gorgeous specimen of a man

Reasons my ovaries keep getting maliciously butchered:

●Thighs that wont quit (and makes you wanna wear him like a pair of sunglasses)
●Jawline that could cut through glass
●Hands. Just… hands.
●Toothy smiles “Can i please lick you?
●"Oh, my god. You adorable fucking dork!”
●Lipbiting. -> swoon, thud.
●Eyefucking… this shit should be illegal.
●"The shirt is off, I can’t breathe, the shirt is off. I hate you"

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Love at First Video Part 22: Convention Time

Misha Collins x Reader

1550 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

The next morning you woke completely wrapped around a warm and awake Misha. You were cuddled up to his side, with his arm wrapped around you, and he was smiling down at you. You didn’t want to get out of bed, but you knew you needed to, that today was going to be an extremely busy day.

“Morning.” He whispered, gently brushing the hair away from your cheek. You got lost in the depths of his blue eyes, realizing for what was possibly the first time that you could actually picture yourself growing old with this man.

“Morning.” You finally answered back, your inner thoughts turning your cheeks a brilliant shade of red. Misha noticed, of course he did, with how close the two of you were laying.

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Fuckboy Next Door (Jimin Smut)

Summary: Park Jimin was predictable. Cocky, good-looking, a flirt… a common fuckboy. Who just happened to live next to an apartment that you visited every weekend without fail. He was someone you swore to yourself you would never have sex with. But maybe going against your own promise was better than you thought. Smut.

(AN: okay, so obviously nothing could top the Jeoncheol threesome and I was feeling a little off my writing game when I wrote this anyway… I got waaay to into the ending and backstory once again, I hope the actual smut part measures up. Requested by @babyboo2018426835 and obvious smut warning -Tanisha<3)

House-sitting. Probably one of the coolest common chores a person could be hired to do. Getting paid to do measly tasks like take in the newspaper and water half-dead plants, and just lazy around and eat someone else’s food. It was really your idea of a good weekend.

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I Love You Because...

Prompt from its-j2:  Hey can I have a dean x reader one shot where they are dating and they are just cuddling and dean is naming things he loves about her? If you do this ill love you forever.

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 709

A/N:  Pretty fluffy, but sweet! No sex or smut, just cuteness!


Dean pulled you into his arms, a sigh escaping his lips. You cuddled up next to him and rested your head on his chest.

“You okay?” you asked him.

“Yeah,” he murmured. “Just tired. That job was a pain, I’m glad its over.”

Dean and Sam had just returned from a job two states away. Dean hadn’t let you go, as always he was concerned for your safety. Ever since the two of you had become serious and officially declared yourselves boyfriend and girlfriend, he’d gotten extremely protective. So, you’d sat this one out.

Dean kissed the top of your head. “I missed you,” he said.

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WHAT!? I’m not drooling! YOU’RE drooling!


Who am I kidding?! God, he’s glorious… homina, homina, homina…. Screw Casey Jones, if I were April, I would’ve jumped Raph’s bones within twenty minutes of the first movie……

Paw Prints on Your Heart

For @funkzpiel​ in response to this post and @questionboxjuliet​ because we’ve just been talking about red pandas clambering onto Percy XDD. Also, huff-quacks are legitimate sounds red pandas make, which you can watch here.

Percival supposes he should be grateful that MACUSA managed to rescue him in one piece, and besides from the malnourishment and the addition of several new scars, he’s quite unharmed. It is unfortunate though, that he isn’t completely free from Grindelwald’s blasted magic, however.

See, when the Aurors rescued Percival, they realise that there are certain side effects from whatever curse Grindelwald used on their boss that might be long term. Thankfully, it’s not a painful condition. Just, rather inconvenient and somewhat embarrassing for Percival. Of course, Madame Picquery has her best Healers and Master Potioneers work on a cure, but even the strongest potion can only stave off the condition for a temporary period of time. Regardless, Percival is just grateful he doesn’t have to deal with his entire department and the criminals witnessing his humiliation. He can already hear their guffaws: “ooh I’m so scared! Whatchu gonna do, huh baby red panda? Kill me with your fluffiness?” Oh yes. He would much rather have to deal with the annoying routine of taking the potion consistently. Although, he could do without the urge to curl up and take a nap sometimes, or when he thinks he has a tail and wiggles a bit (his Aurors tend to dab at the blood from their noses when he does this), or when he becomes clumsier than he was prior to Grindelwald, because there are times he swears his hands are little furry things that don’t have a good grasp and his feet are just furry little paws that always stumble over an imaginary tail, or when someone accidentally touches his head and it feels so fucking good. 

