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Another Top 10 for Rhys (because I can...and want to)

And as a way to apologize for all the tears spilled after my Top 10 times my heart broke for Rhysand post

#1 Prof. Rhysand at his best

“Look … ” “Good,” he murmured. “I didn’t ask for your approval.” Rhys chuckled. “Ab … Absolutely.” It took me longer than I wanted to admit to figure that out. The next word was even worse. “De … Del … ” I deigned to glance at him, brows raised. “Delicious,” he purred. My brows now knotted. I read the next two words, then whipped my face toward him. “You look absolutely delicious today, Feyre?! That’s what you wrote?”


several sentences I was to write every day, swapping out words, each one more obnoxious than the last: Rhysand is the most handsome High Lord. Rhysand is the most delightful High Lord.Rhysand is the most cunning High Lord.

Rhysand is interesting; Rhysand is gorgeous; Rhysand is flawless.

Rhysand is a spectacular person. Rhysand is the center of my world. Rhysand is the best lover a female can ever dream of.

#2 King of Proposals

My mother gave it to the Weaver. And then she told me that if I were to marry or mate, then the female would either have to be smart or strong enough to get it back. And if the female wasn’t either of those things, then she wouldn’t survive the marriage. I promised my mother that any potential bride or mate would have the test … And so it sat there for centuries.” “So I won my wedding ring without even being asked if I wanted to marry you.” “Perhaps.”

#3 For someone who keeps asking for some gratitude

* “You’re a bastard. You made it clear enough that I had … reservations.” “Such gratitude, as always.” I struggled to get down a single, deep breath. “What do you want from me?” “Want? I want you to say thank you, first of all.“

* “Make it go away,” I said, and he laughed. “You humans are truly grateful creatures, aren’t you?”

* “Get out.” “As usual, your gratitude is overwhelming.”

he surely has no idea how to receive it

“Thank you. For everything—for what you did. Then … and now.” “Even after the Weaver? After this morning with my trap for the Attor?” My nostrils flared. “You ruin everything.”

#4 A 500+ years old with a bedtime

“We’ll move things around. It’s fine. This one,” I added with a glare in Rhys’s direction, “is only cranky because he’s old and it’s past his bedtime.”

#5 Mature, serious and responsible ruler

At least you make up for your shameless flirting by being one hell of a High Lord.

He’d returned that evening, smirking like a cat, and had merely said “One hell of a High Lord?” by way of greeting.

#6 No introduction needed for this one

“As wonderful as it is to see you, Feyre, darling,” Rhysand said, sprawled on the bed, his head propped up by a hand, “do I want to know why you’re digging through my fireplace?”

#7 Champion of insults

“You can leave if you’re just going to insult me.” “But I’m so good at it.” He flashed one of his grins.

#8 It certainly was the type of flattery that won Rhys’ heart

"You’re a disgusting bastard.” “I’ll have to ask Tamlin is this kind of flattery won his heart.”

#9 A true gentleman

Rhysand examined the wound, a smile appearing on his sensuous lips. “Oh, that’s wonderfully gruesome.” I swore at him, and he chuckled. “Such words from a lady.” “Get out,” I wheezed.

#10 ‘He gestured to his perfect face’ - even when Feyre 'hated him’ there was no denying it

“Why did Amarantha target you?” I dared ask. “Why make you her whore?” “Beyond the obvious?” He gestured to his perfect face.

Quotes from ACOTAR and ACOMAF

Ahhh hello! I’m a bit shy and since I couldn’t submit as anonymous I made a new blog. I hope that’s not too weird.

I really love your work and especially Yesterday upon stair and I have been really wanting to tell u this for a long time now but I’m really bad with words so I’m saying it with art! I hope you like these two pics.

I was thinking about how OFA strengthens ones quirk and I thought it would be cool if it somehow strengthened Izuku’s own quirk enough to make it manifest in his appearance as well or make hostile ghosts so strong they could hurt him. :0c I hope you have a wonderful day and keep on being awesome!


Journey to the Past
Christy Altomare
Journey to the Past


i only went to see anastasia on recommendation from friends and my mom’s desire to see ramin karimloo perform live.  i’d hear christy sing this before and thought she was good but not particularly special.

DEAR GOD I WAS SO WRONG.  in person she is an absolute force of nature.  my mom is “completely in love” with her, her words, and i have to concur.  

slightly audible over the applause is my mom muttering “SHIT, i really wanted to hear her belt that out” when her final note got drowned out by applause XD

the show itself, i enjoyed.  gorgeous to look at and a super-strong cast.  the characters were pretty thin, but i was happy enough to spend three hours with them.  without ramin and christy (and mary beth!!!!  why isn’t anyone talking about how awesome she is???), i might not have felt that way, but i had a great time.

also, hilarious moment.  gleb pulls his gun on anastasia; small child in audience SHRIEKS.  entire audience bursts out laughing.  i felt a bit bad for the actors; i hope they realized why we were laughing.  

also, christy was crying at the curtain call.  not sure if it was a significant performance or if that’s just her.  either way she is an absolute darling.  and i loved that they had little anastasia take the first bow and wave everyone else out. a big crowd-pleaser.

@thingofnewyork thanks for talking the show up to me!  

Too Much Too Late

Originally posted by jeongyeon

Summary: You were through with being ignored, with giving and giving and never receiving anything in return. One year later, you’ve cut all ties with Jennie, who only ever served to drag you down. But you’ll never be able to stop thinking about her.

Inspired by this song.

Word Count: 3,572

There were several reasons why you left.

