"You pretty pups all over the city.

I have your hearts and you have my pity.

Pretty is nice, but still it’s just pretty.

Perfect my dear, is me~”

I will never stop loving Gorgette.

manila zoo.. (old pics)

haha ang portrait nmin.. wla c hana di kumpleto ang saistig.. hahaa may proxy c cheene..


kwento ko lng itong araw na to…

kaya kami ng punta sa manila zoo gawa ng kahilingan ni kenneth padre..debut nya.. hahahah di pa raw sya nakakapuntang manila zoo.. aku naman at c cheene galing pa ng cavite sa swiming kasama ibang friends ko (friendly aku eh..) so nauna c mamee sa meeting place.. ayun dahil late kming lahat umuwi xa.. nun nandun na kaming lahat bumalik ama xa.. so ikot ikot.. kain kain.. sa boaT racing kami syempre pa group ko ang panalo…. at grabe super daming bloopers ni kenneth (example na lng nasisigaw ng makita nya ang hippo.. ang sabi nya ” wooooooow dito tayo.. may rhinoceros” haha ang daming tao nakatingin sa kanya haha…)

okay. this is the finished garment.

notes to myself:
crepe georgette is a pain to work with
crafting the pattern was easy enough, but i mismeasured myself and made the yoke to big which i didn’t really realize…
which is why the sleeve part looks a bit strange now, because i had to somehow solve the error (and adding fabric wasn’t really possible) so that the shirt would stay on me
get some high waisted jeans or skirt to wear it with

and i am totally going to wear it without anything beneath. everybody see ma curves. lol. (maybe a black “sports bra”/bustier with some kind of criss-cross straps at the back would be cool to wear beneath)