Percival always makes sure to take his daily potion just before going to work; he really doesn’t want to Apparate to work, only to appear as a furry little creature nosing about the office, with very little sentient thought. He takes a second potion before going on missions or meeting with important dignitaries, because as mentioned, he really wants to keep the last shred of dignity he has (or at least, he thinks he has). Still, he does slip up and forget to take his potion, usually when he’s more tired than usual or when he’s sick (who said sick? I don’t get sick Aberna- Ah choo!). And guess what happens when he sneezes or yawns? Instant fluff, that’s what. Try as his people might, they never manage to contain their coos and awws when they see the adorable little creature with its rust red fur, and the patches of white lining his eyes and ears. Oh and the tail. The gorgeous, big, fluffy tail that’s just so soft they want to cuddle it so bad. Panda Graves still has some conscious thought, and so he huff-quacks in frustration when his people pick him up and nuzzle him, but that quickly turns to little squeaks because oooh that’s it, scratch that ear. Oooh yes, under the chin minion, under the chin. Percival learns that his people are really, quite adept at giving good cuddles, snuggles and pets. 

They have to feed him another potion just so the transformation can wear off. Of course, no one said anything about when they have to feed him the potion and lose the furry little creature. They usually let Percival stay in his panda form for half of the day, and everyone takes turns cuddling him on their lap. Sometimes, panda Percival feels adventurous and climbs onto their shoulders, curling around their neck, and the Aurors will have stupid grins on their faces as they feel the warmth on their neck, and the tickling of his bushy tail against their cheeks. They have a fun time watching the little thing toddle around the office too; Percival just ambles around clumsily with his fluffy tail waving in the air, and the room is filled with loud choruses of “awws” when he stumbles over its paws and take a tumble, round body and all. Someone always picks him up and kiss his little nose, and Percival tries to hoot in protest but he nestles in their hold quickly enough, curling about and making himself comfortable. He usually takes a nap in someone’s arms, lulled by their warmth and their heartbeat, and his perch will hardly dare to breath or move, for fear of waking the purring creature. When it’s finally time to return their boss to his (not so cuddly) human form, they all brace for the reprimanding Percival is sure to hand out to them, but for the first few moments as the man is returning and the animal is disappearing, his eyes blink owlishly and there are soft little croons coming from him, confused as to where he is, and they think it’s worth the chewing out they get. 

When Newt first sees Percival transform into a panda (he forgot to take his potion because he fell asleep at his desk after a meeting), the magizoologist is delighted to see the little red panda curled up in the rumpled pile of his clothes, sleeping so soundly that Newt can’t help but sigh. He has to admit, Percival the man is a gorgeous specimen, but Percival the red panda far surpasses his human form. Almost. Well, quite nearly. Transfixed, the red head reaches out to stroke the soft fur, and Percival snuffles a little before waking up, his shiny eyes bleary from sleep. Newt’s heart melts and his eyes take on the softest look reserved for when he’s tending to his creatures, and he carefully picks up panda Percival and gives him a good rubbing behind the ear. Percival’s ears perk up happily, and he nuzzles his head into Newt’s shirt, and Newt chuckles at how the little creature is lapping up the attention and affection. He feeds Percival some dried fruit he keeps for Dougal, and the panda nibbles enthusiastically at his fingers, tickling the lanky man. Settling onto Percival’s large chair, he adjusts his grip on the soft ball of fluff and he talks to Percival. Newt tells him about how he thinks the Auror is the best of men, and how he’s the loveliest, most fluffiest, cuddleable creature ever. His heart warms when Percival’s little black eyes blink lazily at him, and he lets loose a stream of unintelligible chatter as he kneads his fluffy little paws into Newt’s shirt before yawning cutely. Newt settles for rubbing his fur, and as Percival’s eyes slowly blink shut, so does Newt, and when Tina finds them cuddled together in Percival’s office, she motions for her colleagues to take a peek, and everyone sighs softly because it really the loveliest sight ever.