You justified it in your head over and over, though it never felt right, what you had done. It had been a game of solitaire, your relationship–Jennie being the unsortable cards, and you being the one who attempted relentlessly to bring order to things. There had been nothing for you there. You’d give and give, and receive absolutely nothing in return.

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No Other Way (Hotch X Reader)

Originally posted by lilygarlands

Title: No Other Way

Request:  Could you write something with Hotchner and a plus sized reader? xoxo

Pairing: Hotch X Reader

Triggers/Warnings: None

Words: 463

A/N: Hope you like it! Sorry it’s kind of short, I didn’t really know how to play out this scenario, but I think it’s really cute. Thanks for the request babe! Keep em’ coming! Xoxo


You sat silently on the jet while your fellow agents deeply discussed the current case about some serial killer or whatever; you weren’t really sure what the fuck it involved besides some psycho with a knife. Honestly, your mind had been elsewhere all morning.

You were constantly fiddling with your clothes, looking at yourself in any mirror or reflection available in sight. Your weight had almost seemed to increase and it was bugging you shitless. You almost wanted to cry. It made you feel so ugly compared to Emily and JJ. Both were so beautiful and flawless, like they were ready to become models if this whole FBI thing didn’t work out.

You were so distracted in your own insecure depressing thoughts that you didn’t even notice Hotch had seated himself next to you on the long couch. It wasn’t until he rested his strong hand on your shoulder that you turned your head and locked eyes with him and his smiling, gorgeous face. God he was so handsome. You were always dreaming that maybe he would develop an interest in you the way you were into him.

His doughy brown eyes seemed full of love and yet sympathy. “Y/N, you’ve been…distant,” he cocked an eyebrow, “Everything okay?”

You sighed and your words began flowing out like a waterfall of sadness. “I’m fat, I’m ugly, I’m just not good enough,” you began listing with a monotone voice as tears starting forming at the corners of your (Y/E/C) eyes.

Hotch breathed in sharply, his eyes darting around the jet, making sure no one was watching as he suddenly cupped your face in his hands, pressing his lips to yours. He tasted like sugar and it was immensely arousing. He pulled away quickly causing you to pout and he smirked when you did.

Taking your hand in his and gripping it tightly, he looked you deeply in the eyes and after what felt like an eternally he spoke, “You are beautiful, Y/N. I wouldn’t have you any other way. You are absolutely perfect.”

You were squealing internally as the man of your dreams was basically confessing his feelings for you. “I love you Hotch,” you blurted out and instantly covering your mouth, realizing what you had just said.

He, to your surprise, smiled and only squeezed your hand tighter. “I’ve been waiting so long to tell you, I’m head over heels for you, Y/N.”

bizzarespacetrash  asked:

Can u do like a chubby lance He's super insecure about his body But he pretends he's okay with it And Keith only finds out about this after they start going out and I would prefer It end in something like cute warm cuddles please and thank you😊

AHHHHH, yes.

Warmth next to the fire, a sweet tea steaming, fogging up a thin pair of glasses perched upon the nose of a silent man. Engulfed by his book, separated from the cold storm raging outside. He basked in the repeated patter of the rain drops falling on the roof, sliding down the glass panes. He listened inattentively to the satisfying rustling of the leaves outside from the gale force winds.

The silent sanctuary Keith had built for himself was broken as the door banged open and a panting Lance burst through. He was soaked to the bone and shivering at the cold. Keith jumped up in fright but as soon as he noticed the drenched state Lance was in he kicked into gear. He ushered Lance to take off his jacket and leave it by the door before leading him through to the bathroom. 

“Hurry,” Keith said in a quiet tone, “Have a shower, I’ll get you something to wear. Towels are in the closet” 

Lance nodded and placed a quick, cold kiss to Keith’s cheek. Teeth too clamped from the cold to say anything. Keith left quickly, leaving Lance to be able to get warmed and Lance got to quick work at removing his wet clothes. He piled them up and put them in the sink so he wouldn’t wet the ground anymore than necessary.

He turned on the shower and made it a warm that wouldn’t burn him too much from his freezing state and he got in. Stress and cold tenseness slowly leaked out of his muscles as he let the water warm him. Once he had warmed up he cracked the heat up.

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Cap-IM RBB: This Mortal Part of Mine

Steve hasn’t seen Tony since he carried him, blackout drunk, out of the flames of a Bowery flophouse several months ago, and he honestly never expected to see Tony alive again. On his road trip across America, Steve puts out a call for the nearest Avenger – and he’s very surprised when Tony turns up in a brand-new Iron Man suit, ready for action. But their relationship, strained and tense, is about to get even worse. Their foe turns out to be a monster from another dimension, who hurts them in ways they could never have imagined, and the bond between them might not be strong enough to weather the aftermath.

This is my entry in the 2017 Cap-IM Reverse Bang, written to accompany @phoenixmetaphor‘s gorgeous art. (Please note that the majority of the art pieces are NSFW. It’s tentacle porn.) The story itself is h/c tentacle rape recovery, so please mind the tags and notes before reading. The Steve/Tony aspect of the story is consensual. Thanks to @robintcj and @kalashia for beta!

Read This Mortal Part of Mine on AO3 (60,273 words).

Touched for the Very First Time

Pairing: Jealous!Dean x Virgin!Reader
Word count: 2,571
Warnings: Swearing, smut

Final Part of Don’t Touch Her

Dean was trying to let the busty blonde down gently, when he saw that slimy dick lean forward and kiss you. “I’m taken, princess. Beat it,” he all but growled out. Dean stood up fast, his bar stool tipping over. “That ain’t happening.”

Sam groaned at his brothers words, things were about to get out of control. “Dean, don’t!”

