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Jerome Valeska Headcanon!

Hello everyone! this is an old headcanon I had posted on my other accounted that I deleted. So I decided to post it on my new account. Enjoy loves 🖤🍼🃏

Dating Jerome Valeska would include:
• Nicknames galore!
(His for you including)
⁃ Doll, Dollface, Babydoll, Baby, Babygirl, Baby cakes, Sugar, Sweet thang, Kitten, Cookie, princess, lovely, lovecakes, little one, kiddo, cutie pie, sprinkles, pumpkin, sweetie, sexy, girly, my everything, my queen, button, gorgeous, beautiful, angel, angel face, missy, Mrs. Valeska, and my love/love
(Yours for him including)
⁃ Ginger, Gingersnap, J, coppertop, carrot top, red, daddy, Mr. Valeska/Mr. V, sir, big guy, little man, funny man, Mr. Man, Boss, Hunk, Boo, Babe, Hot head, Hot stuff, Agent Orange, El gingero, lover, love, bad boy, cutie pie, Captain, firecracker, stud, stud muffin, tough guy, and wonderboy
• Being goofy 24/7
• Lots and lots of jokes
• Watching cartoons and little kid movies like you guys are 6 years old
• Jerome always try’s out new magic tricks on you
• You being very enthusiastic when he does them
• “How did you do that?!”
• “A magician never reveals his secrets.”
• Lots of junk food
• Jerome has a major sweet tooth
• Cotton candy is his favorite
• Being showered in gifts
• Most of them he stole
• You don’t ask how he gets them you just thank him and give him lots of kisses
• He made you get a tattoo on your wrist that says “J” and a heart next to it
• It’s very small
• He got one on the left side of his chest with your first initial
• Him being very overprotective
• You being just as equally overprotective
• You beat up a girl for staring at him one time
• He’s beat and killed up multiple guys that have even looked at you
• Always carrying weapons
• Jerome is very impulsive
• You can be out getting something to eat next thing you know it’s a robbery
• “J what the f*ck?!”
• “Oops”
• Running away from cops all the time
• He taught you how to hotwire a car
• New hideouts all the time
• You being thrown in and out of Arkham because you wouldn’t give him up
• Him breaking you out every single time
• Lots of PDA
• Jerome will literally kiss you anywhere, anytime
• Lots of cuddling too
• Jerome loves being the big spoon
• Sex all the time!
• He has a very high sex drive
• Very rough sex
• Very kinky sex
• Jerome has a lot of kinks
• So do you
• Knife play being your favorite
• Blood kink being his
• Jerome is very dominant
• Sometime you take him by surprise and take control
• Sometimes you guys have passionate sex
• Most of the time it turns rough
• Killing people together
• You guys carve markings into the bodies to show it was you
• It’s a ‘HA!’
• You guys take showers together afterwards to wash away the blood
• It turns into shower sex
• Him loving you more than anything else
• One time he told you he would give up killing for you
• That didn’t happen
• You love him with every possible cell in your body
• You guys get into arguments about who loves the other one more
• “No J I love you more!”
• “Impossible Dollface.”
• Jerome is very sensitive when it comes to love
• He always feels like you are going to leave him
• Which is never true
• “Baby I love you more than anything, I would never leave you.”
• “Please, I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
• Then more sex
• You guys do everything together
• He would never leave you
• You are his first love
• He’s crazy’ for you


Melinda May Appreciation Week 
Day 6: Ming-Na Wen Appreciation Day! 

I love Ming so much! She is such a cutie and so gorgeous!! I mean come one she doesn’t look 51 at all! She is super sweet with her fans and she ships philinda. Plus without her I wouldn’t be who I am today. 

“I’m not one of those actresses that’s going to feel like I never achieved my dreams and goals and just get disgruntled and hate everything about the business. I’ve had so much fun.” ~ Ming-Na Wen <3 

Normani is so gorgeous like wtf she’s the queen of everything and whoever the fuck says anything bad about her you can kiss my ass coz how can you not appreciate her poise and her radiant smile and her dedication and her fucking slayage of anything she does?

I’m a Lauren girl through and through but bish even I can admit that Normani is the most beautiful 5h girl and I know they’re all beautiful but Normani is fucking Queen.

Please make her win DWTS. I’ve never liked watching dance competitions before, but Valmani makes me feel something else. Normani is THAT extraordinary.


Xillia Favorites  |  [2/3] Antagonists 

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