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Break the Laws of Love

Summary: Dan just wants to go home. His day has been long and exhausting and he’s tired, damnit. But then he sees a man on the tube dressed in the exact same clothes he’s wearing. What will happen through a meeting a pure coincidence, and will Dan finally be able to get the happy ending he’s dreamed of?

Tags/warnings: Nothing, just fluff!

Word count: 6,792

A/N: This started just from the prompt of “wearing the same outfit on the metro” and I really don’t know what happened but it evolved into this. (Also had this proposal trope I really wanted to use but shhhh spoilers) Read on ao3

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Sex Kills Nightmares

Characters: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean is having dreams that are starting to get to him. He decides to go out to a bar to pick someone up so he won’t sleep alone.

Word Count: 1192

Warnings: light smut, drinking

A/N: this was done for @torn-and-frayed Songs of Supernatural Challenge - Season 3. My song was Creedence Clearwater Revival - Run Through the Jungle. Thank you to my amazing betas @thorne93 and @wevegotworktodo!


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He’s running again. Always running. It doesn’t look like any forest in America. It looks like a tropical jungle, like what his dad always talked about how it was in Vietnam. He looks over his shoulder, and doesn’t see anything, but he KNOWS that he has to keep running.

Dean wakes with a start. It’s not exactly it’s a nightmare per say, but those dreams always disorientate him. Something always feels wrong when he wakes up, and he can never quite figure out what he’s running from.

The seventh night in a row he has the same dream he decides that he is going to do something about it. Tonight he’s not going to sleep alone.

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kc + “It’s our mutual friend’s wedding and they keep shoving us into each other because we’re the only ones at the ceremony who are single, but I lowkey don't mind though because you're really hot” AU.

Haven’t forgotten about these, I promise!

She can’t help but stare at her silver watch as she emerges from her chauffeur driven car and onto he sidewalk near the coach. She was a little early, but that was fine. Stefan wouldn’t murder her for turning up late to his big day with Elena, and she wouldn’t have to put up with his guilt trip.

She mentally calculated how long she would have to stay before beating a hasty retreat without seeming rude. Truth is, as happy as she was for Stefan and Elena, she hated weddings with a burning passion.

This tended to surprise people who knew her. And normally she’d be all over weddings, because it was an event and she loved events. But not weddings.

Maybe it was the fact that the day was riddled with cliches, or the fact that it was a celebration of two people in love, and everyone else had to watch the sickly sweet display, the simpering family members jostling for seniority in the wedding shots outside the church, the one grandma who always got really drunk and embarrassed herself on the dance floor.

But mostly, it was the fact that she never made it to her own wedding day, and it’s always a bitter reminder of the failure of her only long term relationship.

She thought that Tyler Lockwood had been it, that they’d be happy together and they’d raise a family of 2.5 kids with a white picket fence and a dog called Rover. Then of course, Tyler had been caught screwing the secretary at his office, and that had been that.

She’d been mostly single since that night three years ago, occasionally broken up by the odd fling and periods of time when she’d gone on dates with guys more than once. Nothing ever seemed to stick though, and she was fine with that, really.

It meant more time with Katherine, who she was sure was sequestered away inside the church now, a fixed smile on her face and a scandalous dress that she still looked gorgeous in. Katherine despite her beauty and her charms also had a tendency to remain single for some time, when she wasn’t fucking Elijah Mikaelson in a weird on off relationship. She’d given up trying to figure out how to define Katherine and Elijah, you just couldn’t.

“Excuse me, am I in the right place?”

It’s the British accent that captures her attention first as she turns her head towards the source of the voice, but it’s the gorgeous features of the man that has her lingering despite her heels already beginning to punish her feet.  

He’s tall and broad shouldered, and the dark suit that he’s wearing is tailored to perfection, lovingly outlining his muscular form. There’s day old stubble lingering along his jawlines and his eyes are a bright, crystalline blue.

She’s a little taken aback at this gorgeous specimen of a man, and any attempts at charm and flirtation are well and truly out the window when he prompts her silently with a quick smile.

“Well that depends. I’m assuming that you’re here for Stefan and Elena?” She asks politely, tucking her clutch under her arm and mentally high fiving herself for wearing the blue dress that makes her boobs look amazing and her legs look like those of a supermodel.