Ignoring Sam, Dean stalked to the end of the bar coming to stop behind you. The guy who was currently trying to swallow your tongue looked up, surprise etched in his face. “Can I help you with something, pal?”

You tried to turn your head to see who he was talking to and you heard it. The unmistakable growl of one Dean Winchester. This was not happening. Why was he doing this? He had made his stance abundantly clear on this matter.

“Dean, what are you doing?” You asked.

David glanced at you. “You know him?”

You turned to answer him when Dean spoke up. “Yeah, she fucking knows me.” He shot back through clenched teeth. “Now keep your hands off of her.”

Turning, your eyes watered. “What is your problem?!” You asked. “What could you possibly gain from scaring off a really nice guy? You don’t want me, but no one else can, either?” Trying to figure out what was going through Dean’s mind was more difficult than talking to a cat. At any given moment, his thoughts could completely change.

“I never said I didn’t want you, sweetheart,” Dean said gently.

“No! You didn’t say anything, Dean! You just left- do you know how that made me feel?” You said desperately trying to hold tears back.

David was watching the two of you talk, his head swiveling back and forth like he was at a tennis game. “Should I leave you two alone?” He asked totally confused as you both spoke at the same time.



Chuckling nervously, David held both palms up. “I’m just going to go over there now. Y/N, it was nice meeting you.” He bent down to kiss your cheek but stopped cold when Dean growled-again.

You gave him a sad smile. “It was nice meeting you, too.” After he was gone, you looked up at Dean. “Thanks, Dean. Thanks, a lot.” You downed your drink as fast as you could and looked around for Sam. Spotting him you went to slide off your stool.

“Come on.” He went to help you.

“Oh, now he cares.” You mutter.

Dean sighed. “We’ll talk about this at the motel.”

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anonymous asked:

Chansaw vampire AU? Bc Heather C literally creature of the night) And mb mcnamayer but Heather Mc is too pure to do vampire things

Veronica cowered beneath a pale-figure who loomed over her. The figure was baring sharp, perfectly-white teeth that glinted at her in the moonlight. The figure’s eyes were slitted and a golden colour. They gleamed with a hunger Veronica didn’t recognize, and she clutched at the grass beneath her. God, why had she decided it was a good idea to go get hot chocolate at this time of night? Idiot, idiot, idiot.
The figure was wearing all black, and it’s hair was shadowed by the moonlight cast over it’s shoulders. It wore a long trench-coat with a black flannel beneath it, black shoes, black gloves, black cargo-trousers and black vans.
“My, my, my! What’s a poor soul like you doing out at this time of night?” The figure crooned to her, the tone of voice making Veronica swoon with fear, “Surely a person like you should be asleep? Or maybe some last-night studying?” The creature’s toes were pressing at her own through their shoes, and Veronica gulped. They could curb-stomp her if they wanted to, it would take minimal effort. Veronica gripped at the grass tighter as the creature leaned down to peer at her, “Pity, you’re so beautiful. Astonishing really. Definitely more attractive than any suitors I’ve had throughout my life. Too bad.”
Veronica cringed away before a hand leaned down and grabbed her knee, “Oh now you don’t,” The creatures breath buffeted against her face, it smelt like a freshly-cut wound, like the grime you pull off of a scab, “Where are you off to? We haven’t even been introduced.” The creature snarled slightly.
“I-I just wanted to go to the local newsagents,” Veronica choked slightly, seeing the creature silently chuckle, “G-Get a tu-tub of hot chocolate.”
“Oh?” The creature audibly chuckled now, it’s eyes boring into her, “And you think I’ll let you go so you can get your hot chocolate?”
“I-… maybe?” Veronica said hopefully, cocking an eyebrow before she felt a breath against her neck. She felts legs swing either side of her, pinning her down as the creature breathed against her neck. She held her breath as the creature spoke, teeth grazing her neck, “Stupid, stupid human. They never seem to change,” Veronica felt two very pointy entities poke at her neck, “Maybe your blood is like your looks. Beautiful, hmm?” The creature pulled away, and for the first time Veronica could see it’s face.
It was … gorgeous. It’s hair fell in extravagant, long, golden locks that curled natural around her ears. It’s jaw strong, firm but still feminine and it’s lips were just … perfect. It’s eyes were slightly narrowed than most, but still not enough that her race might be mistaken. It had a rosy-tint to it’s cheeks but it’s complexion was still impossibly pale. The creature paused from where it had been swerving it’s head around, teeth bared, “What are you staring at?”
“Y-you.” Veronica choked slightly, stammering the word.
“Me?” The creature pulled back, hands still balled against her collar and legs still straddling Veronica, “What are you looking at me for? Surely you’d be looking up at the sky praying to some deity to grant you peace and relaxation when I kill you?”
“Uh, no,” Veronica laughed breathlessly. Maybe she could delay her death a bit longer, get one last chance to admire the world, “I thought, if I was about to leave the world, surely I’d want something beautiful to be the last thing I see?”
The creature flushed over, it’s golden eyes widening and it’s hands loosening on her collar, “E-Excuse me?”
“I said, if I’m going to leave the world, may as well be looking at something beautiful, right?” Veronica mumbled under her breath and the creature’s eyes gleamed with something Veronica couldn’t place her finger on, “Nice time to get your flirt on.” Veronica scolded herself in her head, “About to be sucked dry by a vampire, nice. Wait did that sound wrong?”
“I- nobody’s ever told me I’m beautiful before.” The creature paused, and Veronica felt the slight grind of hips against her, “Y-You’re beautiful too.” Veronica could tell the creature still wanted a drink, and prepared herself for the sharp injection of fangs. For all she knew- this was bluff. Something to rise her hopes up, get her riled up.
“T-Thanks?” Veronica struggled out her words. She didn’t know what to say. A minute ago everything came out smoothly, her pick-up lines coming out easily, and there being no worry in what she said.
“In fact,” The creature flitted their head around, seeming to be checking her out, “Maybe you would be better off to me alive. I’m no necrophiliac.” The creature nodded slightly, “Yeah, yeah you’ll do,” The creature leaned in, Veronica feeling their breaths mingle, “So tell me, pretty human, what’s your name?” The vampire questioned her, and Veronica felt it drag one of it’s hands down her arm to grab her hand.
“Uh, Veronica, um, Sawyer.” Veronica felt the vampire lean even closer, so that their lips brushed whenever they breathed.
“Veronica,” Veronica loved how the vampire said her name, “Yeah I like that.” The creature smirked, and Veronica could see it staring down at where their lips almost met, “I’m Heather, Heather Chandler. In case it wasn’t obvious, some of you humans seem to never catch on, I’m a vampire. I … hunger for you in more ways than one.”
Before Heather Chandler could reply they had both leaned in too close. Their lips were locked, Heather’s eyes flitted close and Veronica half-lidded her eyes and grabbed the girl’s waist.
Veronica couldn’t help but think, what a place to have her first kiss. A beautiful field, that had luscious green grass and the stars shining brightly down at her.
One thing ruined it, the fact her first kiss was with a fucking vampire. A fucking vampire. A creature that’s meant to kill people, or ‘mortals’ like her. Yet here she was, lips locked heatedly with one of those creatures. Yet, despite all this horrifying facts, she couldn’t bring herself to pull away.
The creature wrapped it’s arms around her neck, pulling her closer, before Veronica felt two pointy teeth jabbing into her lips. She hissed into the kiss, but the vampire only continued to graze and scab her lips. Before she knew it, the metallic, bitter taste of blood expanded across her tongue. She felt the vampire lapping aggressively at her lips, letting out noises of pleasure as she lapped at the human’s lips.
Veronica felt the vampire pull away, licking her lips and staring at Veronica, golden-eyes gleaming, “Oh yes,” It licked at the blood dribbling slightly from her lips and smirked, “I think this’ll work out.”
(If the formatting of this is weird, it’s because I cba to change it around.)

