On May 5th, 1993, three eight-year-old boys from West Memphis, AR, disappeared while riding their bikes around their neighbourhood. Their naked, beaten, and hogtied bodies were discovered in a drainage ditch the next day, in a local patch of woods known as Robin Hood Hills. Christopher Byers, Michael Moore, and Steve Branch had been subjected to a vicious beating, and two of the boys had been mutilated.
Three local teenagers were charged with the brutal triple murder - Jessie Misskelley Jnr (17), Jason Baldwin (16) and Damien Echols (18). In two sensational trials the trio were found guilty of the murders, and Damien Echols - the presumed ringleader - was sentenced to death. Baldwin and Misskelley were sentenced to life terms plus 40 years.

In 2011 all three accused struck a plea deal with the State of Arkansas and were released from prison after serving 18 years.

Over the years, four documentaries have been made about the case, all of them arguing that the ‘West Memphis 3’ are innocent and a miscarriage of justice occurred when the three teenagers were convicted of the murders. These documentaries are most peoples introduction to the case, and in many respects they skew or omit details of the crime to make the West Memphis 3 appear innocent. While these documentaries make valid criticisms of the investigation and the justice system, they fail to deliver the full, truthful story of the tragic murders. Without further ado, here’s the evidence you never get to see that points to the guilt of the West Memphis 3:

(NOTE: this post doesnt contain any source details because the website that contains all the case documents is currently inaccessible. I promise I will add the links and source details when I can access the website callahan8k.com again)


Its a little known fact that Echols, Misskelley, and Baldwin could not provide alibis for the night of the murders. The alibis presented in 'Paradise Lost’ and 'West of Memphis’ have been heavily distorted and/or lied about, so lets see what the three accused REALLY got up to on the night of May 5th:


In 'West of Memphis’, several shorts of footage from Jessie Misskelley’s trial shows a number of witnesses confirming that Misskelley attended a wrestling match with friends on the night of May 5th, 1993. An (undated) registry with Misskelley’s name on it and a photo of a wrestler is offered as proof that Misskelley was out of town on the night of the murders.

What 'West of Memphis’ conveniently leaves out is the footage of Jessie’s alibi witnesses being cross-examined by the prosecution. When questioned, every single one of them gave conflicting stories about who attended the match, who drove, where they went, and the places they visited. While all of them confirmed Jessie had tagged along on at least one trip to a wrestling match, none of them could say for sure if he was present on the night of May 5th, and receipts produced by the prosecution seemed to point to the fact that the wrestling trip with Jessie actually occurred several weeks before the murders.
In 'West of Memphis’ Misskelley’s attorney Dan Stidham complains that the jury “didn’t pay much attention” to Jessie’s alibi. Why is that? Because Jessie’s alibi witnesses gave such contradictory evidence that the jury didn’t believe them.


An interesting point to note is that none of the documentaries made about the case even bother to give Jason Baldwin an alibi for May 5th, 1993. Why? Because his alibi claims to police were so vague and unbelievable his defense lawyers didnt even try to submit them in court. This is an highly unusual step for the defense to take - if Baldwin had given them an alibi that seemed even half decent, his lawyers would have certainly submitted that evidence in trial.

The fact that Jason Baldwin’s lawyers didnt even bother to submit an alibi means only one thing; their client could not provide a single bit of proof he was elsewhere on the night of the murders.

Baldwin’s lawyers were aware that he had no proof of alibi, and they knew the prosecution would use this fact against him during cross examination. So they did the clever thing and did not bring up his alibi at all during the trial.

In the years since the murders, Jason Baldwin has never given an explanation for a lack of alibi nor has he attempted to provide one. His actions on the night of May 5th are therefore a complete mystery. Or are they?


Damien Echols’ alibi claims have been heavily distorted over the years, most notably in 'West of Memphis’ where alibi witness Jennifer Bearden (who was 12 at the time of the murders) claims she was on the phone with Echols all night on May 5th, 1993.

