On The Topic Of Shipping Dim (Underload Sans)

I’m bringing Dim back, despite the fact I kind of don’t want to due to past problems. Now, as the title says, this has more to do with shipping him. I know later it will come up, though I don’t want the past to repeat itself which is why I’m bringing this up. (also check it out I remembered his face mark this time)

Now, first order of business is that I will not be shipping him with another sans. I have no problem with with sanscest ships, or any ship, I just don’t think Dim would be a good match with a Sans of any kind. There can be a few exceptions to this, but that would be discussed with the owner of the sans in private.

Second, I will only be shipping him with characters of people I trust; in other words good friends or people I know fairly well enough that they will actually communicate with me and understand why I’m being so picky.

And third, if I ship with you that means I really trust you. Please do not break that trust. Don’t guilt trip me into things. I have a bit of a personal attachment to this character, which is why I am making this in the first place.

Things I would be looking for in the relationship: A gradual friendship to shipping is something I would want, because he can be pretty harsh and trigger happy. Someone who doesn’t mind his weird obsession with table salt is also good. I won’t go into specifics.

I will most likely avoid Sans, Papyrus, or Toriels. Gasters will have to depend on the AU (I know some people headcanon that sans and Gaster are not related and that Sans was his assistant. In Underload and its branching AUs, Sans and Papyrus are adopted). These ships tend to get a lot of backlash when it comes to shipping, which is why. Once again, I personally don’t mind them.

With Toriels, it would need to take a lot of work, which is why I set her in the list. Dim hates the human, Snap, and other Frisks for it to be safe, and there would be a lot of arguments at the start. As much as this would share character growth in their relationship, it would take much too long for it to be all that enjoyable. However, if the Toriel is just right, I don’t mind at all.

Relationships I might be looking for would include Grillby and Asgore (this makes me kinda snicker a little don’t ask me why), and possibly but not as likely; Riverperson. Now, into specifics as to why.

Dim is most likely to interact with these characters. Unlike the ‘sans being a scientist’ approach that I mostly see, Dim is not the same way. He may be good at it, but instead he went into the Royal Guard due to what he and Papyrus dealt with on the surface before Underload Gaster, Croi, found them. Because of this, he still has a job after Gaster’s disappearance.

He still goes to Grillby’s, or more better known as “Lady’s and Michael’s” since in this au they’re half-siblings (married parents), so he still would feel a closer bond with a Grillby. For Asgore, they mostly have tea together while Dim reports to him. Toriel, who is still married to Asgore, usually is reading during this. However, now he reports to Asriel since he took over the throne. And finally with Riverperson, Dim refuses to use shortcuts anymore. At first he just listened to Riverperson’s weird sayings, but then they actually began talking after a year of this.

There are also ships in between I am willing to discuss, or Poly relationships, but that will be done between specific people. Also notice that each one of the ships I mostly am looking out for are due to his past, not from which ship I like most (like with sanscest lmao that tends to be something I really enjoy). I personally want to try new ships and see how they go.

Hopping onto that marriage train because goshdarnit I’m so gay for these two

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