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Hey Z, how do you feel about fleshflutter? Their writing, I mean, not them as a person. :)

Generally positive! (I don’t think flesh is in fandom anymore, so I’ll make this a public post.) I wish her(?) stuff were on AO3, just because navigating LJ is a pain in the ass. I haven’t read all of her fic, and there are certainly fics I like more than others, but a few highlights–

Flying Weight - definitely a contender for the best vampire!Dean fic there is. I thought about writing a vamp-turn fic and realized that essentially I’d want to be writing this, because it’s the best example I know, so there was no point. :)

Moths on the Mirror - solidly constructed story, with amnesiac!Dean and a Sam trying hard to break him out of a mental hospital. This is a serious contender for some of the best amnesia fic out there, though it doesn’t come close to the wonderfully awfully complicated Blue Skies From Rain.

No One Loves Me (Not Like You Do) - extremely solid porny almost-horror, with a deeper thread running through it that deepens it to something worth reccing. Fun idea for a monster, too.

She also wrote my favorite prostitution fic, the unfortunately-titled ‘Do I seem bulletproof to you?’ which is a J2–not your thing, I know. Still wonderful, though the ending needs to be re-written to make it truly great. (There’s a tricky issue of culpability which is mishandled, and a little extra narrative space would’ve allowed it to work very well.)

Generally speaking, fleshflutter is going to focus on bottom!Dean, and in particular often a sort of fragile Dean, the first of which is obviously my fave and the second of which is a sort-of-guilty pleasure. The big place you see this is in Incestuous Courtship (a fandom classic for a reason–the humor is Pratchett-esque at its best, and the smut is A+ if a little obviously porny rather than realistic), but it’s a running theme throughout. She clearly had a thing for Dean/Jensen being happily fucked. One thing that I enjoy about the writing is that the issues of dub- or noncon are handled quite well. By that I mean–it’s clear that she realizes what’s dubcon and what’s not, and it’s not… boringly overwritten, maybe is the way to put it. ‘Moths,’ for example, does feature some definite noncon–but, due to the nature of the story, she doesn’t tediously linger on the details but instead sticks close to the character in the moment, and that was such a brilliant, brilliant choice.

Her Sam is obsessive/protective, but for the most part not in the sort of awful way of Leonidaslion. You can tell that flesh’s Sam actually likes Dean in addition to liking to fuck him, which is a key part of the characterization, for me. Now, he’s definitely shading toward toppy-possessive, but flesh walks the line of making him seem… not-an-asshole about it, which is not always the case with toppy-characterization.

It’s not the most polished writing in the world, but it’s very solid for fanwriting. I’d definitely put it in the 10% afforded to us by Sturgeon’s Law. The other thing that’s nice is that she can move through genre, so you’ll get mostly-humor with Antichrist’s Bride, and actual deep horror with The Old Gods Return, and a fairly down-to-earth romance in ‘bulletproof.’ The thing that really makes it worth reading is that there’s a real affection for the characters that bleeds through–an affection for both characters, and that’s rarer than it should be. Sure, a lot of it is porny, and sometimes it’s a little too neat or a little unbelievable, but those things are easy to forgive when the backbone of the fic is solid, as these are.

So… why do you ask? :)

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