gorgeous to homeless

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  • 1. "We just met but you're pretty hot so wanna come back to mine?" AU
  • 2. "You're my teacher but I'm 18 in two months so it's almost legal" AU
  • 3. "I slept with you last night and oh God you're my new boss," AU
  • 4. "We've been in a band together for years and now I notice how attractive you are, oh and I'm getting married to someone else at the end of the month," AU
  • 5. "Our bathrooms are next to each other's and I can hear you singing a duet every morning so I'll duet with you through the wall," AU
  • 6. "You're my son/daughter's teacher but you're gorgeous," AU
  • 7. "I'm homeless and you said i could stay one night because there was a storm but now you're offering me a more permanent stay," AU
  • 8. "We're both high as fuck so lazy getting off together sounds good," AU
  • 9. "You've never tried weed so I'm going to corrupt you," AU
  • 10. "I have money, you have a car, let's road trip," AU
  • 11. Bodyswap!AU
  • 12. "You're my tattooist and you're really cute and tattooing my thigh and it's a little too much for me," AU
  • 13. "You're my brother/sister's boyfriend/girlfriend, but i fuck you better," AU
  • 14. "I'm behind on my grades and you're my tutor," AU
  • 15. School nerd/school Jock AU
  • 16. "We've been on the run for years and are basically the next Bonnie and Clyde," AU

“You don’t have to walk with me.” Britland expected Carson to nod and go on his way.

“I’ll go as far as the park,” he said walking beside him, their shoulders brushing each other.

They turned into the par where several homeless people were setting up for the night in the shadows. He watched as Carson walked over to a grungy older toothless man. “Thanks Harvey for watching my camp.” He fished in his pocket for some loose bills to hand to the man. Harvey hobbled off into the dark. Turning Carson smiled at Britland who was staring at the transaction. “It’s no big deal” he shrugged “I lost my apartment a few days ago. My roommate decided he wanted his girlfriend to live with him rather than me.”

The thought of this gorgeous man sleeping like a homeless person made Britland feel more than a little sick. “Why can’t you just go home?” he asked.

Carson made a bitter sound that might have been a low chuckle. “As if my parents want anything to do with me. They kicked me out once I came out as gay. It was cool though. At the time I already been planning on moving out. I just didn’t expect my roommate acquiring a girlfriend so soon.”

Shaking his head Britland reached over grabbed Carson’s forearm preventing him from leaving. “You’re not sleeping out here” he protested.

very annoyed that everyone in d.gray-man is so blindingly gorgeous
ginger with an eyepatch: gorgeous
kid who looks like an old man from the back: gorgeous
homeless fucker who swindles everyone out their cash: gorgeous
guy with a bowl cut: gorgeous
underweight depressed woman: gorgeous
socially isolated vampire: gorgeous
actual killing machines: gorgeous
50-foot tall lady with the body of, like, a centipede: gorgeous
emo scene kids with guns: gorgeous
a cat: gorgeous
abusive foster father: gorgeous
asshole who stabs everyone in sight: gorgeous
goddamned politician and his severely ill wife: both gorgeous
guy with like five eyes: gorgeous
literally bob ross: gorgeous
lady with a scar covering her entire face: gorgeous
overworked scientists who haven’t slept in days: gorgeous
tiny sadistic child who’s like at least fifty years old: gorgeous
main villain: the prettiest of them all

the truth about...@8arryloukaitis

- hates russia and russians. wants to be stolen by russians in russia

- can be a complete dork. but it’s my dork


- thinks that i’m mean (i once refused to drink tea that my mom had made)

- doesn’t believe that i have a social life  

- acts innocent, but gets nasty when i’m in public 

- knows where to hide cds

- death grips . we need to talk about kevin. daft punk. it’s always sunny in philadelphia. boneless pizza

- ‘so the school shooter finally found love’ 

- not gay. not even slightly homo 

- hates my music except this one death grips’ song and songs by daft punk 

- EW

- makes cute sounds all the time 

- has really cute voice 

- looks gorgeous

- we’ll end up homeless but with cats, dogs, snakes, hamsters and caterpillars 

- lives for pink colour

- i live for him 

- popsicle?? watermelon?? daddy?? jesus??

- saw snow 14 years ago 

- likes ice cream and baking 

- very kissable 

- cuddle rape

- the embodiment of perfection

- love of my life