The murders of the three children are widely believed to have occurred between 6:30pm and 8:30pm on May 5th, 1993. Jennifer Bearden’s claim she was on the phone with Echols from 5:30pm to 9:30pm is presented as concrete proof Echols did not commit the murders.

“….she [Bearden] had been on the phone with Damien and Jason during the afternoon after school until about 9:30pm”

- Jennifer Bearden in 'West of Memphis’

In actuality, Damien Echols originally claimed to have talked to FOUR different girls at home between the hours of 4:00pm and 10:30pm on the night of the murders. This immediately contradicts what Jennifer Bearden says in 'West of Memphis’ where she claims ONLY SHE talked to Echols on the phone during the hours in question.

Whats more, Bearden’s statement she reads on camera in 'West of Memphis’ (above) is actually misleading; in the statement she gave to police on the 10th of September, 1993, Bearden states she rang Damien Echols at Jason Baldwin’s house between 4:15pm and 5:30pm, talked to BOTH of them for twenty minutes, before Damien told her to ring him back at 8:00pm because he and Jason were “going somewhere”.

Here is the part of Bearden’s interview with Bryn Ridge where she confirms this, verbatim:


RIDGE: About what time was that call made to Jason’s?

BEARDEN: Between - it had to be somewhere in between 4:15 and 5, something like that….5 or 5:30

RIDGE: Who answered the phone at Jason’s?


RIDGE: And did you talk to Damien?

BEARDEN: Yeah I talked to Jason for five minutes and the (inaudible) with Damien and he wasnt talking because they were playing video games with his little brother Matt

RIDGE: Okay, and after that conversation you had with him?

BEARDEN: He [Echols] said him and Jason were going to go somewhere, him and Jason were going somewhere, and that he, um, wanted me to call him later at his house around 8 and I said okay

RIDGE: Okay, did he say where he was going to go?



The above statement is Jennifer’s own words, transcribed by police four months after the murders. They directly contradict what she says in 'West of Memphis’, where she claims to have talked to Damien UNINTERRUPTED between the hours of 4:15 and 9:30.

Bearden’s interview with Bryn Ridge clearly demonstrates she rang Echols between 4:15-5:30 pm, talked with Echols and Baldwin for twenty minutes, before Echols told her to ring him back at 8:00pm. Furthermore, Bearden’s statement implies Echols was out WITH Jason Baldwin between the time of her first phone call at 4:15pm and the time she rang him back at 8:00pm.

Further down in her police statement, Bearden says she attempted to ring Echols again at 8pm, like he requested, BUT WAS TOLD HE WASNT HOME. Here is the excerpt from that statement, verbatim:


RIDGE: Okay, and when you called back about 8?

BEARDEN: His grandmother said he wasn’t there, and that I was supposed to call back around 9….and I called back around 9:20, 9:30 and I talk to him [Echols] for a little bit, but then I had to get off the phone because I wasn’t supposed to be on the phone after 9:30


Bearden told police in her statement that she rang Damien’s house at 8pm like he asked, but his grandmother (Francis Gosa) told her he wasn’t there. This is a HUGE piece of evidence against Echols. Not only does it prove Echols lied when he told police he was at home all night, but it places him outside his home WITH Jason Baldwin during the crucial hours the murders are believed to have been committed. The murders are thought to have occurred between 6:30pm and 8:30pm, remember? Jennifer Bearden’s statement only covers the time between 4:15pm to 5:30pm and after 9:20pm. She tried to reach Echols’ at 8:00pm, but couldn’t get a hold of him.

Contrary to what is presented in 'West of Memphis’, Damien’s Echols’ whereabouts are unaccounted for between the hours of 5:30pm and 9:20pm. Again, the murders are thought to have happened between 6:30pm and 8:30pm. Jennifer Bearden’s police statement does not support Echols’ claim he was at home all night talking on the phone. His other alibi witnesses - Holly George, Heather Cliett, and Domini Teer - further damage his alibi claims with their own police statements:

1) Holly George
Holly George told police she spoke with Damien Echols around 3:30pm on May 5th, 1993. She only called Echols once that day. Holly also claimed she and Echols engaged in a three-way phone call with Jennifer Bearden, and she only talked to Echols for five minutes.

