I haven’t been really active lately, all thanks to zine work. so here, have a preview of my main piece i’ve been doing for @lancitozine !

for those who don’t know, Lancito zine is a Lance-centric Voltron charity Zine to raise money for Cuba and Puerto Rico! ♥ More details as to where and when purchase it, soon!

ARMY! We’re grateful to you guys more than anyone. It’s a surprise to us and we’re grateful and honored to receive Artist of the Year award yesterday and Best Song of the Year award today. I remember writing this song around this time last year at a park. It’s an honor that a song about missing friends written to bring people consolation is loved by many. We’ll work hard to present good songs in the future as well. Since I talked a lot today, I’ll leave it to the other guys.

Wow, guys! Once again, thank you to our friends and the public for loving BTS’ songs. All 7 of us have great love and passion for music. From before a song is born, it has to go through a process of picking the topic, the story, the story and beats with various modifications, that’s how a song of BTS is born. We’ll work hard to become a team that make music filled with that love and passion of ours to move people. Once again, thank you!

ARMYs, thank you so much for giving us this award. I have a studio now! So I’ll work hard to make cool songs, songs that move people. I hope you’ll stay by our side in the future too.

I love you! Thank you!

Pdogg PD-nim, we received an award for “Spring Day”!

I love you ARMYs!
—  BTS, Best Song of the Year, 2017 Melon Music Awards

Can you believe that before this JK couldn’t potray emotions to his dancing and he only spent fucking 2 WEEKS in America, and went back this emotional?  Damn, stan talent!! STAN BTS, STAN THE GOLDEN MAKNAE


you’ve come so far, shouto. happy birthday.

or the one in which all todoroki wanted on his birthday was a normal cake and some friends to celebrate it with. now he’s got both. (˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈)


| GOT7 in 2017 

you took the year and made it yours. with so many fanmeetings, concerts, music, and wonderful videos for us, we continue to grow closer to you. we have been together for almost four years now, and every moment we’ve been so proud of you. 2017 held great things for you, and we will make sure 2018 will be even brighter. let’s stay together, from now on until forever



ahhhh one day at a time comes back 26 january!