gori san

Can Gryffindors and Slytherins be friends? - Why of course they can!

No matter what houses we’re in, you and I will always be friends.

I kinda wanted to draw cool Gorilla for a change..  ..  sometimes I wish he never met Otae.. admit it it would be a lot healthier for him..

also I kinda get why Sougo doesn’t like that mayo freak.. I mean.. he just pops in and has all the attention.. anyone would be jelly.. :I   let’s all support Sougo. 

N over.

A Gintama chapter a day keeps the ending away...Lesson 74

This is my New Years resolution for 2017: to re-read a chapter of Gintama every day starting from the beginning and sum it up thusly…

Favorite Scenes from Lesson 74 (loved this chapter so I might have gone overboard a little):

That drunk perv deserved Otae’s punishment.

Awww, poor Gori-san. 

Those two wide-eyed chicks in the title image makes me LOL and creep me out at the same time.

I probably shouldn’t be so tickled whenever Gin-chan is rude to women but I can’t help it. Apologies to the feminist inside of me whom I lock inside a chest which I bury inside a hole at the bottom of the ocean whenever Gintoki graces my consciousness.

Love it when Otae is being an evil badass.


Makes me giggle every time.

Basically I love how she strong-armed each of the men into giving her more money to buy more Dom Perignon. Too funny.

Loved this ending. 

Ships Tally:

HaseOryou (ok, she was flirting with him because that’s her job but it was still kinda cute)

KonTae (His persistence is sweet as always. The joint account is a sweet gesture. Not to mention, just think about all the hard-earned money he’s spent visiting Otae at the cabaret club. Man is selfless)

Disclaimer: Gintama is not only about shipping. Gintama is hilarious, clever, exciting, poignant, heart-breaking, loving, brilliant, and just so darn amazing.  It is only due to Sorachi-sama’s generosity that I can enjoy Gintama on yet another level, the shippy level, so I am truly grateful for that. GINTAMA IS LIFE AND LOVE.