TITLE Corina

AUTHOR: lokilover9

Original Imagine: Imagine you’re an Asgardian Woman married to a nobleman. After a few years into your marriage, he begins to ignore you sexually. Each time you are both invited to Royal gatherings, he gets a bit drunk and acts like an ass so you avoid him. You’ve also noticed how incredibly gorgeous Loki is and often had to snap yourself out of staring at him.


Another day began with Loki back to his Princely duties and Corina back with Frigga. To help ease Corinas stress, he decided to surprise her and have some cleaners head over to her old house to deal with the mess she was so worried about. They returned shortly after informing him they weren’t permitted entrance.

“How is that so? There should be no one there.”

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juminhansome  asked:

hullo lovely lana!! would it be alright to request val x kenna? im dying to see val in your gorgeous style hehe thank you 💕

Hullooo!! Awwwn thank you lovely, here you go I hope you like it!  ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

Thank you lovely for requesting!!  ♥️ ♥️ @gayforgayle/ @juminhansome