ahh a couple weeks back I sent you a message asking you what I should do when the people around me weren’t supportive of my art. You were super kind and inspiring about it and recently you’ve been a huge inspiration and because of you I decided to make this work ! Thank you so much for being a great person and so influential to all of your followers, I hope you continue posting and inspiring us all !!


Apparently Gosh has been quoted while signing autographs at the airport that they are in fact not returning next season as regulars, but would be happy to come back as guest stars if invited?

I’m treading very lightly on this until I hear “official” confirmation. It’s so easy to spread rumors online so I try not to assume anything is “official” until I see the people in question say it themselves, or an official announcement or something.

Still, will be very sad to see them go if this is true…

EDIT: Apparently the source who claimed this is pretty reliable. So it’s seeming more and more true. Still waiting for official word, but it’s looking probable that this is true.

Jazz is stealing a car and then we are driving to NY to get my phone fixed. @womaninterrupted has informed me that there is something called smashburger next to the repair place that sent me a reasonable quote and very informative email. It’s just fiscal responsibility. And burgers. And grand theft auto.

🚗 📱 🐶

Also I never want to talk about phones again.

Wanna know the fandom’s best kept secret? These two make an awesome couple

Haikyuu Nationals theories (after chapter 247)

 Okay so what is happening in the manga kind of fits my theories about what’s gonna happen during nationals, that’s why I’m making this post (and bc i’m HELLA EXCITED AAAAH) (sorry for my bad English)

My two starting assumptions (under the cut) : 

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Not to do this again but writing that a kid is scared of the Mean Scary Courser X6 and ending your reaction post there is Bad, its Bad portraying X6 as scary and giving him no character development beyond that point. You can say that [kid in question] is scared until he gets close to X6 and realizes that X6 is good and X6 in return teaches him to shoot straight with a laser rifle and tells him where his Super Secret Fancy Lad Snack Cake stash is so they can share a box