Mortal Kombat character pick up lines

Scorpion: Damn..Your hotter then hell babe

SubZero: I think your pretty cool

Meelina: When I kiss I gentle bite your lips

Rain: I can make you very very wet

Raiden: You make ALL of my body tingley

Quan Chi: Serve MY Netherealm if you know what I mean

Kenshi : *touches random guys chest*“eh your boobs aren’t that great Stacy*

Kitana: I wanna be the train tonight!

Reptile: the answer is yes….I do cum green

D'vorah: Don’t Worry my friends down there has seen a worm before they won’t bite it

Lui Kang: I have a secret move called bicycle Tounge

Kano: They Don’t call me Sasquatch because of my long beard……well not the one on my face

Goro: I’ll hold you "gentle”

Shang Tsung: Okay say no …I’ll steal your body them take naked pictures of myself

A Sooty tern chick waiting for its parents to bring back food, Great Barrier Reef, Australia - 1950. (Fritz Goro—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images) #wildLIFEwednesday

Johnny Cage’s List of Established and Imagined Nicknames

Cassie Cage: Johnny, Jnr.; Poor little rich girl; Pumpkin; Sassy Cassie; Soldier of Misfortune; Sonya Clone; Sweetheart.

D’Vorah: Bug Jar; Creepy Lady; Honey; Queen Bee; Wannabee; Winnie the Pooh’s Worst Nightmare.

Ermac: Apple Mac; Lord Sidious; Mac; Macadamia Nut; The Mummy; Soul Brother.

Erron Black: Bandit Raccoon; Billy the Kid; Black Jack; Magic Mike.

Ferra/Torr: Master Blaster; Monkey See, Monkey Do; Pocket Psycho.

Goro: Four Arms; The ************** Who Owes Me a Pair of Sun-Glasses.

Jacqui Briggs: Bye Felicia; Fierce Spice; Jax, Jnr.

Jax Briggs: Metal Man; Six Million Dollar Man; Tin Man; Tin Soldier.

Kano: Chubby; Kangeroo Jack-ass; Scumbag; Terminator-reject.

Kenshi: Daredevil; Samurai Jack; Zatoichi.

Kitana: NSFW Disney Princess; Nurse.

Kotal Kahn: Ass-tec; Big Blue; Kotalicious; Montezuma; Nostradamus.

Kung Jin: Hawkeye; Legolas; Male Mulan; The Asian Daryl Dixon.

Kung Lao: Mad-Hatter; Oddjob; The Lesser Half of the Kung-Fu Twins.

Liu Kang: Jackie Chan; Liu-liu.

Mileena: Butter Face; Chopperface; Coyote Ugly; Jaws; Vamp.

Quan Chi: Chuckles; Colin Mochrie; Uncle Fester; Walter White.

Raiden: Raididdy; Raidonculous; Thor; Zeus-daddy.

Reptile: Kermit the Frog; Randall Boggs; Rango.

Scorpion: Hanzome (as in “handsome”); Scorpy.

Shinnok: Grandpa; Elderly God; Maleficent.

Sonya Blade: Baby; Baby Mama; Honey; My Alimony Payment.

Sub-Zero: Coldilocks; Elsa; Jack Frost; Vanilla Ice (”Ice Ice Shady” when S-Z is being snarky).

Takeda: Tack; Techno Fancy; Walking S&M Model; Whippersnapper.