for all u gamers out there i would like to share with u some of the craziest shit i’ve learned in my history of gaming class:

  • Nintendo is over 100 years old ???  They started off in 1889 as a Hanafuda card company (Hanafuda cards are gorgeous you should totally check them out yo) in Japan. Nintendo has since been a number of different things including: a taxi company, a “love hotel” industry, a toy manufacturer, and finally the game company we all know and love. (x)
  • The first video game ever created was a tic-tac-toe game called OXO made in 1952 by Alexander Douglas. The computer it was made on was the size of a large room, and it could only be played similar to the way Alan Turing decoded Enigma (which meant lots of work just to make the next move). It was Lit. (x)
  • There was a literal Prohibition on pinball from the 1940′s to the 1970′s. Yes, a prohibition (not a ban, not a recall). In major cities like New York and Chicago, they raided every place that had a pinball machine (arresting a large sum of people), smashed every pinball machine with a sledgehammer, and dumped them into the cities’ rivers because pinball machines were now considered a form of gambling (they believed it relied too heavily on the element of chance). ridiculous. (x)
  • Obviously pinball machines are legal now, so how did we get them back? This guy named Roger Sharpe went up to the mayor of New York and showed him his Mad Pinball Skills; the mayor was like “holy shit” and immediately unbanned all pinball machines in 1976. (x)
  • E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial for the Atari 2600 was a game SO BAD that they literally dug a trench and filled it with every copy they could find. It was one of the leading factors for the “Video Game Crash of 1984,” and copies can still be found buried in Alamogordo, New Mexico. (x)
  • The first game to feature voice recognition was this fucking game. Look at this God Damn Game (x). what the fuck

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Fanartist @birdloaf created a gorgeous playing card for each character in Hamilton

Birdloaf’s playing cards are thoughtful as well as beautiful, each one corresponding to the character’s role in the show. For instance, George III is the melodramatic King of Hearts, Thomas Jefferson is a mic-toting emcee, and Hamilton turns paper into diamonds with the power of the written word.

In an email to the Daily Dot, birdloaf explained that John Laurens was the easiest choice: the Jack of Hearts. “Impassioned, rebellious, bit of a martyr complex… plus his nickname was Jack.”


anonymous asked:

Hey! You once talked about fan-made pop culture tarot decks and mentioned a few examples. I'm not sure its relevant but I still wanted to mention that Welcome to Night Vale actually has a tarot deck with characters from the podcast as part of their official merch!

…I need that deck.  (I think you may be referring to this previous question on PC witchcraft having to do with the magical girl trope?)

The game Dishonored has a Tarot deck based off the one in its DLC, although as much I adore that game I’m honestly not sure I’d recommend it for use beyond its art style; most of its meaning comes from knowledge of the game.  Dragon Age: Inquisition has a playing deck (as does Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, actually), but it seems like all the gorgeous Major Arcana cards are fanart.  Fortunately, our mod Smudge found this site that will print your own Tarot for you - all you have to do is upload the images for it.  No fandom ever need to go without again.

Edit: Apparently there is a DA:I deck, but it’s not easy to get.

- mountain hound

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“Fate is a very weighty word to throw around before breakfast.”
I haven’t been reading my cards at all lately. I really need to start getting into the habit of doing that. Especially because the Raven’s Prophesy deck is so gorgeous.

Magician card by Maggie Stiefvater

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