Hot British guy smiles to himself, and she doesn’t miss him trying to be subtle as he checks her out, eyes lingering on the curve of her arse in her dress for a moment. She files that away for future reference but doesn’t call him out on it.

“I guess that was a rather stupid question, wasn’t it? I’m Klaus. Are you here for the bride or the groom?” He asks, holding out his hand for politely.

She steps forward and takes his proffered hand and shakes, flashing him a bright smile.

“Both. I grew up with Stefan and Elena in Mystic Falls. I’m Caroline.” She supplies before dropping his hand and tilting her head towards the church. “We should probably get inside before Elena arrives. Wouldn’t want to ruin her big moment.”

“Indeed not.” Klaus agrees, turning towards the flight of steps leading up to the church and offering her his arm without a second thought, like the gesture is something he does regularly.

Hot and a gentlemen. This is definitely something she could roll with.

She doesn’t miss the significant look Katherine gives her when she slides into one of the back pews next to her, Klaus settling in next to them and turning his gaze towards the front of the church.

She’s waiting for Katherine to say something, the other girl leaning in, but instead Katherine leans past her, touching Klaus gently on the shoulder to get his attention.

Klaus’ face lights up in recognition as he spots Katherine and smiles at her.

“Fancy seeing you here love. Didn’t manage to get Elijah to come along?” Klaus asks with a chuckle.

“Tried and failed.” Katherine admits with a quick grin. “You know what he’s like with unnecessary social occasions. It’s good to see you, I didn’t know you knew Caroline.”

“Oh I don’t.” Klaus replies. “We just met outside the church.”

The music swells suddenly before she can formulate any sort of response and as one the crowd turns to face the back of the church.

Stefan and Elena’s wedding is as predictably sickening as she thought it would be. They’d been madly in love for years despite all the ups and downs that life decided to throw at them, and even she can’t help but smile when the two take their vows and seal it with a kiss.

Once the ceremony is over Katherine stretches her arms over her head with a relieved sigh.

“Well thank god that’s over. I could do with a stiff drink right about now.”

She can’t help but laugh to herself, because at least she’s not a stone cold bitch like Katherine is.

As she very quickly discovers at the reception, Klaus is fun.

She never would have expected it coming from him, so polite and charming, but she knew that once he called for a line of shots from the open bar that this was going to be good.

Even Katherine is charmed by Klaus, and that in and of itself is a hard thing to do. They’re seated together, and she doesn’t miss Katherine quickly swapping their name cards around so she’s seated next to Klaus, doesn’t miss the significant look that Katherine gives her, the way she leans in and whispers ‘he’s single’ into her ear.

Well then.

Stefan is slightly less obvious than Katherine, but she doesn’t miss the delighted smile on his face when he approaches the two of them, interrupting their conversation to say hello.

“Good, I see the two of you have met.”

Klaus smiles pleasantly up at Stefan as the two of them exchange greetings and shake hands. And then Klaus is turning his gaze back to her, staring at her with an odd look on his face.

She’s a little self conscious at the intensity of his gaze.

“Yes, a little earlier.” Klaus finally turns his gaze back towards Stefan, clapping him on the shoulder once before Stefan is moving on.

“How do you know Stefan?” She asks curiously as Klaus takes a sip of his drink.

“What makes you think I’m here for Stefan?” He replies with an amused smile on his lips.

“Because I’m pretty sure Elena would mention you.”

She knew she was right, Elena definitely wouldn’t hesitate to mention if Klaus was single and available. Her oldest friend did have an annoying quirk of setting her up with the most unsuitable guys possible.

“I’m an old friend of Stefan’s from college. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen him- I was surprised to get his invitation in the mail.”

“And what is it that you do?” She continues her line of questioning, because Klaus is being surprisingly tight lipped about anything to do with his personal life.

“I’m a photographer. I shoot weddings mostly, other occasions as well. I’m located in New Orleans currently but I have lived elsewhere. And you sweetheart?”

His question mostly went unanswered, because she had already opened Instagram, putting in a search for his name. His profile picture is a broody black and white photo of him laying in the grass, squinting up at the sky.

Oh and there was just the small fact that he had-

“500,000 followers? You seriously have 500,000 followers on Instagram?” She blurts out as she continues to scroll through his feed. His work, to say the least, is absolutely amazing. Each shot perfectly staged, and he had a certain knack for capturing emotions of his subjects beautifully.

