ok hear me out for a second. kiwi should be the next single, it just should. 

and the music video, the music video, should go something like this: harry and the band are playing in a dark, small club. he’s wearing a gorgeous glam-rock outfit that only he can pull off, his forehead drenched in sweat, hair undone, rocking the first verse.

then the first chorus hits and lights of all the colors of the rainbow start flashing the audience. they’re dancing, jumping, going crazy. close up of a girl - she’s dancing with another girl. close up of a boy - he’s dancing with another boy. yep, it’s a gay club.

the gays have now reclaimed kiwi. it’s ours now. goodbye

Can I just say that I love Lili’s whole iconic Kate Moss/90′s Jennifer Aniston vibe she is launching today?? A simple slip dress in classic white, nude sandals and natural make-up; so aesthetically pleasing. She looks absoluterly gorgeous, with the glam Hollywood’s biggest stars had in the 90′s and I’m here looking at her pictures in awe. Such a beauty!