There are several contradictory details in Holly George’s statement - she claimed to have talked to Damien AND Jennifer via three-way calling, yet Jennifer doesn’t mention a three-way call in her interview. Holly also states she rang Damien around 3:30pm and their conversation didn’t last past 4:00pm, which conflicts with Damien’s assertion he spoke with her much later in the evening.

George also mentions in her statement that she talked to Jennifer Bearden after the murders, who told her that she (Bearden) had spoken with Echols after George rang him, and tried to reach him later that evening but he wasn’t home. Jennifer Bearden confirms this in her own statement (above)

2) Heather Cliett
Heather Cliett is another girl whom Damien Echols claims to have spoken to on the phone on the day of the murders. In statements given to police on June 7th and 8th - immediately after Damien was arrested - Cliett stated that her, Holly George, and Jennifer Bearden had talked on the phone via three-way calling on the night of May 5th. She said Damien only joined the conversation around 10:00pm.

As you can see, Heather Cliett’s version of events are dramatically different from Holly George’s statement and Jennifer Bearden’s statement:

- Holly George claimed she had a three-way phone call only with Damien and Jennifer; she did not say Heather was also present during the three-way conversation.

- Jennifer Bearden does not mention a three-way call at all in her statement, despite two different people claiming she participated in one.

Since all three alibi witnesses - Bearden, George, and Cliett - gave conflicting statements about a three-way call between them and Damien, its impossible to know whether the call actually happened, and who was present if it DID happen. The important thing to note is that Heather Cliett states she talked to Echols AFTER 10:00pm, and did not talk to him before. Cliett’s statement doesn’t support Echols’ assertion he was at home until after 10:00pm.

3) Domini Teer
Domini Teer told prosecutors on the stand she spent the afternoon of May 5th with Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin. Domini was Echols’ pregnant girlfriend at the time.

She told prosecutor John Fogleman that Damien came to her house around 1:00pm on the day of the murders, and the two of them waited for Jason to come home from school, which he did around 3:25pm. Teer then states her, Damien, Jason, and a friend called Ken walked over to Hubert Bartoush’s (Jason’s uncle) house to watch Jason mow the lawns.

Teer tells Fogleman the time they arrived at Jason’s uncles house was around 4:00pm. Here is an excerpt from her testimony, verbatim:


FOGLEMAN: Okay. About what time did ya’ll get to his uncles?

TEER: Um….4 o'clock, something like that

FOGLEMAN: 4 or 4:15, something like that?

TEER: yeah, it was around there.


Domini told Fogleman after she, Damien, and Ken arrived at Jason’s uncles house at around 4:00pm, the three of them watched Jason mow the lawn.

Domini Teer’s testimony on the stand conflicts with Jennifer Bearden’s statements to police - remember, Jennifer told police she spoke to Damien AND Jason on the phone between 4:15pm and 5:30pm that day. Domini, however, told a prosecutor that she, Damien, Jason, and another friend went to an uncles house to mow the lawn, and they arrived there around 4:00pm- 4:15pm.

Damien cant of been on the phone with Bearden and travelling to Jason’s uncles house with Domini at the same time. One of the girls is either lying or mistaken about the times they were in contact with Damien.

Domini Teer also stated in court that after she and Echols watched Jason mow the lawns, she and Damien was picked up by his mother around 5:00pm. Damien’s mother dropped her home around 5:30pm, and the two didn’t speak again that night until 10:00pm when Damien rang her on the phone.

Domini Teer’s testimony only covers Echols’ whereabouts for the hours between 1:00pm and 5:30pm, and after 10:00pm on the night of May 5th. Her testimony clashes with the statement of Heather Cliett who also claimed to have talked to Echols around 10:00pm.


The testimony of Damien Echols’ alibi witnesses makes for confusing reading, as all four of them contradict his claim he was home all night, and with none of the statements actually providing him with an alibi: when compared together, not a single one of Damien’s four witnesses can vouch for his whereabouts for the hours between 5:30pm and 9:20pm on the day of the murder.

