I promised you part 2 yesterday and here it is, After 2d overdosed on his pain killers noodle and the rest of the band rush him to the hospital. They make it in time. But he goes into cardiac arrest. He was coming close to dying. But the doctors were able to save him. It seemed everything was going to be okay. But sad to say, during the event of reviving him, 2d falls into a coma. And the doctors don’t know if he was going to make it or not. Noodle visits him the most. Will 2d wake up? Will he die? Find out tomorrow. (Note: I did not create this and it doesn’t belong to me. This belongs to piddies0709 @deviantart. All the credit goes to that user. I only posted this just so people can show how good this master piece is. Oh and to see their reaction.)