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In case y’all needed a reason to love the YouMaru event cards.


YohaDia phone backgrounds (。・//ε//・。)

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Are you still planning on pursuing a PhD after law school?

I don’t know. On one hand, I would definitely like to pursue some sort of additional degree—I still like the idea of a MHS or MHA, or maybe an LLM in health law, but a PhD is a lot more time spent in school and I’m not sure it will help me advance in my chosen field.

Even if I want to be a professor of law/health law, a PhD won’t help me except at the most top tier law schools—and they’re hardly going to hire me without something substantial and publicly accolade-y anyway.

“they bond over being tru n shit” omg that’s pure gold. This is the best shit I’ve read all night; you’re awesome XD

And yeah, I do think there’s indeed a kind of natural kinship between Void and Heart Heroes. I guess I’d attribute it to a shared sense of inner depth and a certain fear of finding things about ourselves that we might not like. We both feel as though we don’t know who we really are, and we want to figure it out, but we’re afraid of what we might find. Void fears finding something dark and twisted they didn’t know of, Heart fears finding something dark and twisted they knew of.

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The espadas acting really happy when they finally got thier kiss from thier s/o

Coyote Starrk: Starrk covered his blushing cheeks with his hand, as he looked down at his s/o. “Are you ok?” they asked, he shook his head rapidly, “Yes it’s just.. woah..”

Baraggan Louisenbairn: “Baraggan..You’re blushing..” his s/o said. He smiled at them a little “Of course, when I just kissed my queen for the first time”

Tier Harribel: Her didn’t know see the smile on her face, or how fast her heart was beating.

Ulquiorra Cifer: Ulquiorra waited patiently has his s/o went inside their house, when he was far away from their house, he smiled and clenched his chest. "That was just…” he never thought a simple kiss would blow him away.

Nnoitra Gilga: He smiled widely and grab their shoulders, “That was a nice kiss ____ but I think we can do better than that, don’t you think?”

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez: “Why are you smiling so big?” Grimmjow s/o asked, but he quickly covered it up. “Baka, I’m not smiling over a little kiss! You can’t even kiss right anyway!” he yelled, but inside, he was really happy that they are starting to warm up to him.

Zommari Rureaux: Her rubbed the back of his head and smiled a little, “I’m glad your opening up to me more..” he said, giving their forehead a light kiss.

Szayelaporro Granz: “Hmmm.. that was nice _____-chan, maybe next time we could do a french kiss?” he said, smiling at their now blushing face.

Aaroniero Arruruerie: So I’m guessing you just kiss his tank?

Yammy Llargo: He smiled widely and pulled them into a hug. “You suck at kissing, but I happy you finally kissed me!”

Your name is MOD. You have just spent the past 45 MINUTES OR SO replicating your ROOM using the PENCIL TOOL which you have NEVER USED BEFORE IN YOUR GODDAMN LIFE, but seeing as someone made this REALLY GOSH DARN GOOD SPRITE of you, you figured WHAT THE HELL. You are aware that the COSY GREY JUMPER you habitually wear doesn’t actually have that dinky little TELLY SYMBOL on it, but if it did, well, you’d still wear the hell out of it.

The fact that it is currently MAY does not alter the fact that you are wearing a SCARF AND JUMPER INDOORS. This is because you live in ENGLAND, and that’s really all there is to say on the matter.


A simple Cotton Candy Kotori wallpaper for some tier motivation~
I don’t know how it will look in most of the phones, so I did 3 different versions to hopefully make it fit on any phone~
Also, I included the background I used, I did it in a few minutes on Photofiltre Studio X, feel free to use it~