A lack of alibi in itself is not irrefutable proof of guilt. But when you consider the fact NONE of the three accused had a solid alibi, as well as the evidence that suggest at least two of the accused- Echols and Baldwin - were together walking around during the hours in question, it begs the question: where exactly were they? What were they doing? Why couldnt a single one of their witnesses verify their claims?

KON-ICE: alferdór

Alferdór è col canchèr ch’at vèn d’envere c’nla gosa ca’t chesca in tal piat.

Insomma, il raffreddore… LA CORIZA, visto che siamo in una rubrica digitale che divulga duro.

Il raffreddore (o coriza o rinite o ferdòr se siete di Parma) è una condizione patologica a se stante da altre manifestazioni infettive quali tonsillite, faringite, laringite, tracheite, bronchite e peste polmonare emorragica, anche se spesso vi può essere compresenza e correlazione.

Se escludiamo quello di origine allergica, il raffreddore è causato generalmente da un virus chiamato Rhinovirus ma pure da alcune Orthomyxoviridae, dal Coronavirus, dall’Adenovirus, dall’Enterovirus e compagnia danzante e quindi intanto fissiamo questo importantissimo concetto:


Gli antibiotici non servono a una cazzo contro i virus. Punto.

(Apro una parentesi spicciola e autoconclusiva nella quale userò le dimensioni per far capire come virus e batteri siano proprio due cose differenti sotto ogni aspetto: se un batterio fosse grosso come un trattore, mediamente, un virus sarebbe il gabbiano che aspetta di strafogarsi di lombrichi… per amor di metafora dovrei poi dire che il gabbiano prende possesso del trattore, distrugge tutto il campo, va in strada appiattendo macchine e potando persone per poi farsi esplodere contro il parlamento ma non esageriamo)

Ora, perché si chiama raffreddore?

No, non c’è il trucco… proprio per quello, perché generalmente è un’infezione che si manifesta quando si abbassano le temperature. Però.

Nonostante si creda che sia una malattia a contagio diretto, tipo con uno starnuto in faccia da parte di uno sconosciuto mentre sei sul tram, in realtà avevano ragione le nostre nonne e le nostre mamme nel dire di ‘non prendere freddo’ perché in realtà le nostre mucose sono costantemente contaminate da una pletora di virus e batteri che il nostro sistema immunitario riesce a tenere a bada finché non si presentano particolari stati infiammatori che diventano ottimo terreno di coltura per la replicazione di essi. E per stati infiammatori intendo il naso che gocciola per il cazzo di freddo.

Perché poi ho insistito sul fatto che, trattandosi di un virus, gli antibiotici sono inutili?

Beh… intanto perché NON FUNZIONANO e poi perché la gente li assume in autoprescrizione, a caso, rischiando di creare ceppi di patogeni resistenti mentre invece basta seguire questi semplici punti per poter guarire:

- Aspettare soffiandosi il naso.

Mi spiace… niente spray, gocce a quant’altro. Soffrite con un fazzoletto nella destra e una bestemmia nella sinistra.

“I don’t eat animals but I like fish from the sea. I love dogs but I wear leather shoes. I don’t drink milk but I like ice cream. Fireflies are beautiful but I kill mosquitoes. I love forests but I build a house. I don’t eat pork but I bow in front of a pig head for gosa (offering ceremony). I am famous but I want to live quietly, and I live quietly but don’t want to be forgotten. I am simple but wealthy, and wealthy but not different. I make a confession about my life full of contradictions.” - Lee Hyori


Skalman vill gosa. Kato är inte så förtjust i att ha han nosande i rumpan…

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Watch the video: here

Early morning - Starship rehearsal

Kwangmin: I started to sleep just and hour hyungnim
Donghyun: Let’s do some streching

Not fully awakaned Jeongmin
The song practice
You will see a big difference from before’s choreographies

Silence sign with the fingers
Hyunseong and Jeongmin approaching really close to the camera: Satisfied
Youngmin playing with the camera >.< aaaa
The rehersal continue…

Jeongmin composing a song with the keyboard *u*
Donghyun and Hyunseoong singing an english song!!
Apparently Kwangmin listening to rap music, actually it was “Boyfriend” song XD: Boyfriend sexy character…

on the cellphone:
Donghyun: Cute puppy
Minwoo: Hyung, sleep well
Minwoo: ♥♥
Donghyun: Minwoo-ya I’m hungry, I need to eat a delicious rice….

