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SASO Team SouMako - MR2

If you couldn’t tell, my favorite work that I did for this entry is the last image. Happy Sousuke is a blessing for all. He deserves so much good I //sobbing// All I want for Sousuke is a happy ending. And yet, our team decided to injure Sousuke in both MRs lmao OTL Anyway, what I’m most proud of for this entry is how I drew facial expressions. I think I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself :>

here’s our video entry link! even though we didn’t place this round, I (not being biased at all) believe our work was immensely and incredibly emotional. I honestly love it so much. I’ve watched it so many times I’ve lost count =u=

demiboy-bread-loaf  asked:

I'm starting school next week ;-; Do any of the darlings have advice for not being afraid of going back???

Nagisha: But most impohtantly… don’t be afwaid…

Rinrin: …to ashk your papa, or mama, or a loved one for help!

Sou: Because they will always be there for you…

Hawoo: …and will always love you.

tickly-writing  asked:

Jooo ❤ can you do Rin for the character thingy? Please?

Originally posted by xakaashi

Y-assss I caaaan, thank you Miaaaa~  ♡ ♡

1.what spot makes them BEG for mercy?
Behind his knees/thighs oh my god, if you come anywhere NEAR that spot he’ll scream and curse and beg it’s bad 

2.are wake up tickles a thing?
Yaaaassss. Rin’s not a morning person, like, at all so obv he needs some cheer up tickles to get ready for the day. He’ll mope around and refuse to get out of bed and fall asleep again so you gotta 

3.do they react differently to different people tickling them?
Definitely. First off, it’s gotta be someone he’s close with otherwise they’ll probably get punched in the face LOL If it’s Ai, Momo, Gou or Nagisa, he’d probably get playful and wrestle them to get the upper hand. But when it’s Makoto or Sousuke who are a liiittle less easy to pin down, he’ll end up screeching and dying until they decide to have mercy 

4.whats their laugh like?
TOO CUTE. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD HIS LAUGH??? I MEAN???? It’s so adorable omg. His laugh will be soft if he gets those light tickles but if you reach his Death spot you’ll pull out the most ugly (read: beautiful) laughter right out of him that can and will make anyone melt on the spot

5.are they embarrassed that they’re ticklish
A little but if it’s someone he trusts then he’s fine with it. Of course he’ll call the other person dumb for even initiating a tickle fight in the first place even though he doesn’t reeeallly mind it

6.do they seek revenge after being tickled?
Oh m ygod. You’re fucking DEAD after Rin catches his breath. He will w r e c k you. He’s a pretty good tickler and is definitely not afraid to show it B))) He practiced a lot on Gou rip 

7.do they squirm a lot?
More kicking than squirming actually. Rin gets pretty violent when he’s tickled so you should probably make sure you pin him down unless you wanna end up with a black eye 

8.does verbal teasing make it worse?
It does and he hates himself for it asfuisd The words “tickle/ticklish” don’t have that much effect on him but if you start saying things like, “heeere~?/cuuuute/I’m just touching you” then he’ll lose his fucking mind and it’s basically your funeral 

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