As the strongest monster to roam the school halls, shouldering the sousaphone in Lurching Band is no problem for Abbey. Playing halftime at school football games also affords Abbey time to fang out with Heath Burns, whom she encourages in his struggle with the weight of his piccolo.

Why the sousaphone? Abbey is a BAMF, and would be drawn to one particular section of BAMFs in the instrument world, low brass. The biggest and baddest brass BAMF is the sousaphone. Abbey probably has experience playing some kind of yak horn-derived instrument from home, which gives her the chops necessary to really wail on this horn too!

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I Was A Teenage Monster High Comic, a five page fan comic

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*reads it*

*sniff sniff*

Oh I see how it is. It’s like, I’m the school’s fashionista *sobs*

I helped Venus by creating a Fashion show *sob sob*

Every ghoul in school knows how much I love fashion and that I’m the one to know every trend lurking around the world! *sniff*

But no, of course I’m not the one to help or to ask for advice when it comes to fashion emergencies! *make up melting*


*sob sobs*

*runs to the ghoul’s restroom*