from a Habbo Hotel chat during phase 2
  • Murdoc:"I don't really like 2D. He's only in this band because he's a bit of a pretty and has an amazing voice, I guess. Outside of the band, I wouldn't really talk to him, though."
  • Russel:"Hmmm...Everyone else in this band gets on really well. 2D is a wonderful person, and Noodle has always been my closest musical companion. She's one of the most joyful spirits I've ever encountered."
  • Noodle:"Yes, I, too, like everyone in this band. Even Mr. Murdoc, who is a grumpy old man. But I think his bark is much worse than his bite. Underneath it all he's actually an...[the rest of this sentence didn't make it on the transcript]. 2D is very innocent, and a really pure soul, if sometimes a little dizzy. [I'm not sure if this part was translated correctly]"
  • 2D:"Sorry, what are you lot talking about?"