gorgeous queen of everything


Melinda May Appreciation Week 
Day 6: Ming-Na Wen Appreciation Day! 

I love Ming so much! She is such a cutie and so gorgeous!! I mean come one she doesn’t look 51 at all! She is super sweet with her fans and she ships philinda. Plus without her I wouldn’t be who I am today. 

“I’m not one of those actresses that’s going to feel like I never achieved my dreams and goals and just get disgruntled and hate everything about the business. I’ve had so much fun.” ~ Ming-Na Wen <3 

Normani is so gorgeous like wtf she’s the queen of everything and whoever the fuck says anything bad about her you can kiss my ass coz how can you not appreciate her poise and her radiant smile and her dedication and her fucking slayage of anything she does?

I’m a Lauren girl through and through but bish even I can admit that Normani is the most beautiful 5h girl and I know they’re all beautiful but Normani is fucking Queen.

Please make her win DWTS. I’ve never liked watching dance competitions before, but Valmani makes me feel something else. Normani is THAT extraordinary.