“It’s not something I typically broadcast to people upon first meeting them.” Klaus replies a little sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. But yes, I’m never really short of work.”

She stares at him for a long moment, before nodding to herself and getting to her feet.

“I think this calls for another round of shots.”

“3, 2, 1, go!” Katherine calls as they all reach for the shots, slamming back the straight vodka.

Klaus, who can seemingly unhinge his jaw like a snake, and looks perfectly fine despite the amount of alcohol he’s consumed, grins when he realises that he’s come out victorious again.

“No fair.” Katherine whines, a lock of hair coming undone from her otherwise elegant up do. It was odd seeing Katherine like this, loose limbed and pliant when she’s usually so rigid and so well put together.

“I won’t tell anyone, promise.” Klaus pats her on the shoulder companionably, eyes dancing with mirth as he turns that gaze on her. “Would you like to dance sweetheart?”

Miraculously, she doesn’t fall flat onto her face as Klaus pulls her onto the wooden dance floor. She’s far too buzzed to actually keep up with the rhythm of the jazzy song that the live band is playing, but Klaus is of course, unfairly good at dancing. She’s content to be steered around the floor by him.

“If you even think of dipping me, I will murder you.” She hisses at him as he twirls her away from him before pulling her back into his chest.

Klaus looks close to bursting into laughter, but keeps himself in check.

“I promise I’ll do nothing of the sort.”

Klaus is confident in a way that a lot of other men aren’t on the dance floor. The movements are almost automatic to him, and she suspects he’s had some sort of training prior to this occasion. That, or he has a really good natural rhythm.

“Of course you’d be good at this as well.” She says with a sigh as she sways in his arms. Klaus looks down at her, bemused by her sudden outburst.

“My mother made all of my siblings take dance lessons when we were older. Elijah in particular excelled at it. I enjoyed it, but not enough to continue on with it. Although it has helped me out on more than a few occasions, so I’m grateful.”

The party begins winding down shortly afterwards, and soon enough she, Klaus, and Katherine find themselves out in the cool night air. She can’t help but shiver at the sudden change in temperature now that she’s not packed into the same room with fifty or so other bodies.

“Oh great, Elijah’s here. I’ll talk to you tomorrow once I’ve slept off the vodka. Klaus, you’re a demon in disguise I swear.” Katherine says with a laugh as she brushes her lips first against Klaus’ cheek, then hers.

Klaus lets out an amused chuckle as Katherine lifts an elegant hand in a wave as she makes her way towards the black BMW idling by the kerb.

“Are you okay to get home sweetheart?” Klaus asks as they both watch Katherine pull away.

“Yeah.” She answers, jumping slightly as Klaus settles his jacket around her shoulders. “I have a car coming for me soon. Don’t wait around on my account.” She tells Klaus, who shakes his head as a way of reply.

“And leave you here by yourself? Absolutely not. I’ll head off once you’re taken care of.”

She can’t help but smile to herself at his kindness, at his chivalry. Men like Klaus were a rare breed to come by. She kind of wondered why he was still single.

“Why are you still single?” She asks suddenly, mentally cursing herself for not being able to hold her tongue.

Klaus looks surprised by her question, tongue darting out to wet his lips as he considers her question.

“My work keeps me busy. I’ve not yet been able to find someone who understands that. Who is okay with that. I’m not a complete monk.” He remarks with a wink.

“I didn’t mean it like that.” She responds feebly, waving a hand towards him. “It’s just… well you seem like quite the catch. Surely you’d have women lining up around the block to be with you.”

“Surprisingly no. And while the casual hookup thing suited me just fine when I was younger, now I find myself looking for something more substantial. More…”

“Meaningful?” She supplies, watches as his face lights up, happy that they’re on the same page.

“Exactly love. It seems like you’re looking for the same.”

“Something like that.” She trails off, glancing over his shoulder as her driver pulls up to the kerb. “This is me.” She tilts her head towards the car, Klaus following her line of gaze.

“I’ll let you get home then. It was a pleasure to meet you Caroline.” Klaus remarks sincerely, bending down to press a gentle kiss to her cheek. “Even if all of your friends were trying to set us up for the entire night.”

Instead of being mortified like she usually would, she instead laughs.

“Yeah they’re not exactly subtle are they? They only have my best interests at heart. It’s kind of sweet, if not a little misguided at times.”