       i couldn’t resist waiting alright? i just HAD to make it 221, y’all know that i had. either way, i’m still so utterly surprised by the support and warmth i keep getting form all of my followers. never before, in my approx eight years of role-playing did i feel as welcome as i am in this community. and for that i want to thank all of you. you made my experience here the most incredible one and just thinking about it makes me feel a bit chocked up. and i simply can’t believe how many amazing friends i found here. i hope things remain like that for the entirety of time i am in this community. i love you all and i’m sorry if i forget to include you, i’m doing this by mind, so if i skip anyone it’s because my mind is crap. 

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Have a WIP of this heith pirate fic i vagued about two months ago!

And that was how he found himself sitting on a stool in the corner of the room, watching Hunk bathe.

Lance was there, too, digging through a pile of clothes he’d dug out from who-knows-where for Hunk. Every so often, he paused in whatever spiel he was hashing to lift up a shirt or a pair of trousers before eventually, and disgustedly, throwing them onto the ground.

Hunk, in the meanwhile, focused on scrubbing himself clean. He’d been embarrassed when he’d realized both Lance and Keith would be in the room with him while he bathed, and so had tied a privacy blanket from the pole of the bed to the doorknob to hide his lower half.

Keith didn’t even need that much to get heated around the collar.

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*** I used the word clit in this 🙈🙈🙈🙊🙊😳 Y'all robbing me of my innocence on this website 😂***

“Hey there gorgeous.” You didn’t have to turn around to know who it was. The smooth, sexy voice and strong hand brazenly sliding down your back and stopping just on the slope of your ass were tell tale signs that it was Kozik. You turned to look over your shoulder and sure enough, there he was, all arms and smiles. “Hey Koz.” He smiled wider and came to stand next to you, his arm brushing against yours. “Enjoyin’ the party?” “Of course. Not as much as some people but I am enjoying it.” You laughed and nodded over towards Happy who was off in the corner, pants undone with a redhead kneeled in between his legs. He caught you looking and raised his beer to you as you laughed and shook your head but raised yours to him none the less. "You could be enjoying the party as much as him. Like we did last time“

You looked back over at Kozik with a raised eyebrow and smirk. “Oh yeah? You gonna suck my dick?“ He snorted and let out a loud laugh, loving how much you’d come out of your shell since you’d been hanging out with him and Tig for the last couple months. "Not exactly, but something along those lines.” He looked you up and down, very slowly, and slid his hand passed your waist and gripped your ass gently, pulling you against him. You smirked, leaning closer to him and resting your hand on his chest, sliding it down slowly before getting up on your tippy toes and pressing your lips to his ear. “It’s Tiggy’s day today.” You pulled back and laughed at the sudden change in his face, his playful smile a scowl now.

“Well he’s not here with you right now is he?” “He said he’d be here.” “But he’s not. And I am.” Him and Tig were always making comments like that, trying to out do each other and make the other look bad. As simple as a friends with benefits relationship was supposed to be, it’s not very simple when there’s two of them, especially when to each of them, you were theirs. Not their Old Lady, or even their girlfriend, but they liked having you and were very possessive over you.

