gorgeous yarn

This vanilla sock is practically knitting itself! The gorgeous self-striping yarn is #sutherlandsock by @caledoniadyeworks I really liked having the option to add a mini skein for toes and heels. Because I’m a little bit sad, I started tagging my sock projects on Ravelry this morning (every now and again, my internal administrator breaks free and categorises stuff). It’s 16 months since I cast on my first pair of socks. I have completed 37 pairs and have 2 pairs on the go. The first 5 pairs were cuff down, using the excellent tutorials by @winwickmum Since I started knitting toe-up socks I have used the #fishlipskissheel 15 times, and #sockmaticianstoeups by @sockmatician 15 times. 29 pairs were vanilla socks, but I’m starting to experiment more with patterned socks. I have knitted 24 pairs for me, 6 for Jamie, 5 for Himself, and 2 pairs as gifts. On average, I complete a pair of socks every 2 weeks. I don’t know if I should be impressed 👏👏👏 or horrified 😱😱😱 #knittersofinstagram #knitting #operationsockdrawer https://www.instagram.com/p/BR-kdumDszA/

Guess who has warm hands while helping run this cookie booth? Me! Because I have these awesome gauntlets/fingerless gloves from @jwab and they are super warm and snugly and soft. I am so stupidly lucky to have her as a friend and now my fingers won’t freeze while I write crusaders tonight!


So this gem of mines took a week to make. She’s a made to move doll. First I chopped off all of her hair and replaced it with this gorgeous sea foam yarn picked out by my mer-godmother. Thanx to my froggy stuff i knew how to reroot the yarn into her head. Needless to say, but the task is TEDIOUS! thank God for my patience. Her tail belonged to my 2015 Mattel classic Ariel doll (r.i.p) and all i did was cut the fins off and hot glued sequin trim around the tail. Her fluke is made up of some shiny fabric we had around and cut into a multiple fin shapes and glued to the bottom. The shell top was from a sticker set from WalMart and i attached a some strings of pearls to them. The head piece and choker are also made up of the same set of pearls.

things that I never hear knitters talk about:

  • putting off other work until you finish this skein of yarn because it’s SO CLOSE to the end but seems to last FOREVER anyway
  • the quiet resolve yet melancholy you feel when deleting emails about yarn sales because you can’t afford to buy anything right now
  • the intense feeling of jealousy when you see someone constantly stashing new gorgeous yarns on your ravelry friend activity page
  • those patterns that get super popular yet you think are SUPER UGLY and don’t get the hype
  • longing to knit something, ANYTHING, in wool after working on a huge acrylic project
  • wearing your handknits on days you have a big event happening to give you extra luck