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Can Gryffindors and Slytherins be friends? - Why of course they can!

No matter what houses we’re in, you and I will always be friends.

I kinda wanted to draw cool Gorilla for a change..  ..  sometimes I wish he never met Otae.. admit it it would be a lot healthier for him..

also I kinda get why Sougo doesn’t like that mayo freak.. I mean.. he just pops in and has all the attention.. anyone would be jelly.. :I   let’s all support Sougo. 

N over.

Sorachi meets the readers, question corner 186

 <Question from Pen name: Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla- san>

Great gift of nature Sorachi sensei hello. In chapter 516 comes to light the fact that Gintoki enrolled to Shouyou sensei school, first then Katsura and Takasugi, but in the Benizakura movie,  Gintoki is shown as if he was a new student and Katsura and Takasugi were already Shouyou students. Being such a genious I think is out of question that is was your mistake, so is that a mistake caused by the incompetence of the anime staff? Please tell me, Great gift of nature Sorachi sensei.


Yes we will start volume 58 with this pointed tsukkomi here, Sorachi is ok, there’s nothing to be sorry about, all should think that i’m feeling nervous, but it’s ok. That’s because I came up with this question looking at the manga scrap myself. That’s question is for you and you only. I had a lot of sharp letters like that, so I wanted to cut them down. So instead to give apologies and be like the ones that let fall their worn out swords, I will try to put in order some points of view, that scene has nothing to do with the manga, it was put by the anime staff and it could be discard in a easy way, but seen that the anime is coming back and it can’t be left behind, Sorachi sensei decided to be very kind to the anime staff, that should be very grateful,  and take things in hand. So guys here the idea for an answer.

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Confession : I would really like for Gintoki, Kondo, Hijikata, Hasegawa, Sachan, and Tsukuyo to have more stories together (like the Patriot Factory) since they’re pretty much the same age group and I find them very fun to watch as a group of Madaos.

by : Anonymous

Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou ch. 19

Sign: First Year, Class 3

SFX: chatter

Poster: Summer Festival

Reiner: Talk of the Summer Festival has been going around since this morning…
Bertolt: Isn’t that once Summer Break starts? I heard there’s going to be a fireworks show too.

Reiner: A-About that… I have something I want to ask you.
Bertolt: What?
- Nineteenth Period: Love is the Fireworks of a Future Event or Whatever -

Reiner: For the Summer Festival, I was thinking of going with Krista…
Bertolt: Mhmmm, have fun~

Reiner: What do you mean?! You’re coming along too!!
Bertolt: But there’s no point in me going…
Reiner: W-Well, you see, I DO want to be alone with her, but…

Reiner: I’m scared…… What if the beast within me gets restless when we’re alone…!!
-What the heck.-

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