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38. With anti x dark cause they're such drama queens :::::)

38. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

When Anti comes to, his head feels like it’s been stuffed with cotton and he honestly wants to die.

Nausea washes over him in waves, and resisting the urge, he swallows the bile back down as a means of retaining control over the situation. It’s been a while since he’s been this weak, this human corpse having not let him out for years, literal years, and he thinks that maybe he should fuck this body up just to spite him.

“Oh, you came to. I was beginning to wonder if you’d ever come to.”

Anti’s eyes slide to the other end of the room–which he figures out to be a hotel room from the looks of it. A man stands in the doorway of the bathroom, dressed in a t-shirt and boxers, a white towel around his neck.

All at once, he realizes it’s Dark, and he feels even more sick than he did before.

“Go suck a dick,” Anti spits out, voice hoarse, presumably from disuse. Even if him and Sean share the same voice box, they sound different, somehow. “What the hell did you do to me, you fucker?”

Dark gives him that soft, shit-eating smile that he hates so much. Drying his hair, he tosses the towel onto the floor, walking towards the bed.

Anti feels only a fraction more stable than jelly right now, but he clenches his fingers into fists, in preparation for whatever Dark wants to do with him in his moment of weakness. Dark’s that sick kind of fuck, anyway.

“You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes,” Dark sings out, sitting at the edge of the bed. He’s the picture of innocence, a sizeable distance between them, but his eyes are predatory, sizing him up, probably thinking of numerous ways to rake his hands over his skin, and it makes him shudder to think of. “Though, I do admit it was nice holding you.”

He scowls. “Fuck you.”

Dark frowns. “Is that any way to treat the man who carried you all the way here, kept prying human eyes away from you, and let you sleep off whatever affliction overcame you?”

“You probably defiled me in some obscene way as payment,” Anti spits out. He lays back down, trying to close his eyes, to get away from the voice and his overwhelming sickness. “Don’t pretend like you did it out of the goodness of your heart.”

“You wound me,” Dark pouts. “I’d never put my hands anywhere you didn’t like, baby.”

“If that were the case, you’d never lay a hand on me again,” Anti shakes his head. “Go to hell.”

“Been there,” Dark drawls. “Boring. It’s more fun here with you. Where’ve you been, Anti? I’ve missed you…very much.”

Anti opens his eyes, half afraid he’ll wake up in the backseat again, that this whole exchange made Sean take back over. “This is the first time I’ve been out in years. Sean’s been keeping me on a short leash, these days.”

Dark’s hand slides up his arm, the bed dipping to indicate he’s moving closer. He doesn’t take his eyes off the ceiling, his memory used to the feelings of Dark’s fingers pressing into his skin.

“One day he’ll be weak enough,” Dark soothes, raising a hand to his cheek. Anti hates that the gesture is even remotely comforting, and blames it on the part of him that’s human. “Just like Mark. And then he’ll be answering to your good graces.”

The name stirs something in him. Mark. He thinks that it’s Sean, pushing at the sound of the name, but maybe it isn’t. He’s not sure.

“And while we’re waiting for that to happen,” Dark purrs, and there it is, the double edge, the thing he’s been wanting to say. “We should enjoy the time you have here.”

“You just want in my fucking pants,” Anti slides his eyes to him, and Dark’s gaze is hooded, heavy, full of sexual intent.

“Nothing you don’t want,” Dark repeats, a promise and a threat all at once.

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supernatural tag meme

I was tagged by the amazing @corrupteddean to do this so here we go:

1. what season did you start watching supernatural?

well this is a funny story because i can’t really remember. i do remember when i was younger that supernatural would come on after charmed (which i watched all the time) and i would watch a couple of episodes that way. but then i stopped watching and picked back up somewhere around season seven i think (like season seven was currently airing). i went back and rewatched the previous seasons that i missed to catch up and now here i am.

2. who was the first character you fell in love with?

this is also a funny story because i first fell in love with sam even tho i am totally a dean girl now (that’s a lie, i’m a bribo, who am i even kidding) but there was something about sam, maybe it was that fluffy, long hair because i was going through a phase where i only liked boys with long hair like that and so i fell in love with sam first.

3. who was a character that you hated at first but grew to love?

jo harvelle. i did not like her at all. she was annoying and whiny and i really didn’t like her but upon my spn rewatch i grew to like her, i guess. i mean, she was young and naive but i started to understand her. she was that way because her father had died and then her mother put her on lock down basically and she didn’t have the opportunity to find out for herself what she liked or didn’t like, ya know.

4. which character would you most want to be in a long-term relationship with?

dean winchester. call me a basic bitch or whatever but i love dean and i think he needs someone who will be there for him when he needs them but also give him distance when he needs it. dean honestly is such a pure soul and he needs something good in life.

