gorilla author

reasons to read/watch Gintama part.47
  • The hero: A broken samurai with a disastrous past and messy hair - yeah nothing new here for shounens - but no great destiny in store for him, vicious, semi addicted to gambling, drinking and strawberry milk, habitué to the worst bars in Edo
  • The heroine: A little Chinese-looking apparently cute girl, who farts and snores and does everything as unfeminine as possible to destroy the image of moe; yet another disastrous background on an alien planet, a bald dad and a psycho older brother
  • The straight-man: Glasses
  • The police force: A Gorilla, a Sadist, a Mayonnaise-man, an Anpan-Badminton nan who's actually 32 but nobody could believe it, a Z ninja... Do I have to go on?
  • The antagonists: Literally everyone from yakuza to green seemingly threatening but actually very nice aliens to drivers to ghosts to turtle deities to the Notorious Kabuki-Chou gangs to haemorrhoidal/stalker ninjas to vampire aliens to the Shogunate to other white clad police forces to idols fans club to the Gorilla author himself to aliens who genderbend to historically accurate Meiji period villains to a clan of super short and super lethal sword masters... And these are just those I can remember.
  • The love interests: A prostitute, the sadist stalker-bondage lover ninja from above, an hostess with a violent side and lethal cooking expertise, a short-lethal-would like to be a man but is a woman and loves women but really can't decide on a sexual identity-swords(wo)man...
  • The protagonist's friends: A beautifully-haired ronin, a one-eyed samurai, an idiot samurai...
  • The author: A Gorilla.
  • The gags: The gags of Gintama are widely known to manga oriented nerds. If you don't, go and make yourself a culture.
  • The drama: Often quote historical occurrences from Japanese history/mythology. As dramatic as the latter are demented. Manly tears will be shed.
  • And these are just the main.