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omg Emily just watched Bonny's latest vlog and you look fricking gorgeouss so radiant and beautiful omg <33 also have you lost weight? you look seriously insane girl xx

Awwww thank you so much 😍😘 I am not sure if I have lost weight because I don’t really weigh myself very often however I have been focusing on training a lot more in the past 6 months so I have toned up a little more and probably overall am healthier than last year when I would exercise on and off 😊 thank you for your kind words xxxxx

faded-flowr  asked:

Hi!!!! Your sims are gorgeouss!! I was wondering WCIF the skin u use?? Thx in advance!❤

Hello! Thank you so much!!!!! 

I use different skins for different sims but I most often use my own Butter Milk skin or @inspiredmoodlet Someday skin with Shiliu on top

I will also sometimes use these skins, bb skin overlay v4, cottonswirl cloud, knight

I also listed a bunch of skins I use back on this post if you want to check it out

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stars, tattoos, bands, messy bun

stars: when did you last cry in front of another person?

In front of someone, was last week at my Record of Achievement (kinda like UK secondary school graduation) and I just lost it because it was a hall of 200 crying girls.

tattoos: how do you feel about tattoos and piercings? explain.

I think tattoos are cool, wouldn’t really get one personally but I think some are gorgeouss, and piercings are cool, can’t say they’re not when I have a piercing lol.

bands: talk about a song/band/lyric that has affected your life in some way.

Bastille, because all their music has always resonated really deeply with me for years and also I know every lyric to everyyy song so ya, love them for amazing music that isn’t always about romantic relationships like so many artists.

messy bun: the world is listening. pick one sentence you would tell them.

Stop and consider every freaking consequence of what you are doing, because everyone should leave the world a little better than they found it, even if it’s a small change for the better.

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