gorilla glass plugs


Let’s please just take a few minutes to bask in the glory that is my most recent GG order.

½" opal trichros (only one pictured, oops)
½" fused magentas
0g lava triangle weights

Oh baby.

Fresh 12g helix piercing with gorilla glass plug and 1” gorilla glass plugs to match

Piercing by Lenae Gherardi
Diamond Heart Studios
Flemington NJ
Facebook.com / diamondheartpiercing

Awaiting polishing.

Your favourite pieces are always carefully measured and cut,  expertly polished to a glossy finish - and measured again. 

Each plug and weight and we make is meticulously sculpted individually and then  inspected for perfection. 

For wholesale and custom inquiries email sales@getgorilla.com


super selfie sunday!

this next photo set i was trying to get all the ways these gorilla glass dichorics change color depending on lighting and angle (havn’t gotten the intense outdoor color yet). soo glad i got ahold of these. XD

<3 Body Jewelry Worn:

25mm deluxe dichoric in plum: gorilla glass

5mm emerald pyrex septum pincher: gorilla glass

6.5mm carved spiderweb obsidian labret: onetribe

2 3mm helix orange colorfront plugs: gorilla glass

<3 Clothing Worn:

batik striped iron/chebula 8 dips tee: industry of all nations 

(one of my favourite tees too.)