gorgeous leader is gorgeous

더 섹시 남자, 김성규 ♥

I wanna say something about his “sexiest male idol” rank

For me personally, sexy is not something you can forced to do or else it will not going to work and come out really awkward. Sexy is not all about sexy dance, ripping the shirts, having a sixpack and muscled body.

For me, Kim Sunggyu can be the sexiest man even when he’s not trying to be. He can do it naturally because he got that feel in him.

The way he walks confidently with his own swag.
The way he smiles with his teasing smirk.
The way he dances and raps coolly with his own style.
The way he dresses in every occasion that really represent his true self.

The way he tried to make a wave sexily but failed on Shim Shim Tapa is very amusing because I love that shy part of him. But I guess we will never forget how awesome the waves he made during special stage with Teen Top, right? He can do it perfectly, sexily, and flawlessly~

The way he always refused to show his body because it’s not sixpack or because his mom wouldn’t like it (LOL)

But I think it’s not that bad actually?

Whenever he do that I just find him sexier than ever and he’s more like a teaser than other members who really showed their abs and such.

His leadership and the way he takes care of each members even though it seems like he doesn’t care.

BUT MOST OF ALL. The passion he has whenever he’s singing is the biggest reason why I found this man sexy and very attractive. When he sings, he put all of his emotion there and sings with his heart.

Or the way he sings rock because that’s the genre he likes and screams on stage…

Have you heard him singing Because or his rap on Dating You during Myungsoo’s performance back then? Or his part in What You Want with Kanto? And most of all, have you heard him singing The Girl From Ipanema gently and smoothly and almost perfectly pronounced? He really got me there, I’m melting into a pooddle of gyufeels right away…

So, the conclusion is, I don’t need him to have that kind of body to be sexy because he’s born with it and he doesn’t need to work too much to show it.