“If he does show up, he’s gonna-” Kozik grabbed onto your hand and pulled you along with him back towards the dorms. You knew there was going to end up being a fight but you’d be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy it a little bit, seeing them all fired up, especially when it was over you. You followed him into his dorm and walked over towards the bed as he threw the door shut behind him, not bothering to lock it. The room was dimly lit but even still, you could see the wide smile he wore as he shrugged out of his kutte and stalked towards you. His hand gently cupped your cheek but his mouth was anything but gentle as he kissed you, full of lust and tongue. He backed you up further until you felt the edge of the bed against the back of your knees and sat down, Kozik crawling over you. His hands wound themselves into the hem of your blouse and hurriedly tugged it over your head, his hands snaking around your back and undoing the clasp with ease. He tossed it over onto the floor and grinned at the sight of your naked breasts, his mouth attaching to one immediately and he began to take off your jeans.


“Sack, where’s Y/N?” The prospect looked up from the drink he was pouring and nodded towards the dorms. “With Kozik.” Tig growled and stomped off towards the dorms, slowly opening the door and walking into the room without any warning to find you laying in the bed, your legs over Kozik’s shoulders as he hovered above you, thrusting gently. “Koz…Koz baby…just like tha-TIG!” You looked over at him with wide eyes and expected Kozik to look too but instead he just looked at you angrily. “Did you just call me Tig?” You pointed over towards the door and Kozik looked, cursing. “Can you like, get the fuck out?” “No. I can’t. It’s my day to be with her.” “You weren’t here.” “I was busy dickhead. Taking care of club shit unlike you.” “Yeah and that’s why she always picks me more, because she knows I’ll be here.” “Yeah because you’re a piece of sh-” “Enough!”

You huffed and shoved Kozik off of you, sitting up in the bed and grabbing your shirt from the sheets. “I’m so tired of you two always fighting. The shit is annoying.” Kozik frowned as you began to put your shirt back on and was about to tell you to stop when Tig walked over, pulling the shirt from your hand roughly and throwing it onto the floor. “Lay back down.” You hesitated for a second and looked over at Kozik but he was too busy looking at Tig. The two had a silent conversation and Kozik looked back over to you, a smirk slowly spreading across his face. “You heard him. Lay down.” You didn’t have much of an option as he placed his hand on your shoulder and pushed you back on the bed, pressing soft kisses to your jaw. You moaned quietly and looked down at the foot of the bed to see Tig undressing, his shirt and kutte off as he began undoing his belt.

Kozik’s hands began to roam over your body, his left hand grasping your breast and squeezing it gently. You watched as Tig slipped out of his pants, crawling onto the bed as well. He shoved Kozik off of you roughly and leaned over you himself, kissing you, your lips moving quickly against his. Kozik looked like he was going to hit him but instead settled for shoving him to the side some and kissing along your chest and shoulders before stopping on your right breast, his teeth gently nipping every now and then. You gave a low groan as Tig’s mouth made his way to the other breast, both of them working their tongues against your nipples so diligently. Tig was more rough and thorough while Kozik’s mouth was soft and playful.

You gasped as you felt someone’s hand, you didn’t know whose or care really, slip between your legs and softly massage your clit. You couldn’t tell for sure but by the smile Kozik gave when he heard your moans, you guessed it was him. Only a couple of seconds later, Tig had the same thought and slipped his hand down, only to bump into Kozik’s so he did the next best thing and slipped two fingers inside of you, smiling as well at your whimper. Between both of their hands and mouths working so passionately to bring you pleasure and the realization of where this was going, you felt yourself drawing near to your orgasm, your hands sliding into their hair and pulling gently. They moaned and the vibration had you giving a shaky pleasure filled giggle, your breath picking up. Tig could feel you tightening slightly around his fingers and quickly pulled them out of you, giving a throaty laugh at your whine.

“Tiggy…” “Hush baby.” He pulled away from you entirely and moved down the bed, kneeling between your legs and gripping himself. He rubbed the length of himself against you a couple of times before slipping inside of you quickly, much more aggressively than Kozik’s agonizingly slow pattern. Kozik pulled away at your sharp intake of breath and looked down, annoyed that Tig got you. He smiled anyways though and stood up from the bed, walking around and standing next to the bed, positioning himself by your mouth. You smiled and reached out, wrapping your hand around his base and gently licking along the side of him. “Come on babe. You always look so beautiful with me in your mouth.” You rolled your eyes but took him in your mouth anyways, his head falling back before looking down at you and lovingly pushing your hair behind your ear. “You’re such a good girl for us.”

blood, bones & smoke

genre: angst, thriller, smut

theme: demon!AU

character(s): y/n, taehyung

summary: do you remember the story of how you sinned every night just to let him live?

Originally posted by jimin-bts-trashs

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

It was 11.37 p.m. when you last checked your phone. Time was moving oddly slow, now that the hype has died down and everyone seems to be sobered up slightly. You on the other hand, were on the brink of unconsciousness as you hastily chugged down your 5th glass of scotch for the night. You could vaguely hear the cheers coming from your friends around you when you threw your head back, relishing in the taste of the burning liquid. Your mind seemed to be in a blur and your vision was no better due to your terribly inebriated state.

“Way to go, Y/n! I knew you had it in you!” Hoseok cheered and pulled you into a hug.

“Screw you. I’m going to be struck with a hangover next morning!” Your voice was muffled as Hoseok brought his chest closer to yours, making the hug impossibly tight.

“I know but hey, you certainly had fun tonight! Am I right?” He wiggled his eyebrows as soon as he let go of you and you couldn’t help but to smile lazily at him.

“Yeah… I guess I did.” Your eyes were drooping slowly, a sign of fatigue, and Hoseok threatened to bite back his laugh. “Well then, cheers to that I say!”