5. if you could go on just one date with one character, which one would you choose?

sammy babe. again call me a basic bitch but i think that it would be a lot of fun to go on a date with him.

6. what would you do on the date?

i don’t know. maybe go watch a movie, share a popcorn. have a nice dinner. something like that.

7. which character would you most want to be like?

either john winchester or bobby.

8. which character would you most like to see brought back from the dead?

again either bobby or john. i think it would be interesting to see the relationship between both the boys with john, being that they’re so much older. i would love to see sam’s relationship grow with his father. and then with bobby, he was a constant in the boys lives that needs to be back.

9. which character would you most like to punch?

yeah, i’m not gonna answer this one. not at all because my answer probably wouldn’t be well received.

10. who is your absolute favorite character?

umm, sam and dean, duh. but besides from them, probably john. i really wish we could know more about john because there’s so much hate for him and i wish there wasn’t.

11. which “big bad” do you think was the worst?

the worst? as in the worst thought out character or worst as in the best villain? i’m going with the first because honestly the whole amara storyline kinda pissed me off. they had such potential to do some great things with her and then they didn’t and she was just this flat character.

12. which character are you most like?

i don’t know really. i’ve been told tho that i am a lot like dean. i mean, i’ve got a little brother that even tho he drives me crazy, i would do anything for. i am not an overly affectionate person however when you manage to get past these walls that i have, you are there forever. i am funny and i am witty and yeah, i don’t know what else to say.

13. what death hit you the hardest?

bobby’s. most definitely because the boys needed him and then the writers just had to go off and kill him.

14. what season finale hit you the hardest?

oh lord, i don’t know. maybe the end of season one when everyone is so young and happy and then they get in the car crash and then the opening in season two killed me.

15. what are your ten all-time favorite episodes?

1. the pilot
2. faith
3. red meat
4. folsom prison blues
5. regarding dean
6. baby
7. first blood
8. who we are
9. in my time of dying
10. on the head of a pin

16. what’s been your favorite season?

either season one or two because that is classic spn through and through because my boys are so young and happy and everything isn’t fucked up.

17. who is your favorite angel?

either balthazar or gabriel

18. who’s your favorite demon?

uhh… i love crowley but i also love meg

19. who’s your favorite evil character?

let me go with the classic and say yellow eyes however i also loved cain and i wish that we could have more of him.

20. do you have any supernatural ships?

fuck yeah i do: wincest, some dark!wincestiel, dean/benny, demon!dean/abaddon, uhhh… sam/jess and there are others that i can’t think of right now.

21. who’s your favorite supporting actor?

oh lord, i don’t even know

22. what’s your favorite quote from the show?

let me go with the basic “family don’t end in blood.”

23. if you could cast one famous actor in an episode of spn, who would you chose?

this one i don’t know either.

24. if you could write your own episode, what kind of creature would you like to see included?

if i could write an episode it would be based off my fic that i wrote a while ago called “mine carts and raging fires.” it has your classic monster being the wendigo but also the brothers relying on each other and some major hurt!brothers. it would be my favorite episode ever.

25. who’s your favorite girl that dean’s hooked up with?

i don’t know being that dean’s had a ton of one night stands and hasn’t emotionally bonded with anyone but thinking back through the seasons it would have to be cassie because dean trusted her enough to tell her about his life and what he did and it was probably his first heartbreak.

26. who’s your favorite girl that sam’s hooked up with?

i really liked sarah back in season two. i thought that she and sam was adorable with each other.

27. what are some of your favorite convention moments?

anytime when we get a glimpse into their lives or when they hug… or when they get up on stage and sing.

28. if you were going to guest star (or be a recurring guest star) on spn, how would you want your character described?

a hunter (obviously) who is pretty badass, has an awesome aim, funny, witty, caring. someone who can get things done when asked. seems cold at first but when you peel back the layers you see that i’m actually really nice. probably gotta have that tragic backstory. kinda a lone wolf but would stick around with the brothers, help them when need be but not overbearing.

29. what do you hope to see in the next season?

just give me my classic spn with my monsters of the week and classic hunts and old motel rooms and scary episodes. that’s what i want. and for what’s dead to stay dead.

30.-40. if you had to choose…

bobby or john?

i can’t pick. both.

bela or ruby?

bela (i really really liked her)

jess or madison?

jess (because she was sam’s first love)

jo or lisa?

jo (can’t really stand lisa)

charlie or kevin?

fuck, really. i would go with charlie.

balthazar or ash?

probably balthazar. we need ash in heaven controlling things up there.

cas or crowley?

crowley. most definitely.

ben or claire?

i’m gonna go with ben cause i can’t stand claire.

jody or donna?

umm… both. i can’t pick one or the other.

sam or dean?

salmon dean, obviously. (ha, i’m not funny. sam and dean because they are just one soul split in half.)

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