“I suppose we’re lucky, to have people in our lives that care so much about us.” Klaus muses out loud as she begins her progress towards the car. Klaus leans forward, opening the door for her, resting his arms across the top of it.

She pauses, unsure as to whether or not she should ask Klaus for his number, if he was even interested in her in that way. She knew that she wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea.

She remembers then, that she’s still got Klaus’ jacket around her shoulders. She begins to remove it, to hand it back to him.

“Here. I don’t want to make off with this. It would be rude of me.” She tells him, holding out the garment for him to take.

She’s surprised then when Klaus’s fingers close gently around hers, pressing it back towards her body.

“Keep it. It’s cold out. And it gives me an excuse to see you again.”

“Yeah?” She asks him, a beaming smile creeping across her face.

“Yeah.” Klaus agrees, a teasing smile of his own. “I don’t normally do this, but I’d love to get your number?” He asks it like a question, still giving her a chance to back out if she really wants to.

“On one condition.” She replies, pausing, unsure how to phrase what she wants to say next. “That you actually do call me. So many guys have asked me for my number, but they never follow through.”

“Well that’s rather foolish, isn’t it?”

He hands over his phone, and she types her name and number into it, handing it back to him once she’s hit save.

“Thanks for keeping me sane tonight. I actually had fun.” She remarks with a quick smile, Klaus raising an eyebrow in surprise. “I usually hate weddings.” She clarifies.

“I think that’s a conversation for another day.” Klaus says gently, squeezing her hand. “Good night Caroline. I’ll call you tomorrow?”

This time it’s her turn to press a quick kiss to the corner of his lips before she’s sinking down into the backseat of the car.

“I’d really like that Klaus.”

The Demon Inside

Original Imagine:  Demon Dean’s eyes going black when he climaxes

Reader Request: Could you maybe do a readerxdeanmon where the reader thinks demon Dean is really hot and it ends in smut? AND Reader Request: Could you write a smut story where it’s demon Dean and the reader? Where he’s a little rough, but it’s the demon in him with the black eyes.. And the reader has a come fetish lol – requested by thefamilybussiness101

Characters: Demon!Dean x female reader

Word Count: 2447

Warnings:  drinking; language/smut; masturbation; oral sex (male and female); slightly rough sex, come fetish (google it - I did); unprotected sex between strangers

Author’s Notes: Minor spoilers for episode 10.01; definitely PWP; written purely for the smut factor

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Merlin! (The bbc show)

dashboard osmosis

GAY MAGICIAN IS SUPER DUPER GAY FOR AN EXTREMELY BISEXUAL PRINCE WHO’S SISTER IS SUPER FUCKING GAY FOR THE FUTURE QUEEN AND THE FUTURE QUEEN IS THE MOST BISEXUAL OF ALL. theres a dragon and the old king is a massive dick and the most beautiful woman in all of camelot is a wonderful black lady and the guy that plays lancelot is the most gorgeous specimen of man ive ever seen. even his fucking NAME is sexy. santiago cabrera y’all. sounds like the alphabet had an orgasm holy shit

anyway they all have adventures and blur the lines of sexual orientation so much it’s a wonder there isn’t a ban on heterosexuality instead of magic, really

Pietro Maximoff Imagine: Staring
Words: 1.7K
Masterlist: x

Being an avenger was amazing. Finally you were being valued for your dangerous and back breaking work saving lives, no more secret superhero fighting street crime with her kickass skills. No, now you were an appraised avenger working alongside the elite of the elite. It was exhilarating. It felt as if everything was possible, your teammates were like a family, you were all so close knit. 

Especially with Clint. For some reason you and Clint were inseparable, he was like an older brother to you. He even taught you how to shoot a bow and arrow with skill, he even taught you a few tricks that you somewhat mastered. Clint was always by your side for everything, he understood your skill was a touchy subject for you as you were still learning to control the power of electrical energy you had been blessed/cursed with. It wasn’t a rare occasion for you and Clint to train together, he would help you through your reps and you would encourage him on during his weakest moments. It was a perfect team as you both filled in where the other lacked, you couldn’t wish for a better friend; Clint truly was the brother you never had. 