The night finally ended for you and you were now seated in the back of a cab, on your way home. You weren’t lying when you admitted tonight was fun, it truly was. Life hadn’t been easy on you ever since your ex-boyfriend decided to end things, which led you to bite off more than you could chew. And judging from the looks you received back then, everybody and literally everybody could tell that the stress was eating you up gradually, albeit the smiles you’d shown. It wasn’t a pretty sight and Hoseok knew it most. He was your best friend after all.

Hoseok and you came from a long way back, back in your adolescent age more precisely. It was senior year which only meant finals were coming up soon. You were too stressed out to realize that all the color from your complexion had vanished, leaving a pallid canvas for the whole world to see. You needed a break and so one day, you had decided to visit the national library. Reading books were one way to keep your mind off of things but being surrounded by them took to a whole new level. For some reason, they had never failed for you to feel a tinge of nostalgia. Maybe it’s due to the sight of their broken spines of old age or the smell of rotting paper whenever you chose to read the prologue, whatever it was, it made you think back to the halcyon days of your ephemeral childhood.

You took a step inside and immediately made your way towards the liberal arts aisle, keeping in mind of the fact that you had to polish up on your grammar for finals. As soon as you’ve reached there, your eyes caught sight of someone.

He was standing by the end of the shelf, carefully flipping through the pages of a thick book and within closer inspection, you realized he was reading Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, one of your favorite plays from him.

“Oh my god. You read Shakespeare too?” The words had left your mouth before you could take them back and you mentally slapped yourself. What are you doing? He’s a stranger for Heaven’s sake! You bit your bottom lip nervously as you watched him look up from his book.

“Yes, yes I actually do.” He flashed you a warm smile and your heart instantly fluttered. He was beautiful. A man with such a dazzling smile, one that couldn’t be looked away easily and eyes that twinkle so bright despite the dim lighting in the room. It was definitely cheesy for you to say this, but he radiated hope in a way.

Your cheeks burned in rouge as you helplessly flared your arms in the air. “I-I didn’t mean to disturb you. I was just curious.” You squeaked out the last part and his smile only widened even more.

“Well, you’re very lucky then. Curiosity killed the cat, didn’t it? But in this case, curiosity made you a new friend. My name’s Hoseok.” He extended his hand out to you and you hesitated for a moment. As though Hoseok knew what you were thinking, he released a chuckle.

“I don’t scratch neither do I bite so it shouldn’t hurt for you to shake it, trust me.” He darted his eyes towards his palm, gesturing for you to take it. You giggled upon his little joke and shook his hand.

“Nice to meet you, I’m y/n.” You said.

“Y/n, I’ll definitely remember that name from now on.” Thus, the blossoming of a wonderful friendship.

You thanked the cab driver as soon as you got out and quickly dashed for your apartment. The night still felt young as it was only 1.20 a.m. now but you were beat and your body screamed for sleep. Your door flew open as you briskly walked in and made a beeline to the bathroom. Despite your body ached, your mind was racing with tons of thoughts. And all of them were the same. Will everything go back to normal tomorrow? Will I be able to have this much fun again? What if I’m swamped with more work than usual? What am I to do?! Imagining life based on daily schedules of conference meetings, due deadlines and overtime work was becoming a nightmare for you. You won’t be able to handle it, you knew that very much.

You sighed aloud as you slipped under the silky duvet, the sounds of quiet lulling you to fall into a deep slumber. And so, your soul traveled to dreamland, only to be awaken once morning was due again.

But something didn’t feel right.

It actually felt way too off.

Was it because you forgot to turn off the lights?

No, you remember you did.

Was it because you didn’t lock your door properly?

That can’t be, you immediately locked it as soon as you came in.

What is this feeling then?


I can hear loud breathing.

Could it be coming from me?

But I’m breathing perfectly normal here.

Here….. Here……

You instantly jolted up from the mattress and whipped your head towards the corner of your room. There, you couldn’t make anything out as the spot was enveloped in darkness. You kept staring, believing there was something or someone lurking around in the shadows.

To prove your suspicions, a pair of red eyes lit up suddenly and pierced their gaze on you. They flashed dangerously, signaling an ominous surge through the air.

Your breath hitched when you watched the orbs turn in color. They were red when you first saw them but now, they were bright yellow. You hastily clutched for the duvet and tightened your grasp on it. How am I not alone in this room?! Your mind shrieked in horror.

“You know, I can hear you pretty loud and clear from here.” A husky voice laughed softly and your eyes widened.

“But how-” Your sentence was cut off as the intruder finally revealed himself from the wall’s black cloak.

“The power to read minds, that’s how.” He simply answered and stood across from where you were, the bed acting as a divider.

You examined him from head to toe. He had a statuesque physique and was clad in a fitting black suit, paired with a matching tie. His hair, ebony and disheveled, shone beautifully under the blue moonlight while his features took your whole breath away. He had plump lips, ones that look too enticing for comfort. A pointed nose and an exceptionally sharp jawline, but what sealed the deal were his eyes. You couldn’t get enough of them. They were surreally gorgeous. You shivered under his strong gaze as you quickly stood. “What the hell are you?”

If looks could kill, his most probably would be the death of you. His gaze was threatening and his eyes were not doing any further justice for you as they grew brighter in color.

“What am I you ask?” You could make out the slight smirk he had on his lips as he said those words.

“Shall we find out together then? Because, even I’m not sure what my capabilities are since I’m here with you.” He chuckled darkly and slowly started to approach you until he was only a few inches away from your face.

