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And finally we have a question from Ramona and Jessica in Germany, who are wondering whether or not there will be any underwear coming out with your face on it so that they can wear it!

2-D: Oh… er… I’m sure you can get an iron on transfer or something. But definitely make sure you take your underwear off before you iron it or you’re gonna up end up a bit sore.

- Gorillaz Fan Interview

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anonymous asked:

just wondering what requests are in the inbox?

sure! sorry for any spelling errors, I typed this quickly. -Mod Zel

  • red femscout stimboard (tf2)
  • brainstorm stimboard (transformers)
  • sonic the hedgehog stimboard
  • raptor stimboard
  • todomatsu fashion/self care (osomatsu san)
  • sukone tei fashion (vipperloid/utauloid)
  • khonjin stimboard (khonjin house)
  • robert lutece stimboard (bioshock infinite)
  • denki kaminari stimboard (my hero academia)
  • keith kogane makeup (voltron)
  • dwyer stimboard (fire emblem fates)
  • karkat ampora fashion (homestuck au)
  • juuzou suzuya stimboard (tokyo ghoul)
  • noodle stimboard (gorillaz)
  • noodle fashion (gorillaz)
  • kevin stimboard (night vale)
  • banette stimboard (pokemon)
  • crossroads demon stimboard (supernatural)
  • sera stimboard (dragon age inquisition)
  • fresh stimboard (gloomverse)
  • nightmare sans stimboard (dreamtale)
  • sanzy fresh fashion (undertale au)
  • vivi stimboard (mystery skulls animated)
  • dwight stimboard (dead by daylight)