Some of my favorite parts in 199... c:

I like the teamwork between the Gokaigers and the Goseigers.

This kid is so kawaii~ GANBARE SUPER SENTAI!!!

The Robots were amazing!!!

199 is really an epic movie!!!

It didn’t manage to make me cry though. Just a bit. Otherwise, it really made me excited and more interested in Super Sentais.

Goseiblue (Hyde) is so cool! I think, his character is my alter ego in Goseiger. (As Hakase of Gokaiger and I has somehow the same character… HAHAHA!!!) And Goseiblue really looks like Donghae. So KEWL!!! Fandom meets fandom, really. Kkkkk. I LOVE SUPER SENTAI!!!!

Jaa ne~~~ c:

I just realized, Goseiblue somehow resemble Donghae of Super Junior… Hmmm…. Gosh, maybe this is the result of my fandom for both Super Sentai and Kpop… I can almost connect them with ease. Hehehe. Also, I love this scene in the movie. It’s because Gosei blue helped Hakase and Ahim helped Eri (Gosei Pink)… It was cool!!! I still think that Goseiblue is the coolest in Goseiger though. Gosei Yellow (Moune)’s voice irritates me a bit. HAHAHA!!! Well, that is my opinion. Otherwise, I don’t mean to hurt anybody’s feelings. I still love Super Sentai heroes forever and a day… Hehehe. c:

Fandom meets fandom.. ^____^