“Let us not waste time, love.” His hot breath hits the shell of your ear and somehow you knew, you were bound to be in deep, deep trouble.

A/N: this whole story is written off of my own imagination. thus, no intent of plagiarism here. i just thought writing demon!taehyung would be fun to do plus it peaked my interest as i have a thing for supernatural beings. thanks for reading!

The Super Awkward Public Confession Incident

SO! I am a little (make that a lot) embarrassed to have written/be posting this and of the sheer ammount of asks I’ve sent to @geek-fashionista for her #teacher AU (which were all in Anon so thankfully nobody will ever know the magnitude of my obssession). But well, it escalated to the point that I just had to write The Thing™️ (yes it is I, thanks again for the support Princess).

Much like my #miraculous ladybug genderbend fanfic, I’ll be posting random out-of-order snippets for the teacher AU (but fear not, when I post a thing I’ll tell where it goes in the general scheme), mostly Lunon because I’m just really hardcore shipping these kids. God, I need help.

Today’s snippet takes place almost at the end of the story/AU, at the middle/end of Lucas and Manon’s senior year.

So, here goes nothing! Hope you enjoy!

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Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day

I’m late for the party again, aren’t I?

“And all the fat-skinny people, and all the tall-short people
And all the nobody people, and all the somebody people
I never thought I’d need so many people
“ David Bowie, Five Years

Okay. So I’ve been blessed enough to be a part of a fandom that has the most amazing, talented, gorgeous writers out there. Considering I’ve been doing this thing since the internet had to be plugged via phone landline it says a fuck ton.

The fact that I actually got to know some of these people for real, and shockingly, gratefully, humbly even call some of them my closest friends is still hard to grasp sometimes.

Here’s to the brave and wonderful, the strong and exquisite, the glorious and divine. Your words save me each and every day, and I will never be able to thank you enough.  

@exaggeratedspecificity, @dollylux, @pathossam, @specialcases-soulmates, @saltandbyrne, @whispered-story, @homo-pink.I know I’m forgetting people. Talented, amazing, wonderful people. And I apologized in advanced. Thank you, all of you, for letting me escape my own head for a while, and letting me feel like I belong.I love you so fucking much.
Harry Styles (Walking Down The Aisle - His P.O.V.)

This was actually it. In only a minute or two, she would be walking down that aisle, and in only an hour, she would officially be my wife. I took a deep breath and felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turned back and saw Niall, giving him a soft smile and biting my lip softly. He gave me a reassuring nod and I nodded in return, turning my attention back to the aisle.

Soft music began, and I snapped to attention. The bridesmaids came first, followed by the flower girls who tossed the petals onto the ground. I smiled widely at them, as well at the little boy who had help from his mum carrying the rings. Niall and (Y/N)’s maid of honor took one ring and held it, waiting for the moment. The music changed and this was it.

Everyone in the room stood up, their eyes going where mine were. (Y/N) appeared on her father’s arm, a shy smile on her face. I bit down on my lower lip, feeling my heart beat what felt a million miles an hour. She was so… indescribable. Beautiful and gorgeous just didn’t work for me, they weren’t strong enough. She was beyond what words could describe. Her beauty was a feeling.

I couldn’t stop myself from putting my hand over my mouth as she got closer. I was getting emotional, and I had no shame in that. I wiped my cheeks and smiled like an idiot, holding my hand out for her when she finally got to me.

Her father placed her hand in mine, and I took it tightly, nodding my head at him before he went to sit down. I led her up in front of me and held her hands tightly in mine. She looked at me with a bright smile to match mine.

“Hi…” I murmured.

“Hi,” she giggled out softly, the both of us quieting up as the minister began.

Let’s not forget that Kishi is the original SasuSaku shipper.

1)  Sakura is so gorgeous and sad and strong here.  All hail the queen.

2)  Sarada is sooooo much like Sasuke, that frown, the lack of tolerance for bullshit…”You’re married to him and you…guess…?”  She’s so sharp, using Sakura’s own words to trap her.

3)  In the context of Sasuke’s Peek-a-boo antics in the Last and Sakura Hiden–the fact that he came back long enough to get married and put that symbol on Sakura’s back–I do not believe that leaving is something he did lightly.  Hell, coming back isn’t even something he did lightly.  From what we know of Sasuke, he is passive as hell and perhaps a little ashamed/avoidant because of his sins, but also that he is ridiculously single-minded about the things he does, and super deliberate.  Except for the Land of Iron, where he got a little off-kilter and where I think his judgment/insight were clearly impaired, he has always been the type to plan things out, to try to foresee possibilities and stay ahead of the enemy.  Pretty much all of the situations he lands himself in are heavily premeditated.

4)  Kishi, in my opinion, generally does a pretty decent job of tying up loose ends (unlike Tito Kube, imho).  The omission of Taka and Orochimaru from 700 was completely deliberate and I trust him.  (almost as much as Sakura trusts Sasuke, I think)

5)  It is completely plausible that Sasuke has been doing something dangerous and important.  I’m pretty sure in one of these interviews, Kishi said that part of Sasuke’s redemption journey was running around investigating the Kaguya mystery further.  And to be honest, I think if Sasuke went so far as to marry Sakura and make a salad, I have a hard time believing that the boy who spent most of his youth doggedly pursuing revenge for his clan, then later for his brother, would suddenly turn around and abandon his family for nothing.

6)  I think this is a pretty good setup for a dramatic reunion :D  I know Kishi is super shy about writing romance, but I don’t think he can weasel his way out of drawing us a nice, emotional reunion and finally showing us Sasuke’s feelings.  I even think that all the lack of good sasusaku in the Hiden novels is part of building up the mystery of WHAT THE HELL IS SASUKE DOING.  Of course, he’ll probably rip our hearts out first.