Kwangmin: Let’s eat rice, bab bala babbabbabbabbab (rice many times hehe) Jeongmin laughing about it XD

Minwoo: I want one order of Cajun chicken salad, please also an order of school food noodles too

Minwoo: I must eat something delicious (to the camera)

Everybody at the table with the food in a room..

Minwoo: My stomach hurts a little, I just feel that I’m not so hungry

Joyful lunch time..

Youngmin: It is beautiful in your eyes (Cheers)
Youngmin: The order is really good, Minwoo is the number one
Jeongmin: Minwoo’s rice is so delicious
Hyunseong: It wasn’t delicious to me!

Kwangmin: Hyung is tired because he was singing. Where can we go? Where could we go?
Hyunseong, Jeongmin and Donghyun: Where are we going..?
Jeongmin: We have to practice
Kwangmin: What do you have to practice
Donghyun: Why? do you want to go out?

Jeongmin and Hyunseong talking alone with the camera..
Jeongmin: I want to go out from this fortress, together the weather is good
Hyunseong: Of course, in order to succeed, you have to practice, but also sometimes I want to escape

Donghyun: I want to get off the stress with karaoke
Minwoo: Karaoke is the best
Kwangmin: Hyung here’s a sing-along in the rehearsal room, which is next to this room (Everybody laughing… XDD)

Everybody again in the room making an Escape Plan..

Kwangmin: Burden’s boss time! Let’s get some money Is K.Will-hyung at home now? (Starship representative)
Donghyun: Ballpark? Ballpark is really good these days
Kwangmin: Swimming pool is good ballpark is good, mosquito nets…

Donghyun: Well, after a long time we are going to breath fresh air, should we teleporting us? So let’s teleport with a jump (Teleportation)
I can’t aboard the ride so good, Jeongmin is aboarding particularly well
1, 2, 3

At Shinsa Boulevard..

Donghyun: We came out, Fashion street

Donghyun: The sunlight is strange

@Shinsa Boulevard
# A leading trend, the playground of fashion, people loved Seoul’s hot place
# If you want to see Boys fashion people (a.k.a Boyfriend) go to this place!

At a store…

Minwoo: Like Dongrim-hyung, isn’t it? Mad Clown (When they put the glasses on in a store)

@Shinsa Boulevard
# Looked ahead to the new concept of the fall fashion trends from Boyfriend

Kwangmin: This fall’s trend?! Maybe, this shirt? Shirts, I feel like that the trend of shirts will grow

Kwangmin: Nice look! Oh very good! Good choice hyungnim! (To Donghyun wearing glasses and a hat)

At the street..
Donghyun: Now that is a real healing in shopping after a long time. This was a really good choice!
Kwangmin: I feel good just to look at the sun

Bubble texts of Minwoo and Donghyun:
Minwoo - I’m thinking of you *//u//*
Donghyun - Why, say something more…

Sitting in a table on a restaurant..

Minwoo: I have heard that most people come here for that huge delicious pizza
Hyunseong: Chocopizza?

Deciding who will eat the chocolate and Youngmin won..

Everybody singing..
A man strongly grow~

Hyunseong: Chocovocal
Jeongmin: Chocovocal, will sing a song from the heart and soul. When people listen it they would be like “Ah so sweet”

At the street taking a group picture..

