A small mountain covered planet, they have terrible reception (I have this hc about the original Galra nation where it was a solar system with many planets and the main Garla species migrated to different planets in the system and over time adapted and evolved differently to the conditions. so the further the planet is from the sun the more fur the species have. made a rough drawing)

I thought about this waaaay too much (s2 gimme info i must know)

back to Lori. She is the 4th oldest out of 7 children, has 3 parents, is an auntie. Courted one of the head generals of Galra’s military and the sous chef of the royal Galra palace kitchen. loves em.

Loves being the Red Paladin, but gets homesick a lot. She becomes really close to Coran quickly, seeing him as family, even brought him over to her planet to introduce him to her family.

During the war against Galra’s empire, Lori was able to penetrate through Zarkon’s forces and Lori’s last transmission was she was going to go and try to talk some sense back into Zarkon

and that was the last time she was ever heard of…


niteangel496  asked:

*looks around* Imagine Yuu walking up behind Mika while he's sitting down reading a book. Then Yuu leans close & blows into Mika's ear, Mika gets startled & slightly flustered. Before he can say/do anything Yuu just hugs him from behind & says "Just when I thought it wasn't possible to love you any more than I already do, I end up finding out more cute things about you". Mika just sighs & says "Baka Yuu-chan", a faint smile on his face. The Squad+Narumi are shocked by this display of affection.

You have no idea how many cute headcanons I have about Yuu complimenting Mika’s ears. You just added another one to my list and I hope, like I seriously hope, the manga addresses it. I want Mika’s ears to be shown, by like the wind moving his hair or something, and he gets all embarrassed and ashamed cause it makes him feel like more of a monster but Yuu, being the sweetie he is, compliments him and tells him how he looks cool as fuck and how they can be awesome monsters together. Mika would be pissed that Yuu would joke about being a demon of course, but he would also be relieved that his favorite person doesn’t see him any differently.

thanks for all the nice messages—it’s good to know that while there are some nasty people in this fandom who think it’s okay to be rude to someone who posted a simple passing thought, there are more who don’t mind the details and appreciate me, and make me feel like im not stupid and let me know that i am loved + cared about

it means a lot. thank you ♥

  Ohm caressed Bryce’s hair, combing through the short strands until he rested his hand on the back of his neck, bringing him close. Ohm pressed their mouths together in a tender kiss and when he pulled back, Bryce’s eyes were open, staring back at him in confusion.

“Did you just kiss me?”

Ohm grinned. “Yes.”


Just something random I decided to write. :) I hope you like it.


Watch wellntruly flirt with relevance as she live-blogs her season 3 rewatch!

3.1. ‘Antipasto
3.2. ‘Primavera
3.3. ‘Secondo
3.4. ‘Aperitivo
3.5. ‘Contorno
3.6. ‘Dolce
3.7. ‘Digestivo
3.8. ‘The Great Red Dragon
3.9. ‘And the Woman Clothed With the Sun
3.10. ‘And the Woman Clothed In Sun
3.11. ‘And the Beast From the Sea
3.12. ‘The Number of the Beast Is 666
3.13. ‘The Wrath of the Lamb

Previously: “Super Concise & Sensible Hannibal Recaps” of Season 3, “How To Properly Scream” Season 1, and “How to Properly Scream” Season 2

lil tutorial cause why not

so I was asked by the wonderful @lum1natrix to do this quick little tutorial of how I made this darkiplier edit right here, so here we go (keep in mind that i’m not good at explaining things pls)

the full tutorial is kinda long since i’m not good with words so it’s under the “read more”

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As someone who has always considered herself demisexual, I somehow can’t stop thinking of just doing some casual stuff? I really do not want a relationship or anything, but damn making out and having casual sex really sounds so appealing right now?


Hirose Tomoki 290816 Ameblo (summary/extract)

The photo on the top left is the three of them trying to imitate Terajima-sensei’s drawing (on the top right).

Mokkun was here!
Recently, I have been addicted to calling him “Ota-chan”.
On the way back, I thought it was too troublesome to take out my umbrella so without saying anything, I went under Mokkun’s umbrella and without saying anything, he let me!
He acted like a boyfriend!!
Thank you~!