• Noodle: ugh, i have a headache
  • 2-D: oh do you want some pain killers?
  • Noodle: no i don't wanna forget i took one and overdose
  • 2-D: y'know that's good bc i knew a guy who overdosed
  • 2-D: and like, he ripped off his clothes and jumped in a fountain at the mall
  • 2-D: and screeched "BLIGH! I'M A KRAKEN FROM THE SEA!"
  • Noodle: i heard that was you
  • 2-D: ... anyways nice seeing you

“No, wait- what if someone sees?” 

“Stuey, I thought you wanted to be the next Banksy?” 

“Yeah, but not here. And you… like… have to do cool cryptic shit. Politics. Stuff like that. You have to be clever.”

“I am being clever.”

“No, you’re not! You’re just… You’re just writing ‘Cameron shags pigs’ over and over again.”

So, I decided to draw a scene from the fic I’m writing at the moment

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