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keanu reeves!!!!

Henry’s Crime - delightful

The Day The Earth Stood Still - I don’t understand why everyone says this was such a bad movie. Like Keanu was great and THE WORLD WAS SAVED by Jennifer Connelly’s love for her stepson Jaden Smith. Like what else do you even want. 

Street Kings - Story time, this was the movie where my best friend fell hard for how handsome Common is. Like there was a pivotal scene with lots of information and she actually missed all of it because she was staring at Common’s face. Later that evening we downloaded the first episode of Hell On Wheels. 

The Lake House - ok listen, The Lake House is what The Lake House is but I still teared up in that scene where she’s waiting for him in that restaurant.  ALSO this is another movie where a character has a JERK DAD who they are supposed to forgive for some bogus reason. Like oh wow my dad dedicated his book to me I guess he loved me the whole time and I should forgive him for being a jerk. YOU DON’T HAVE TO FORGIVE YOUR JERK DAD KEANU REEVES IT’S OK.

Constantine - incredibly rewatchable

Thumbsucker - one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen in my LIFE. Keanu was great in it though. And all the reviews were like “wow a surprisingly great performance by keanu reeves wow we usually hate him because we’re terrible but we’ve decided he’s good in this” and it’s like oh wow what a coincidence you’ve decided he’s good now that he’s giving a performance of the same quality he usually does but in an annoying pretentious indie drama instead of an action movie or a romance or something. so surprising. 

Something’s Gotta Give - this came out in 2003 but I saw it in the theater. why was a 13 year old seeing a boring old people movie in the theater? did my mom want to see it? anyway this movie was terrible because we were supposed to want diane keaton to be with jack nicholson and he was the worst. 

The Matrix - I didn’t see The Matrix until like 2009. All those wasted years of my life without The Matrix in them.

The Devil’s Advocate - I wish this movie was as fun for me to watch as it clearly was for Al Pachino to make. Bad movie, great Keanu.

A Walk In The Clouds - SO GOOD.

Johnny Mnemonic - always 

Speed - all other movies wish they could

Little Buddha - I watched this in class for some reason?? 

Much Ado About Nothing 

My Own Private Idaho - another movie where people go “oh i don’t like keanu reeves but he was good in my own private idaho” and it’s COINCIDENTALLY a slow moving indie drama. hmmm.

POINT BREAK - in all caps because it’s POINT BREAK!!!!

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey - my first sweet taste of Keanu

Babe’s In Toyland - THERE’S ONE BABE IN THIS TOYLAND IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN (it’s him. he’s the babe)