gorgeous pink

Well lets start

Namjoon be walking like a boss and already saying “Get your asses to be slayed”

YoonGi and the damn tongue technology appeared wild and in red Like boi Why? Wanna send me to HongKong?

Than Damn Kim Tae Hyung and the bandana forehead Boy do not pull that on me You tryna get your ass to number one but hold up will ya Dont be such a savage and slay

Jung Hoseok why those leather pants Where is the aegyo sunshine? Helloooo!

Park Jimin get that stare and moves outta my way You are being too much I do not deserve your disrespect Stay in your damn lane

SeokJin who told you to serve good looks in that crazy running mess 

Jeon Fucking JungKook be looking gorgeous with the damn pink highlight and that devilish smirk on his lip Why you have to wreck me You outdid yourself and you look so grown I cannot deal with your shit DO not direct those doe eyes at me You give me heartattack you know that? 

Im outta here

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