85 Truths!

85 Truths! 
I was tagged by (my bff in my mind) forever4eleven
What was your…:
1) Last Beverage: Apple Juice 
2) Last Phone Call: mellow-is-my-yellow (still in progress, btw) 3) Last Text: “Are you horny??? Is that what this is??? Is your vag thinking for you??? You lunatic???”" 
4) Last Song: Meet the Flockers by YG
 5) Last Time You Cried: Last month I think??? Sometime in June???
Have you ever…:
6) Dated Someone Twice: Yes! 
7) Been Cheated On: Yeah, multiple times by the same damn person. I don’t even realy know if it counts since we were only talking, but I’m counting it, lol.
8) Kissed anyone and regretted it: Yup! 9) Lost Someone Special: No, thank God.
10) Been Depressed: Nope!
 List Your 3 Favorite Colours:
11) Black (I know it’s a shade. Blah blah blah) 
12) Purple
13) Red
In the Last Year Have You…:
14) Made a New Friend: Yup! @Hena, I love you bitch!
15) Fallen Out of Love: Nope! 
16) Laughed Until You Cried: Yup! 
17) Met Someone Who Changed You: Yup! Made me much happier! 18) Found Out Who Your True Friends Are: Yeah, I kind of knew that already though. 
19) Found Out Someone Was Talking About You: Yeah, same old same old person. 
20) Kissed Anyone on Your FB List: Yes! 21) How Many People Do You Know On Your FB List: Most of them! 
22) Kissed a Stranger: Nope! 
23) Drank Hard Liquor: Occasionally 
24) Lost Glasses/Contacts: Nope, I don’t even wear them! 
25) Had Sex On a First Date: Nope! 
26) Broken Someone’s Heart: Nope!
27) Been Arrested: Nope! 
28) Turned Someone Down: Yeah 
29) Cried When Someone Died: Nope, no one died fortunately.
30) Fallen For A Friend: Yes!
31) Do You Have Any Pets: Nope! I used to have a gang of dogs though, lol. 
32) Do You Want To Change Your Name: Nope, it’s a v common name, but I love it. 
33) What Did You Do For Your Last Birthday Party: I went to Jungle Atlanta w/ my gals. 
34) What Time Did You Wake Up This Morning: Around 11:30 
35) What Were You Doing At Midnight Last Night: Talking to Jo(e)!
36) Something You Can’t Wait For: To go back to KSU, surprisingly. 
37) Last Time You Saw Your Mother: A few hours ago while I cleaned the kitchen.
38) One Thing You Wish You Could Change About Your Life: I wish that I was financially independent to take some of the pressure off of my parents!
39) What Are You Listening To Right Now: Joe go on & on about his love for walmart’s mobile website.
40) Have You Ever Talked To A Tom: Nope! 
41) What’s Getting On Your Nerves: My period
42) Most Viewed Webpage: Tumblr 
43) Nickname: Jazzy! 
44) Relationship Status: in a relationship! 
45) Zodiac Sign: Cancer! 
46) College: Junior at Kennesaw State University
47) Hair Color: Black 
48) Long or Short: Medium
49) Height: 5’5 
50) Do You Have A Crush On Someone: No! 
51) What Do You Like About Yourself: Basically everything??? Does that make me sound conceited??? Im really pleased w/ myself??? I love myself so much???
52) Tattoos: One on my leg, but I want many more! 
53) Right or Left Handed: Right
54) First Piercings: Ears 
55) First Best Friend: A girl whose name was also Jasmine Nicole (funny, huh?) 
56) First Sport You Joined: Cheerleading!
57) First Vacation: Probably Disney World. 
58) First Pair of Trainers: Probably a pair of ugly ass Nikes, lol.
59) Eating: Nothing! 
60) Drinking: Nothing! 
61) About to: Clean my room!
62) Listening To: Joe decide whether he should get an iphone 
63) Waiting For: My parents to get me a car! I need one so badly, y’all! 
Your Future: Will be amazing. 
64) Want Kids: So badly! Like 3-4! I have names picked out & everything, lol.
65) Get Married: Absolutely!
66) Career: Teacher! 
67) Lips or Eyes: Lips!
68) Hugs or Kisses: I’m not a v touchy feely person, so I don’t really like either. But, kisses I guess!
69) Shorter or Taller: Taller! I love tall ppl! 70) Older or Younger: Older! 
71) Romantic or Spontaneous: A bit of both! 72) Nice Stomach or Arms: Stomach! 
73) Loud or Sensitive: I’m not v loud, but I’m not v sensitive either???
74) Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship, relationship, relationship. 
75) Trouble Maker or Hesitant: Hesitant! I’m alwaaaaays thinking through my choices before I make them, lol.
Do You Believe In…:
76) Yourself: Definitely. 
77) Miracles: Definitely. 
78) Love at First Sight: Not really.
79) Heaven: Definitely. 80) Santa Claus: Lol, not for a while.
81) Kisses on First Dates: Yes!
82) Personality Type: I’m pretty quiet when you first get to know me, but as I get more comfortable around you I become more talkative & fun & all that shit, lol. 
83) Hobbies or Things You’re Passionate About: Really girly shit like makeup & clothes & fashion & all that, lol. 
84) Favorite Season: SUMMER! 
85) The Cup of Water, is it half empty or half full: Half empty! I’m normally a v optimistic person, I swear, lol.

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Hey guys! So if you have seen my post about all Kate’s face claims (younger, male, etc) then you’d know I have selected an ALTERNATE FACE CLAIM for Kate and what I’d like to know is when I make starters, who would be okay with me using me my alternate face claim of Katie Cassidy? Just so I know who would be comfortable with it without me having to ask bC LOOK.



Today has been a very good day for deliveries and progress updates. Sneak peek of these gorgeousss barstools that just arrived. I’ll post them in all their glory tomorrow! Just wanted to say thank you thank you to all my followers on here for being the best! 30k and growing whoop whoop! 🎉 (yes I just said whoop whoop) #aneyeforpretty #interiors #decor #decorating #kitchen #lighting #restorationhardware #ballarddesigns #homesweethome #love by eyeforpretty

anonymous asked:

Atleast she has the courage to post a fucking photo of herself unlike half of you judgemental sad fucks ! Btw you're gorgeousss 👼🏼🙏🏽

Thank you so much I really appreciate all your guys kind words 💖💖

dont-tempt-me-with-perfection asked:

Once you get this, list 5 things that make you happy and send it to the last 10 people in your activity. 😊

hi!! patriii love u gurley heheh u cutie lil koalaaa!! thanks for sending me this <33

  1. your smiley at the end of this message :D
  2. your texts hehe it keeps my day going
  3. how we get some comfy with our conversations even tho we don’t do the instant reply thing ahahha
  4. amazing friends
  5. this lovely community !! i love u all so dearly. stay safe and strong :3

have a beautiful day gorgeousss x

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What is that pink lip colour you wear ? LOVE IT! :) you are beautiful m'A x

Thank u gorgeousss 💜
Makeupforever matte 1 and chicory by mac