Donghyun: Are you ready (They’re spinning around)

Jeongmin: A glass of beer? (Laughs)
Donghyun: It is good to eat in the night and drinking
Youngmin: Club?
Jeongmin: Club?
Minwoo: Club?
Donghyun: The club is not open now
Kwangmin: ttanttadan~♬ (from the okcat song XD)
Everybody: ttanttadan ttanttadan
Donghyun: Don’t run away from here (to Kwangmin)

This is a (?) long way to go

Jeongmin: Can I sing a ballad?
Donghyun: Let’s go to the karaoke to practice our singing
Minwoo: Good
Donghyun: Let’s go

Only Minwoo in front of the camera..
Somehow we are seeing is a dance group. When we go to the karaoke (opposite) I think that there are a lot of relaxing songs

The maknaes “singing” a fast song

Minwoo: Ballad songs.. Something as R&B kind..

The boys singing and dancing some songs.. Youngmin singing a song and it seems like nobody approved him ; ;

Donghyun: That’s no, no (about Youngmin singing)

At a living room with snacks and drinks..

Donghyun: I really like to eat and drink with my maknaes..
Hyunseong: In front of the camera
Youngmin: I will eat in front of the camera for the first time
Jeongmin: Do you see someone eating?
Donghyun: We have to make a toast, a good way to end the filming. For a new start
Youngmin: There’s a year and a half that came out in. We don’t forget the begining of Boyfriend. When we came out as Boyfriend, do you remember..?
Kwangmin: Most of all, adapting to the music broadcasting. A funny thing.. the shacking leader, Jeongmin-hyung was the most intense, having been so shivery he grabbed me, he was shaking
Donghyun: It was so much blue, the blue was the main point. That was hard to asimilate. If it was a different color it would be a different story
Jeongmin: In the early stages Donghyun-hyung was dyed with a color that he didn’t want. Getting on the internet “It’s a beautiful blue hair” that’s exactly why.
Some time ago, in a concert in Japan, he dyed his hair by himself in a hotel room

Image of Donghyun with blue hair
Jeongmin-ah is good, dyeing?

Minwoo’s favorite random games..
Game Start!!

Minwoo: ㄱㅅ (g,s)

Jeongmin: Thanks (gamsa)
Youngmin: Test (gosa)
Hyunseong: Personality (gaeseong)
Kwangmin: Superior (gosu)

Minwoo, Jeongmin and Kwangmin singing and dancing XD
How long will last the shoulder dance~?
Look at my shoulder~
I got dislocated

Donghyun: Today three people will be knocking out if I drink this (laughs)

Youngmin: No Minwoo’s turn (laughs)

Donghyun: Take a little look at Minwoo’s acting (to Kwangmin)
Kwangmin: Grab it from the place that I can’t be seen
Donghyun: We’re always looking at it, but don’t see the place where it is

Someone told to Hyunseong about if he was going to talk to the members and he said yes..
Donghyun: But it’s not done talking about it?

Hyunseong: I originally in fact, I was prepared before <Neoran Yeoja>. We rested for a year and a half. I kept it a little from before and I have struggled against the anxiety, also with my parents customs. The company made an appoiment with exactly what happened, actually, I tried to pospone it or about October, November.. But today, I think it will be fine to say it. I the next year I’ll be going to the army

Minwoo: For real?

Hyunseong: Subofficial came in, there was a delay in fact. I was preparing before <Neoran Yeoja> We were off for a year an a half. It is hard for me, as I said to the company, but fortunately, the company said that respect it, I am glad, but not really
Jeongmin: So it’s your last album? This album
Hyunseong: The last album…

January 27, 2015 at enlistment
Just Hyunseong in front of the camera..
Hyunseong: I am really sorry, I don’t completely withdraw from anything. So suddenly (the army) I am going. I’m sorry to the fanclub and all the fans, I’m so sorry to the members. I have think about it a lot. I have spent with the members for 3 years, all this time as Boyfriend I like this idea a lot

At the living room, Hyunseong walks out the room..
Kwangmin: Talking about doing our own stuff, the company has been talking first, it was a way to escape.. We have always walk as a group team (Youngmin gets up) I know in the end the decition is for himself, Hyunseong-hyung

Hyunseong comes back to the room and Youngmin is sit down again..
Minwoo: This is not making any sense, I know earlier we were drinking and now I don’t know. I understand the words that hyung said. We have been doing a remmembrance for these three years and we have prepare the next album with fansigns and things for the fans. Please, be patient and let’s talk about it. Hyung, when it was decided that you will do that?

