Fandom 2D:

Bit of a bumbling idiot
Cinnamon roll
Can never do anything wrong
Has smoked exactly 1.5 weed
Male Virgin Mary 2.0
Has no game
So sweet and innocent uwu
Nervous and flustered around girls
Doesn’t know what a kink is
Sweet clean pure flower child
Lil bit stupit
Thicc (???)
Cries himself to sleep
Train wreck

Canon 2D:

Kindest person you’ll ever meet
Scared of Murdoc but also not afraid to fucking sass his ass
Thick as two short planks
Sinnamon roll
A prick sometimes
90% leg
Gets up at 7:15am?? Is the kind of person who has an alarm for 7:15am and gets up at 7:15am???
Stoned 25/7
Literally actually has punched Murdoc on AT LEAST one occasion
An Literal Weeb
Lowkey conceited
Nasty af
Actually uses a poster of Murdoc as a dartboard. To throw darts at
Probably invented some kinks
Cries bc it’s fucking HEALTHY and he’s a very OPEN PERSON when it comes to his EMOTIONS

anonymous asked:

3 with 2D? Thank you!

3. “I’m not jealous.”

He had to keep his lips pursed and his long, lanky arms crossed as he leaned back into the chair. He didn’t mind this. Nope, not at all. Everything was perfect. He was so content and happy with the current situation. Not.

It was just- just horrid. Why did he have to sit and watch? Why couldn’t he do anything? Hell, why did he have to sit in his couch and brew in jealousy as he watched the source of the feeling in his own bed?

Each time he heard a small gasp or giggle escape his lover’s lips, he felt like dying. Each time he heard a mewl, he dug his hands into the couch’s sides and held in a growl. He was absolutely hating this.

“Who’s the cutest??? You are! You are!” they giggled, holding Katsu up. “Katsu is the cutest!”

He pouted even harder. How was he supposed to watch the two things he loved the most- his lover and Noodle’s cat- having fun without being able to join in? He knew that he had said it was his love’s turn to play with Katsu, and that he would not interrupt but… 

“Are ya done yet?” he blurted out, making his partner look at his grumpy face.

“Woah, are you jealous Stu? Of me and the cat?” they replied, holding up Katsu who mewled in protest.

“Am not jealous!” he huffed, turning his face sideways. Even if he really, really did wish he could snatch Katsu in his arms and play for a while, he had to admit it was cuter to watch his special one do that.

anonymous asked:

I was actually at the brink of tears (bc ya know life sucks) and scrolling through tumblr to distract myself and I just see that picture response of 2d saying not to be sad and it oddly made me feel a bit better and calmer. I have never heard of/seen your blog but that hit me in a place where I just couldn't look away and it made me feel a bit better (: Thanks for that 💕 (it's also very well drawn btw, keep up the great work)

I am happy to know that it helped you, here a happy 2D to remind you that you are not alone and that he wishes you the best!