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Dear VLD Fandom

I DO NOT,, i repeat DO NOT,, want klance to become canon and heres why.


I’m not saying this WILL happen, this is just my opinion.

Now listen here folks,, i love klance as much as the next shipper does,, but i dont want it to become cannon.

The fandom may be great, but we all know that there are a few toxic people there too. Im mainly talking about the toxic klance shippers. They all ready get on someones ass when they ship keith or lance with someone else saying things like,, “Klance is cannon,, this ship is trash” “this is an ugly ship i hate it”

Like stop ok,, you may not ship it but you dont have to hate on it,, let people ship what ever the hell they want.

Anyways,, since they already bug people about that “klance is gonna be come cannon”,, most of them are saying that if it doesn’t they are going to leave the fandom. And thats why i dont want it to become cannon because if it does, they will hate on other peoples ships even more like,, “Oh sorry,, was you ship the one that became cannon?” or even like “Klance is cannon,, stop this ugly mess”. But if it doesnt become cannon the ones who are leaving the fandom are most likely the toxic shippers,, the vld fandom will be toxic free with them gone,, no one hating on ships no one arguing,, it’ll be peaceful.

Yeah a few people may be a little disappointed but they will still love voltron for what it is. Klance is not the entire fucking show,, ITS ABOUT SPACE LIONS!! Its goes into deeper deatil,, but if your in the fandom you know what i mean. Anyways klance isnt the whole fucking show,, thats not the focus,, Klance is only a ship because of this scene.

Oops wait-


im not complainin’ tho this scene is beautiful as fuck

But like still come on guys,, klance is great and all but you shouldn’t love voltron for klance you should love it for what the show is,, Voltron: Legendary Defenders.

How the team finds out Lance is Bi

*teams is at a male only populated planet*

Shiro: I wonder why there’s only males here.

Hunk: At least, I think they’re all males?

Pidge: *nods* Yeah, Allura and Coran both told us that this is a male dominate planet.

Keith: *I don’t know, he just, licks his knife or something edgy like that*

Shiro: Lance? Are you okay? You’ve been unnaturally quiet.

Lance: *folds hands, crouches down, and deeply inhales*

Team: ……

Aliens: …..


Keith: jeSUS CHRIST!

Hunk: *whispers* hallelujah it’s raining men

Lance: AMEN!!!


Wouldn’t miss this for the world

Voltron: Definitive Eyebrow Rating

So. I’m finally making this post.

Let’s do this.

I’ll be rating everyone with 1-10/10 scale.


Honestly? His have the best overall shape. They usually stay pretty normal looking and don’t have to looking like limp fucking noodles to be expressive. 10/10


Pretty similar to Keith’s, a bit thicker in the front. Very Instagram worthy. There have been times where they stray but always come back. Just like his ugly ass hair. 9/10


We haven’t seen much of him but I can tell his brows are pretty normal. His sister, however… 👀👀👀 With that being said: 8/10

Coran aka the Gorgeous Man

The overall shape of them reminds me of perfectly squeezed toothpaste. But I have to say they really don’t change up that much. (Plus, how can you argue with gorgeousness?) 7/10


They’re just… Lines. I can’t be mad at them. 6/10

To be continued…

Has it ever occurred to anyone just how diverse and beautiful the eye colours of the Camp Camp characters are? Like…

Look at them! And we have rare colours too!

Nikki has pinkish red eyes which is an actual thing! And Gwen has eyes like Elizabeth Taylor. An EXTREMELY RARE eye colour. See?

Look at how gorgeous they were!

You know who else has a really rare eye colour? Preston.

Amber eyes are often mistaken for Hazel, and they’re gorgeous.

These are just a few of the many eye colours but you see what I mean?

Things I Would Like to See in Future Seasons of Voltron

* Paladin’s backstory- I /need/ to see their families. Lance’s siblings, all of their homes, where they grew up (and the mystery of Keith’s family and home).
* One episode dedicated to the paladins’ families- a glimpse into how they are coping to the loss, the story from their perspectives. Do they go to the Garrison to find answers?
* More Coran/Allura history- more Altean history, the traditions of their people and planet.
* LGBTQ+ characters- I don’t mean Klance or any ship to do with the Paladins (but I wouldn’t complain), but I just want some characters who are openly LGBTQ+ and are strong characters.
* Hunk character development- in season three we got to see Lance and Keith develop deeper, but now it’s my sun’s time to shine. Pretty please.
* Allura badass fighting scene- I want to watch her wreck shit up. Let us see how she fights and how strong she is. That would be awesome.
* Lions development- more insight about the Lions. Do they have anymore abilities? Are they able to form into something other than Voltron?
* Communicate to Earth- surely with all that alien technology, the team would be able to create a way to contact Earth, or at least their families. Imagine the angst!!
* Beach or Rain- for my bby Lance. PLEASE. LET HIM BE HAPPY!!!
* Allura and Coran trying human food- and hardcore judging it.
* Pretty please
* Please
* And thank you

Another poster I realize I forgot to post online 8V Here’s my Voltron poster. I spent quite some time thumbnailing it and working out what I was going to do; I wanted to make something… Dynamic. So much regret when I’d finished and realized how much work it was actually going to take. I’m happy with the outcome though :> Everyone gets shiny hair today.

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