Hyunseong doesn’t answer and Youngmin is frustraded..

Minwoo: So why do we have this album?

Just Hyunseong in front of the camera..
I have been thinking a lot, it’s my own way now. I have also talked to my parents about the idea so much. I have decided, so I hope you can understand me a little

At the living room..
Youngmin: I honestly for real I wish you don’t go
Hyunseong: I thought on try again and don’t go..
Jeongmin: Then, what are you going to do?
Hyunseong: A hidden camera

Everybody screaming by finding out that it was a joke hahahahaha ; ;

Youngmin: Who knew about this?
Donghyun: Just the two of you didn’t know about it (talking about Youngmin and Kwangmin)
Minwoo: I didn’t know either

Just Hyunseong in front of the camera..
Now in the future I’m looking forward to show a better look later definitely later I will be all along with our bestfriends

*Please don’t give spoilers to those who will watch this later^^

At the living room..
Donghyun: Everything is a success
Hyunseong: Can you see it properly? this is why you cried for me (about the image of militar service in his cellphone) So why you didn’t cry? (to Kwangmin)
Kwangmin: I wasn’t so sad

Everybody laughing (haha Kwango you are cruel)

Donghyun: Anyway between us, I honestly didn’t like this (Everybody complaining) Boyfriend has been working hard..

Donghyun: It’s too much of the drinks, let’s go to the hotel. Should we teleport us? Teleportation is just one time in a day, so is forbidden (laughs) 1,2,3

and they disappeared…

Cr: starshiptv | Trans by me (if you take out, please give full credits.. thanks^^)

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Which stars have been arrested

You can click on their names to read about it

Farrah Abraham
Amber Portwood
Gary Shirley
Ebony Jackson and Josh Rendon
Whitney Purvis
Weston Gosa
Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra
Jenelle Evans
Nikkole Paulun
Josh Drummonds
Valerie Fairman
Adam Lind
Nicole Fokos
Tyler Keller
Jo Rivera
Markai Durham
James Worsham
Josh Smith
Jamie McKay and Ryan McElrath
Danielle Cunningham
Jamie Alderman
Cleondra Carter and Mario Escovedo
Kianna Randall
Zak Hegab
Joey Maes
Devoin Austin
Forrest Ponce
Blake Thomas
Arianna Hazel
Maurice Rumph

My first “political” comic, concerning my University’s student union cutting funding to the Gallery of Student Art and delegating the role of gallery coordinator into the duties of the Vice President. When people voiced concerns about him not being qualified for the job, he said “we’re not talking about rocket science here… it’s a question of putting the nail in the wall and securing the painting.”

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If the mercs had theme songs (or favorite songs) what do you think they would be? I feel like Pyro's would be Carousel by Melanie Martinez~ The right amount of cute and creepy for them! (Granted that's also following my own headcanons so feel free to suggest something different!)

Oh, I just looked up this song and I really love it, oh my gosh!

And yeah, I can totally see it as Pyro’s theme song!

I don’t have specific theme songs for them, but I have some songs that just fit the Mercs for me:

the Spy by the Doors, Secret Agent Man by johnny Rivers, and Imitosis by Andrew Bird all remind me of Spy.

Deep, Deep Sea by Brian Miller and Randy Gosa reminds me of what would happen if Scout died for good somehow during battle. 

Love Like War by All Time Low feat. Vic Fuentes, and More Than This by the Ready Set are my Sniperspy theme songs. 

Mama by My Chemical Romance reminds me of Medic for some reason, I guess just because of the WWII-sound to it and the way it makes such a morbid topic out to be almost a happy melody at times. 

The Ultimate Assassin’s song reminds me of Sniper, even though it’s about Asassin’s Creed, haha.