Today was his turn to train like a maniac and of course you volunteered to help out, mainly so you could just have a chat with him also, Clint was good like this, he always wanted a good gossip; just like you, whenever somebody was being a bit of an ass, you and Clint would have a good laugh about it. It must have been about 7am, you and Clint always got the early start on hard training days, something about quicker you start, quicker you finish.  Leaning yourself against the wall opposing Clint who was at the time on the pull up bar trying to reach a new personal best you found yourself being unable to concentrate on a word he was saying. Metres from the pull up bar was a large window that shone in on the corridor outside of the indoor gym. Although it wasn’t the window that caught your attention, it was the gorgeous specimen of a man that us Pietro Maximoff. It didn’t help that he just so happened to be shirtless with only a towel hung loosely around himself, clearly stepping out from the gym showers. 

“Y/n? Stop staring at Pietro!” Clint yelled dropping from the bar. Unfortunately Clint had yelled it so unbelievably hard that Pietro had also heard and looked over at you smirking. You could feel yourself slowly turning red as he looked you up and down before winking and walking away. 

“Dead!” you shouted at Clint throwing a nearby towel at him making you both laugh, you from part embarrassment. 

“Well y/n” Clint laughed, “If you like him so much go talk to him jeez! I mean everyone knows he has the hots for you.” he smiled, the smile dropping as he saw your face scrunch up in confusion. 

“You didnt know?” he laughed even harder before composing himself and continuing. 

“Seriously? You didn’t even notice the amount of times i’ve had tor practically kick him to get him to stop staring at you? Y/n! He never stops staring at you, you can be so oblivious I swear!” Clint chuckled using the towel to wipe the sweat off his head.

“Really? Do you think I should talk to him?” you questioned looking hopefully into his eyes as he rolled his.
Before he had a chance to sarcastically reply the red alarm began to bleep. Great. The red alarm meant emergency meeting for all the avengers in the building, you had to turn up; no excuses. 

“Lets go then” Clint spoke, chucking the towel down and placing his arm round your shoulder.

“Who knows maybe even Pietro will be there.”
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
“Right” Stark announced placing his hands on the meeting table you were all sat around. “Simple mission, Fury wants two of us to go and keep an eye on the next shipment of weapons. Simple enough, just keep an eye out for HYDRA and make sure the deliveries go into the right van. Who’s up for it?” he asked looking around his eyes falling on Pietro who had raised his hand eagerly clearly wanting to get out.

“Pietro good, anyone else?” he questioned looking around the table once again.

“I think y/n should go, you haven’t been in a while have you?” Clint spoke smirking a little as you sent him a death glare. 

“Settled then. There’s a van outside waiting to take you so i suggest you hurry and get going.” Stark spoke and left the room, he clearly had other plans somewhere else; no surprises there.

“C'mon then y/n” Pietro spoke placing his arm around your shoulder like Clint did, you could smell his cologne that made you go weak at the knees. Clint gave you a quick wink as you left the room making you blush. 

“So, it sounds to me like we can just have it easy on this mission, right?” he spoke, the words sounding amazing coming from his thick accent.  There was something incredibly hot about this man and it drove you completely crazy. 

“Yeah easy enough, should be done in an hour” you smiled, you were not letting your nerves ruin your chances here. 

“So, i was thinking” Pietro began as he reached in front of you and slide back the van door, letting you climb in against the window and sliding right up next to you, to the point his leg was pressed against yours. Instead of placing his arm back around your shoulder he instead took the opportunity and snaked his arm around your waist resting his hand just above your hip. 

The door was slid shut and the driver slid up the shutter between the front and back giving you both complete privacy. 

“I saw you this morning you know” Pietro whispered taking his right hand which was free and knocked the strands of hair that were on your shoulder away.  You swallowed the lump in your throat and tried not to blush. “It’s okay y/n, no need to blush. I mean you’re freaking hot when you blush but you don’t need too, not yet anyways” he breathed as he let a small kiss on your bare shoulder. Pietro slid down your white skintight shirt slightly and started to place soft kisses starting from the edge of your shoulder slowly up, he stopped in the crook between your shoulder and neck and began to suck gently constantly stopping to leave open mouthed kisses. Pietro took your waist and pulled you up carefully, as if you were made of glass and let you straddle him. It took seconds before he was back at your neck this time kissing and sucking small marks onto your neck. 

