gorseheart-blog  asked:

Hey thanks for the follow! I must ask, in the Traveling madness you mention you having grandchildren. 1st of all, who did you want to have kids with lol? Oh and second, can you make me a thneed? I know it's destroying Truffula trees, but everybody needs one right? Oh and lastly, do you enjoy fanart, because I draw you, a LOT. Thanks!

Uhhh….well, I was kind of going crazy then so I don’t really know who I thought of…I was just rambling at that point.

Er, sure? But I’m not destroying any Truffula trees. I wish people would stop thinking that. I’m just harvesting the tufts.

And sure, fanart is great! Helps with advertising too! And it’s free for me! Haha. Keep being awesome, all right?