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Did some sketches of how I think Locus’ face would look over the course of his life. Because I can, and it’s a damn good looking face. These are just my personally interpretations so you may or may not agree with me. :D

Samuel Ortez - Before the Great War. That quiet kid who always sits in the corner and minds his own business. A real introvert, hates being with other people yet girls think he’s gorgeous and keep asking him on dates which he always turns down. Guys hate him but won’t mess with him cos he can seriously fuck up someone’s shit.

The most gorgeous natural poofy, fluffy hair you will ever see. Like damn, all the girls (and some guys) want to know his secrets. His secret is he doesn’t do a damn thing. A kind sweet hearted human who cares about living things and will stand up for other kids being bullied. Bullies are most certainly afraid of him.

Merc Locus -  Late 20s early 30s. Hair isn’t as fluffy and silky, has lost colour but it’s still pretty damn healthy and good that it makes Felix so jealous and angry cos his hair’s not as glamorous despite all the work he puts into it. But Locus’ is naturally poofy and gorgeous. Permanent bitchface expression 95% of the time but there’s still life in those pretty grey eyes. He’s still human and acts it.

Chorus Locus - Probably Mid 30s when he first started that contract. Shaved his head as he did in his army days because of the armour. Faded grey eyes, kinda Zombieish cos he never takes his damn helmet off and his skin’s gotten paler from the lack of sunlight. Faded hair and losing colour. Although you’d never see his face, you can bet it’s 100% Mr Grumpyface 24/7.

Warrior Locus - Late 30s - early 40s. Grows his hair out but shorter than it was in his earlier days. Prematurely going grey from all the years of dealing with Felix’s bullshit as well as coming to terms with himself. Looks a lot healthier cos he actually takes his helmet off more often than he did on Chorus. Donut would probably have a ball trying to fix his hair.

I wanna know if you agree or disagree, or have anything to add. :D


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yea no problem, just naturally gorgeous. you should probably take more selfies🤘

Only 1 in 100 selfies look decent 😂 trust me I take a lot but thanks babes

Everglades National Park in Florida is a subtle place where earth, water and sky blend in a low green landscape – where mere inches of elevation produce distinct changes in vegetation and a great wealth of birds and other unique wildlife find refuge. One of the most environmentally significant regions in the world, this special park can also impress with its sublime beauty. Sunset photo courtesy of Aryeh Nirenberg.


I kid you not, guys and girls this place exists, This island is called Socotra it is a part of republic of Yemen, it’s one of the places “must visit” , Species of such an alien-like gorgeous plants and animal life are only found here and NO WHERE ELSE on the planet Earth.

Before going to Socotra island check up  political and crime situation,for it is not a very safe place (i wouldn’t advise women to travel alone there)