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how did Newt met cruella!hermann?

The lights are hot on the stage, Newt fights the urge to wipe his face, certain his television makeup is smearing;

The man across from him is as cool and superior as if he had been carved of ice, his thin body jutting, all odd angles inside his heavy fur coat;

It’s a gorgeous thing, thick and grey, Newt’s fingers itch to run through it, to learn the texture and find a way to replicate it;

And the man inside is gorgeous too.

He’s wearing a little more than just the stage makeup, close as they are, Newt can see traces of rogue on his cheeks, blood-red lipsticks on those broad lips; Newt feels a surge of envy- he’s rich enough that a tendency towards makeup and long, elegant gowns passes with no more than an upraised eyebrow- and Newt thinks longingly of his wardrobe full of lovely dresses, as a spokesperson, he can’t afford to be any weirder than he is;

Blue shadowed eyes trace towards him, a slow, sleek smile spreading across that red, red mouth; Newt meets his eyes and- it can’t just be the lights, his face is burning;

Long, lanky hands smooth down the fur, Newt can’t help it, “What is that?”

The hands pause, “Chinchilla;” the smile turns sharp, “You must be heartbroken, all those little fuzzy animals dead for just one coat;”

Newt pulls a face; wow, the dude’s as much of an asshole as expected; he’s got two little chinchillas back home and- ok, maybe, he might have though of what he might do when they passed on, but just straight up murdering so many-

He swallows his anger, “Can I touch it;”

He gets a sharp glare, then the man holds out a thickly furred arm, “If you are thinking to throw blood on me-”

Newt shakes his head, strokes the fur, sinks his fingers into the impossible softness of it, like thick clouds, solid foam;

Gottlieb gives him a superior smile and- why does Newt always fall for these assholes- “Hardly the same as your revolting synthetic reproductions;”

“I don’t do reproductions;” Newt strokes his arm, “I should show you sometime,” his fingers find the fine stitching between the hide, a snarl in all that misty softness; “And they won’t have these;”

The look he gets is trying to be superior, but Gottlieb is curios, he’s trying to hide it, but Newt can see, “Why don’t you make me one, then, and we can compare;”

Newt glances at the other set, they will be on in a moment with their debate; but they have a few minutes, “I can beat that,” he leans over, “Name a fur, and I’ll make it;”

“Any fur-”

“Oh yeah;” and Tendo is going to kill him, but Newt’s mouth is going on its own and his cock is egging it on;

He gets another smile, this one razor sharp and fuck Newt would stay up all night cataloging all his smiles; “Then, you will make me a snow leopard hide; it has been too long since I saw one;”

Yeah I bet; Newt scrambles to think of where he’s going to get the genetic material- but, yeah, there’s that doctor he knows in the endangered species genome project, she could pass him a sample,

Hell, if he can turn Gottlieb, she’d give him half the project; “No problem;”

Gottlieb’s smile trembles, blinks- he hadn’t been expecting that;he steadies it, but the smile is warmer now, softer, “Well,” he tries for the old superior tone, but doesn’t quite hit it, “If you can do that, I will fund you, and you can come and work for me;”

This time, it’s Newt’s smile that turns positively carnivorous, “Anytime.”

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Can you do scenarios on how Kawakami, Miyuki, Kuramochi, Isashiki, Yuki, & Ryosuke react with seeing their s/o drawing something on paper, and when they try to come over and see what they were drawing, their s/o gets flustered and tries to hide it? Afterwards, when they finally grab it out of their s/o's reach it was a gorgous portrait of them, with their s/o saying, "it's how I see you everyday" or something. I hope you can do this, I just thought it would be super cute =3=

First post, I hope you all like it! This was a really cute one to write about so thank you to the anon who sent it! ♡〜٩( ╹ヮ╹ )۶ I gave the s/o a bit of an honest/straight-forward personality. I hope you guys don’t mind!-admin aqua

It’s really long so read them under the cut please~

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