TWD + Emmy’s?

So we’ve ALL been talking about how the show/actors deserve Emmys for their roles (ESPECIALLY the last few episodes) and I cold-heartedly stand behind that. However, I did a little digging and I found out why the #1 show on cable and its actors have never been nominated for an award since 2010

So basically this elite academy feels that the walking dead is too concerned with walkers, too gory, doesn’t display any kind of morals, and does not value human lives enough therefore the show nor their actors are not qualified for nominations.

Pop goes the Weasel

This may seem a bit silly, but scrolling through my dashboard around Halloween 👻 is a pain in the rear. It’s like winding up one of those jack-in-the-box toys. You try to prepare yourself from getting startled when that bugger pops out, but it never helps because you’re gonna get startled anyway.

The gory spooky gifs and video clips from horror movies can just suck it!

I can’t handle it 😱😱😱

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Daddy did you watch the walking dead last night?

I do not watch that show I’m too much of a baby when it comes to gory stuff. But I heard a lot of people are upset about something that happened yesterday?

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another thing that makes me roll my eyes is how glenn's death was by far the most brutal death scene they've had on the show so far and they obviously chose to do that because his character was the most kind and sweet. i'm so sick of writers making all their choices based on shock value especially when 90% of the time it only affects minority characters. like even straight white abraham's death which was carried out the exact same way wasn't near as gory as glenn's. idk im tired and bored

the show’s always reserved the most brutal deaths for its characters of color. t-dog’s death, bob’s leg being eaten, noah’s death, glenn’s death. the list goes on really. they love brutalizing us and i doubt they even fucking recognize the discrepancy because White Men Don’t Get It

TWD Season 7 Premiere Speculation Part 2- Spoilers!

So the tonal shift in this episode was one aspect that turned people off. “Too Violent.” “Too Gory.” “They Went Too Far.” Okay and those reasons are legit. But what about last night was it that made it go that one step over the line?

First, let me say something about the episode. This was hugely inspired by the Comic Book series The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman. Sometimes I think people forget this. Glenn’s death was scripted in the comic books in issue #100. I haven’t read the comics myself but seen shots of it on the internet. Glenn’s gruesome mutilation was directly lifted from the artwork of the book. I understand the impact of that for the readers turned viewers. It also works as an homage. I can appreciate that.

What I cannot appreciate is that the producers in trying to honor the comic, found it far more gleeful to shock the audience. Since they waited between seasons for a reveal of Negan’s victim, they were forced to up the ante. So, they added the double death, fine. But in a publicity stunt they decided to torture the audience who tuned into this audio/visual medium.

And here is a very important point. Yes, we love these characters, are emotionally attached. And we can overlook the violence because we can all admit the show gives us compelling stories, good character conflicts and truly excellent acting. Comic vs television- the comic pages were black and white and from what I can tell about 4 pages on displaying Glenn’s grim murder. But bring those pages to life in a medium where every hollow wooden bat crack, and squish and moan are carefully orchestrated to audibly tell the story of the kill and then overlay that with the relentless visual, oh wait but do that twice in 40 minutes! It soon becomes clear when they show Negan whacking dead bodies “six or seven” times AFTER the intial couple strikes that someone is cheerfully saying “More! More” in an editing suite. The episode is a relentless assault carefully planned and edited for each gasp and bone crunch for maximum effect. Well, it was effective- effectively disgusting and sickening and NO it was not necessary to “show Negan means business.” That’s a whole bunch of bullshit. And super fucking disappointing from the team at AMC’s The Walking Dead. This wasn’t storytelling, this was sickening brutality for publicity. Call it what it is and then go collect your paycheck. 

Tokyo Ghoul Novel Masterpost

So here are all the translations or summaries I’ve found so far.

Novel 1: Days

Novel 2: Blank Space

Novel 3: Empty Days

A special thank you to every single wonderful person that summarized or translated stuff. You are all amazing.


Beheadings on Game of Thrones (requested by whatifthisstormends)
1.01 - Ned Stark beheads a brother of the Night’s Watch for breaking his oath
1.09 - King Joffrey orders Ser Ilyn Payne to behead Ned Stark for treason
2.06 - Theon Greyjoy beheads Ser Rodrik Cassel after taking Winterfell
2.06 - Jon Snow is ordered to behead Ygritte but ends up not doing it
3.05 - Robb Stark beheads Lord Karstark for murdering two young Lannister boys
5.02 - Daenerys orders Daario to behead Mossador for murdering a man awaiting trial
5.03 - Lord Commander Jon Snow beheads Janos Slynt for disobeying an order


The Department of Marvelous Makeup is here to provide some inspiration for those of you still pondering what to be for Halloween next week. Corie Willet is a professional hairstylist in Quad Cities, IL, but in her free time she’s an awesome amateur body painter. Willet began experimenting with Halloween makeup just a few years ago and has a real knack for transforming herself into all sorts of fantastic pop art zombies, ghastly ghouls, ferocious monsters, vibrant animals, and this nightmarish homage to Futurama in the form of gruesome zombie Leela:

To check out many more of her spooktacular transformations follow Corie Willet on Instagram or Facebook.

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The Beautiful War by Claudia Gori

“The Beautiful War” is a series of self portraits that shows a personal journey among my fears. Where the other see destruction I see myself, blending into forgotten and crumbling places that are so familiar to me. They are the metaphor of my oldest wound: the abandon.”


“I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don’t be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more”