I am still so shocked that this is actually something that happened, that I actually went to the 1989 World Tour and I actually saw Taylor live. It seems so unreal and too good to be true, and last night was a dream. I met SO many incredible and super kind fans and had the most fun hanging out with them before the show. I bought the 1989 World Tour book and a T.S. 1989 bracelet and I am so so happy they are both so gorgeousss <3 Then we went to the Taylor Nation booth which was AMAZING and two of Taylor’s dresses were there and so many amazing fans and the TaylorNation lady was so so nice and basically I died. We were in line for a really long time so we missed most of James Bay’s performance but made it for the last two songs and I was already standing and dancing even though like every single person around me was sitting lol. Then they played some videos on the screen and played music and I was counting down the minutes to when Taylor was supposed to come on and then fEEL SO CLOSE STARTED PLAYING AND I LOST IT OKAY I WAS SO SO EXCITED

Then the song like morphed into a really cool beat which turned to the starting notes of Welcome To New York and her dancers started pooling out from under the stage and then tAYLOR WALKED ON STAGE AND I STARTED CRYING SHE WAS LITERALLY RIGHT THERE IN PERSON IT WAS UNREAL OH MY GOSH

This post is already longer than I planned so I’m not going to go through each perfomance but Taylor was so cute and sassy the whole time and she smiled and laughed a lot and kept saying how much she loves us and you could hear her smile when she was singing and it was so so so so cute I died <3 Basically her vocals in I Knew You Were Trouble slayed everyone, I Know Places was so so incredible and You Are In Love was amazing when you could really hear her beautiful voiceeee! The Clean speech made me collapse into a waterfall of tears and then the stage turned so that Taylor sang basically the whole song facing us and it was amazing and I died and also I heard Love Story live which had been my life goal for ages so yeah there’s that! The entire performance of Enchanted/Wildest Dreams was on point like Taylor’s speech and her vocals and then Out Of The Woods which is like one of my all time faves was absolutely flawless and Taylor was just like a sparkly goddess strutting down the stage and singing and it was amazing and Shake It Off was one HUGE dance party and IT! WAS! SO! FUN!

Taylor, thank you for the best night of my entire life. I met so many wonderful people because of you and those two hours were so so fun and beautiful and wonderful and I just really really love you <3

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OH MY GOD DN, they’re gorgeousss…. I have always loved your Pokemon headcanons <3

Eeeeeee, thank you! I have details on Omi’s team here, but I do admit that I borrowed most of Raimundo’s from Chip’s and Gray’s headcanons, and I definitely stole Jack’s Skarmory and Aggron from Gray.

Edit: should probably tag them both: chipmunkfanatic, thexgrayxlady

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I have absolutely no words tbh. You've left me speechless. You are amazingly beautiful and unbelievably gorgeousss. You have such pretty eyes! I would love to be your friend and get to know you a lot c: im also from san diego and would love to meet you!! we could smoke together or something. or we can go out to nautre or pretty places in san diego c: Reply privately please~

You’re really creative with your compliments aren’t ya?;)