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So there's this guy and we like each other a lot. He'd call me up and tell me how I was perfect, gorgeous, beautiful… etc.we texted non stop. We're always together and he's been acting different lately. We haven't texted in 4 days and he doesn't act the same way he used to. He says he likes me but he just needs time and he's not mentally ready for a relationship and I respect that but I just don't know what's going on.I just really need some advice I'm honestly sick over it & affecting my health

I think you should try moving on from him if he’s saying he’s not ready for a relationship as well as it’s your health which it shouldn’t have to be. 

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how they react to someone hurting they're s/o either emotionally or physically? (up to you)

((I’ll do emotional since i already did physical))

Edd: He is not happy. Edd will go straight up to the person and tell them right then and there to piss the fuck off. He’ll take you to your favorite place and get you your favorite food and drink. After, he’ll cuddle you for the rest of the night and reassure you that you are perfect and deserve only the best.

Matt: He’s gonna do his best to take you away from the someone and tell you over and over that you’re gorgeous, perfect, amazing, etc. He’ll smooch you all over and never let you go for at least a week. He’ll even take you out on a date to your favorite restaurant.

Tom: He’s gonna tell the person off. No one dares to hurt to you in any way. You and him will stay home fro the rest of the day and watch your favorite tv shows, listen to your favorite music, etc. You’ll probably be on his lap for the rest of the day (possibly even night).

Tord: Tord won’t need to tell them off, cause he always has a remark that destroys the other person’s will to live. After, he’ll do almost anything that you want him to do. He only wants you to be safe and happy. You won’t be leaving his sight for one moment and your hand isn’t leaving his either.

-Mod Z