@danisnotonfire​ I hope you know that many of us do appreciate TATINOF so much, and are very happy and proud for what you and Phil have acomplished. We appreciate everything, and i’m sure you know that, but its good to say it once in a while; its good to remind you that a majority of us will support you no matter what, even when some say they “miss the old videos.” They don’t understand the immensity and importance of TATINOF, and they also don’t understand that its a once in a life time experience that will most likely never happen again. Let’s say you did do more tours, there would only be one first, one beginning, and you and Phil, in addition to us in the phandom, would never be the same age again, and many parts of our lives would have changed. Thank you so much for everything, and even if it may seem like “fangirl talk,” and no matter how much people may say that its impossible to love someone you don’t know, we truly do love you and Phil. Thank you for making our lives better every single day.


Harry and the crew at the Jimmy Kimmel soundcheck. 

Because that’s what Harry does; spreading the love, kindness and humor - to everyone.

Look at my art. I actually spent about six hours on this if not more O_O @markiplier pls notice this

Tag yourself I am the dancing Mark