“P-P-Pietro” you whimpered running your soft hands through his gorgeous blonde hair tugging every now and again. His lips were slightly rough against your gentle and smooth skin and with his gentle stubble scratching you, you felt like you had gone to heaven. 

“Don’t say my name like that princess” he groaned as moved up to your lips kissing you roughly as his hands roamed down your waist, your hands going from his hair to either side of his face, pulling you towards him. 

Pietro took his lips away from yours looking back at you and smirking at your face that was covered in smudged makeup and beard burn. “It makes me want to do really bad things to you” he chuckled darkly leaning in and biting your lower lip.

“Y/n, as hot as you look, I don’t think anyone else will appreciate us showing up like this” he smirked. “Hang on to me princess okay?” he questioned picking you up and making a run out of a moving car to the drivers shock; only Pietro.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Walking back in to the Avengers base you and Pietro couldn’t stop yourself from laughing at each other, after your heated make out session you both had gone to grab coffee and turns out Pietro was a really sweet guy. A really sweet guy who was also your boyfriend. You couldn’t help but mentally thank Clint for volunteering you earlier, and you couldn’t wait to tell him later.

“Y/n” a voice spoke. “Pietro.” Stark. “So,” he began walking into the room followed by a smirking Clint and a laughing Wanda. “I got a phone call from the men loading the trucks asking where you two were. It went fine by the way, which you would have known IF YOU HAD SHOWN UP.” he yelled making you both bite your lips and look to the floor to hide your laughter. 

“Well I was going to ask what was so important you had to skip a mission bu looking by the state of you I can probably guess” he laughed watching you both blush like mad Pietro smirking.  Stark laughed at the state of you slightly before leaving the room taking the note to not let you go on missions unsupervised again. 

“Er y/n?” Clint spoke making you glance up at him as Pietro grabbed your waist. “If you’re gonna er, how should I say, frickle frackle, please keep it down, I don’t wanna hear it. Oh and also, come find me later, you need to EXPLAIN.” he chuckled before walking off Wanda just shaking her head at her brother who looked proud of himself to say the least. 

“So y/n?” Pietro whispered into your ear before spinning you around to face him. “I was gonna watch a film but I think it’ll be better with you there, what do you say? Join me?” he smirked kissing below your ear, your sweet spot that he didn’t take long to find.

“Sounds good” you smiled watching as his face relaxed.  

“C'mon then princess, besides, we didn’t finish what we started earlier did we now?” he hushed into you ear making you almost moan. 

“Follow me then,” he paused “Princess”

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anonymous asked:

What do you mean cas was a woman for centuries?

Hi! :)

Don’t take me seriously on that, I just meant - according to the show, angels haven’t been seen on Earth in thousands of years, right? Or, at least, this is what we were told back in season 4 (I think). And now all of a sudden we find out Cas has a past - that he’s walked among humans before, with a vessel (my headcanon is that, whenever he’d been assigned to Earth before, he hadn’t needed a vessel because of reasons) - and we also find out that vessel was a woman. I know we’re all very excited to see this, and it’s bloody justified, because it’s all well and good for the writers to say Cas is not male or whatever, but it’s kind of hard to see him as anything else than a (gorgeous) specimen of human man when he’s walking around in Misha Collins’ skin, isn’t it? 

And I bet Dean (and perhaps even Sam) feel the same? So, well - I’m loving this idea of seeing Cas in another vessel, and I hope Dean will find out about it and shenanigans and FEELS will ensue. As for the fact it’s possible Cas may have picked primarily female vessels before, it’s just something I was discussing with @chitaquatoast the other day - Kacey was like, Man, remember Balthazar faffing preening around and calling Cas Cassie all the time and what if there was actually a reason to that nickname - what if Cas normally prefers women -

(what if the reason Cas asked Jimmy this time around was because he knew Dean’s great love had been called Cassie and he didn’t know to mess Dean up, Kacey added, because all of our lives are eternal suffering and damnation and there is no escape)

- and anyway, Dean is about to find out, maybe even *lights candle, prays to the screenwriting gods* stare at Cas’ shiny blue eyes looking back at him from a woman’s face and I’m sorry, what was my point again?

So, really. Not a comment based on any serious speculation. Just sheer make believe and nonsense and Steve, please?

(Anyway, I played around with a photo editor and am writing a ficlet about that, so if you’re interested, stay tuned.)