gorilla house

British things

I see your memories and I raise you:

  • scoobies/scooby bracelets
  • “Get outta my pub!”
  • Howard from Halifax
  • the Cadbury’s Gorilla playing the drums
  • watching Bargain Hunt when you’re home sick
  • the lady who put her cat in the dustbin
  • the fucking eyebrow advert you all tried to copy don’t lie
  • Christmas day doctor who
  • Fort Boyard/The Crystal Maze/ *insert bizzare tv gameshow show here*
  • Olympics home pride back in 2012
  • Susan Boyle
  • wanting to go on Jungle Run
  • Whetherspoon’s having posh loo’s

OK guys. in episode 11 The Dominator of the Universe it shows all the villains that are still live and what thy are doing currently. Hammerhead is filling out job applications. Dr Genus and Armored Gorilla are now making some form of food item that has octopus in it and then it gets fried into little patties. The we move on to Speed O’ Sound Sonic and it shows an wooden post with all sorts of throwing daggers embedded in it . If you look at the post carefully you can see Saitamas face is carved into it. But very few knifes are have actually hit the face. I mean really Sonic how can you even hope of defeating Saitama if you cant even hit an target that is standing still. That is completely unreasonable


“Sports Talk” new sketch from Gorilla House Films!!!


Staring Contest

3 2 1 Go


My friends and I made a sketch comedy thing. SanchezVentura and I experience the ultimate high-five.

Enjoy my subtle, nuanced performance, won’t you?

Audio may not be safe for work. That is, if your workplace is against dumb, PG-13 sex jokes.


Merry Christmas from Gorilla House!


Finding Jesus

He’s always where you least expect him.


My buddies over at Gorilla House Productions (featuring tumblr users Alex and John) made a comedy sketch just in time for the holidays and it is a hoot. Enjoy (and share), won’t you?