gorgeous leader ;~;

Happy Birthday to the gorgeous leader of one of the most iconic girl groups of this century, Qian! I hope your day is filled with fun and love from your members and your family. Thank you so much for blessing us with your amazing flexible tricks, your beautiful voice and gorgeous face. I wish you a happy 30th birthday and let’s hope there’s at least 60 more birthdays in your future! #HappyVictoriaDay


Secret Agent AU: Secret Agent Mike Lawson has been tasked with infiltrating a drug cartel/mob to gather intel on the organisation and their diabolical leader.

It was supposed to be simple: infiltrate their ranks, earn their trust, find as much information on their illegal activities as possible, take them down.

One thing he didn’t count on: The leader’s gorgeous fiancée that manages to take his breath and sleep away.

They tiptoe around each other for months.She teases him and he tries, really tries to resist her because he knows what her ruthless fiancé is capable of. She is too innocent, too good for this world of bloodshed. Mike wants to protect her. Only, maybe she’s not as innocent as she appears and maybe he’s the one needing protection.

Prison Au

Okay so imagine Hux II, leading business man and prominent public figure gets arrested and sent to prison for shady business dealings (he may or may not have been made the fall guy by his father). Anyway Hux isn’t a fool so he decides to smuggle in lube and condoms and find himself the biggest and toughest guy in prison and sleep with him for protection. The first part of his plan works brilliantly, he finds Kylo Ren, a heavily tattooed and quite violent gang leader (with gorgeous long dark hair and toned abs) and seduces him. Only Kylo insists on taking things slow and having dinner dates with him in the canteen (among everyone else) and spending time together in the yard (also among everyone else). Hux is shocked to discover that Kylo is actually sort of sweet (and also troubled) and accidentally finds himself falling for the hunk. So much so that by the time he discovers Kylo is actually number 2 in the prison and that number 1 is a sickly old king pin called Snoke he doesn’t even care. (Okay he cares enough to hatch a plot with Kylo to overthrow Snoke and run the prison themselves ).