even if you don’t watch two best friends please watch this it’s so worth it

  • Akechi: Hey Joker, don’t know if you knew, but I’ve kinda got a boy crush on you
  • Akechi: You’re everything that I wish I could be, gonna tell you what I wanna do to you (teeheehee)
  • Akechi: I wanna lock you in a basement with soundproof walls and take over your identity
  • Akechi: I wanna cut the silky hair right off your head, and slurp it up like spaghetti
  • Akechi: …Sorry I said that creepy stuff out loud, that was super rando.

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Hi there! May I request the Phantom boys + Goro on an ice skating rink with an S/O who has never ice skated before! Love your work ^^

!!! Thank you so much!! You all spoil me with these adorable requests lolol. Enjoy!


  • Akira’s probably having a difficult time himself, regardless of his confidant facade.
  • Remember the treadmill?
  • He’ll hold hands with S/O to keep both of them steady, but the two inevitably slip and drop to the hard, icy floor.
  • After the duo ensures that they’re safe, they’ll press their foreheads together and giggle with rosy cheeks and noses.
  • “Let’s try that again,” he says lightheartedly.
  • S/O clings to Akira for the duration of their endeavor.
  • He loves it, of course. Even if S/O’s cutting off his circulation.
  • Every time they fall over, they land in a different position, and sometimes they’ll play it off with a pose.
  • Akira adapts to it very quickly, but S/O’s just a mess.
  • Sometimes he falls with them on purpose so they don’t feel embarrassed. he’s such a sweetheart
  • However, Akira will not pass up an opportunity to tease them. nevermind
  • “You’re getting better at this,” he says.
  • “Really?” S/O asks, eyes glimmering with hope.
  • A mischievous smirk spreads across his face. “Yeah, your falling is much more graceful now.”
  • S/O will pout and refuse to speak to him, but it only lasts about 2 minutes because Akira’s playfully smothering them with kisses while holding their waist, hindering them from escape.
  • They both nearly fall, but they catch each other and try again.
  • That’s their relationship in a nutshell.


  • Ryuji’s pretty athletic, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he’s capable of ice skating.
  • He is the smuggest man alive when S/O is grasping onto him so desperately, trying to avoid the harsh impact of slamming on the ice.
  • Ryuji’s voice is seeping with arrogance. “Whoa, babe, we’re in public; ya can’t keep fallin’ all over me like this.”
  • Time for some payback.
  • “I can’t help myself; you’re just so cool, Sakamoto-senpai,” S/O says in the cutest voice they can muster.
  • “H-huh?! C-cut that out, ya brat. It doesn’t suit ya,” he stutters as his cheeks light up. He nearly loses his balance.
  • Ryuji loves busting out a few moves just to impress them, and when S/O snickers from his antics with their pink cheeks, his heart just swells.
  • He’ll pick them up too, and he’ll skate around the rink carrying them in his arms.
  • “You’re so talented, Ryuji,” S/O says as they plant a kiss on his cheek.
  • Their tone was so sincere and admiring that he immediately ceased skating so he could take a break. lay down; try not to cry; cry a lot
  • He’ll skate in front of them and hold their hands, gently guiding them forward.
  • If he even sees S/O so much as stagger, he is holding them in an instant; as a result, they didn’t fall once.
  • S/O will actually pretend to fall on purpose, just so Ryuji will catch them in his strong arms. His warmth makes them feel so protected.
  • is it obvious that i love him


  • Yusuke is decent at ice skating. better than Akira
  • S/O is concentrating so hard on skating that their face appears squished.
  • He tries to force back his smile for their sake, but it invades his lips regardless.
  • “S/O, your passion is admirable, but there is no need to strain yourself.”
  • “I’ll try…”
  • They squeeze the life out of his hand instead.
  • He’s very poised and elegant when he skates, as if he’s a human statue. S/O gets very distracted by this and they slip often, but he’ll seize them and balance them upright again. very dependable bf
  • Yusuke’s very accommodating with them, and he would be lying if he said he didn’t love how close they were to him.
  • Sometimes he’ll release them so they can experience skating without aid. He’ll praise them if they manage to do it.
  • “Marvelous. You seem to be quite the natural at this.”
  • “Only because I have such a great teacher,” they reply.
  • He shakes his head. “Do not dismiss your own ability, my love. Limiting yourself only tarnishes the potential for how phenomenal you can be.”
  • Yusuke 
  • why is everything you say and do PERFECT
  • The duo waltzes together, maneuvering warily around the rink. They take it slowly at first, but once they get the hang of it, they exchange warm smiles and press closer together.
  • Stop it you two you’re making everyone else jealous.


  • Akechi would be very adept at ice skating. He enjoys it because it’s stylish and eye-catching.
  • He’ll put S/O’s skates on for them, since he wants to ensure that they don’t obtain any injuries due to ill-fitting skates.
  • S/O warned him that it was their first time.
  • He could tell.
  • They moved like a snail, gently and cautiously sliding their skates one inch at a time. Akechi couldn’t help but chuckle.
  • “Would you like some assistance, my dear?”
  • “Wait, I think I’ve got the hang of it,” they replied stubbornly.
  • After a brief moment, S/O tripped into Akechi’s arms and they both plummeted to the ground.
  • They glanced up at him from under their eyelashes and their face flushed with a peachy hue. “Sorry.”
  • His ears burned and his heart pounded in his chest.
  • cold showers and baseball
  • “I-it’s no trouble. Here, I’ll show you.”
  • Akechi snakes one arm around their waist and clasps their hand with the other as he instructs them on the basics. But it’s only an excuse to hold them close.
  • He’s very straightforward, but he’ll tease them, too.
  • “What would you do without me?” he sighs jokingly. give him validation hint hint
  • “Wait for you to come back.”
  • He freezes and becomes one with the ice.
  • Akechi also teaches them some silly dance moves. The two giggle and shimmy the entire time.
  • He’ll most definitely show off in front of S/O, and he’ll gracefully skate laps around the rink with an occasional step sequence. He’ll finish with a little flourish. big dork 
  • S/O is S H O O K.
  • “Goro… you can do anything, can’t you?”
  • “It certainly feels that way with you by my side.” He kisses their forehead, and they resume gliding around the rink holding hands and swapping affectionate glances.