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I want to hope that at least Akira liked Goro and cared for him.I just honestly want at least one main character that genuinely cared him. The whole no one cared for him and didn't trust him thing hurts me. Please Atlus at least let him care.

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You’ve pretty much nailed it on the head for me, so I don’t know if I can add much! ^^;

But yes, I feel the same way! :)

this anon hate over liking certain characters has to stop

my dash has been filled with @toilet–princess anon hate asks, and to that anon, i think you’re really pathetic. so what if you don’t like Goro? no one is even forcing you to like him, and the fandom ALREADY KNOWS that his actions have consequences. they don’t support what he did, but they are FREE TO LOVE HIM as a character. 

also, the fact that you’re remaining anonymous means that you don’t have the guts to show yourself ;’) this is why i never allow users to be anonymous if they send me asks. lmao if you have a problem with my blog, say it to my face and don’t hide behind a guise of anonymity. 

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I'm not really good at Japanese, so can you please tell me what Goro was saying before he fought the party? Just what he was saying that he shouted and made that twisted/wicked-like expression?

Sorry for the late reply, but there’s a translation of the confrontation here and here. (Spoilers, obviously.)

I don’t speak Japanese either, so all my translations have come from streamers and various websites.