7)  During the war, once team 7 was finally reunited, Kishi spent that whole time building up the ambiguity about Sasuke’s true feelings and intentions, leading the reader to agree with Sakura when she mourned the fact that Sasuke didn’t seem to care.  Then he proceeded to crush those doubts:

8)  On the upside, at least now we know how Sarada could possibly be an only child.  Not gonna lie, I was kinda suspending my disbelief on that one.  How could a couple with soooo much sexual tension and a boy whose life goal is reviving his clan only have one child?

9)  Get ready for all the reunion smut we’re going to have to make!!!!!!

byedan  asked:



no but seriously i am so here for this!!! because lbr alec has been told and convinced so many times that he isn’t good enough, that his best isn’t good enough, that he’s in jace’s shadow, and that no matter how hard he tries to do the right thing, people will always end up being disappointed or angry and he will always find a way to blame himself for it.

so when magnus makes him feel special he’s just like “woah” and super confused because no one other than his siblings maybe has ever taken the time to make him feel special, fight for him even. and so he gets all smiley n cute (this is canon dude: the pretty boy scene) and starts blushing and just cant stop smiling ugh and magnus knows this and loves making alec feel and smile like that okay

but i think it happens the other way around as well. because alec is p clever okay, he knows that magnus has had his heart broken enough times as well, that he isn’t always as confident as he presents himself. magnus has basically told him no one has ever wanted to marry him. and alec fucking adores this guy okay like magnus is amazing and strong and gorgeous and funny and smart and alec is really really into him obviously and he wants magnus to know how much he cares about him and how amazing he thinks magnus is. i mean this is alec we’re talking about and he’s not always that great with putting his feelings into words BUT this is so important to him that he’ll try anyway, even if he does it stuttering and blushing like crazy, he HAS TO LET MAGNUS KNOW HOW SPECIAL HE IS OKAY

this turned out to be really long but i just THINK ABOUT THIS A LOT OKAY I HAVE A LOT OF FEELS 


A modern twist on Disney prince. (A bit like A Cinderella Story–one of my favorites)

“Even Miracles take a little time.” –Cinderella

Harry was surrounded by fifty of his “closest” friends.

He was entirely alone in a crowd. He could scream and no one would hear him. He thought it was the most ridiculous thing in the world. All these people thought he was great and wonderful. It was stupid. Because maybe he was rich or wonderful or whatever they thought…but they were vultures—they fed off his wealth. Harry was generous but they were terrible people. They were just awful people. He wanted to leave them, but he didn’t know anyone else. This was all he knew—rich, popular, snooty, rude people.

But he did have one thing going for him.

His angel.

His beautiful sweet girl that he met one day after he hit and totaled her car because he was distracted by a few birds flying by and didn’t know there was a stop sign ahead. He knew her, but he never got to really know her. They ran in different circles. It wasn’t that he didn’t care to get to know her…he’d just never had the opportunity. She started crying and he thought he broke her spine or something, gave her a concussion or something, but she wouldn’t accept any water, or anything. So he made her sit down. She was hysterical and he felt so bad and he didn’t know what to say or do. Eventually she calmed down and swallowed through her tears. “I’m sorry, m‘fine. I’m so sorry,” you said softly wiping your eyes. “I just…” you sniffled. “I’m glad we’re okay but…dammit, I need this car,” you explained brokenly. “I know how stupid that sounds but my step–”

Harry looked at you as if he was seeing for the first time as he interrupted you. “Kitten, I’ll fix your car,” he promised and placed his hands on your shoulders rubbing his thumbs soothingly on your arms. Of course he would. It wasn’t a question. “It’s my total fault, I wasn’t paying attention. I’m so glad you’re okay,” he said and squeezed your shoulders. “You’re okay, and I’ll fix your car, I swear,” he promised with a gentle smile.

He did fix your car. He got you an upgrade. “Why would you do that?” You gasped when he pulled up to your work in a brand new car and handed you the keys.

“I totaled yours,” he said with a shrug. “And to be honest, sweet, it was a piece of shit and you don’t need that headache. And before you freak out, it really wasn’t a lot because I don’t want you freaking out…and you seem like you’d freak out over this sort of thing,” he said gently. “I know how insane this seems, but I’m so sorry. And my mum and dad said I could do this for you–they’re grateful you’re keeping my insurance down because I’m an idiot. So seriously, it’s nothing,” he squeezed your hand around the car key. You’re on the family account so whenever you need anything—oil, battery, tires, just bring it down to the shop and it’ll go on the tab free of charge. I’m dead serious, don’t think I don’t mean it,” he said softly. “I’ll check all the time,” he said.

You looked at him and you couldn’t speak you were so grateful. “Harry, I—“

He held his hand up. “Don’t worry about it, sweetheart. Enjoy the ride,” he winked at you and kissed your cheek and then walked back toward town.

You were wealthy, but not really. Your step-mother had taken your father’s… well, everything. You got nothing. It was terrible. But you didn’t have a choice. You turned eighteen next year, so it was just a little while longer. Instead, you worked your butt off at the family owned restaurant. You were the hostess, but you were also a waitress, cook and manager. You did it all at some point while your stepmother spent the earnings.

She ordered you around the house, the restaurant and around town. It was always you. And if you didn’t do it, it wouldn’t get done. And you’d get yelled at for those non-accomplishments.

You watched as popular people, some of Harry’s friends as they walked into the restaurant. You wanted to throw up. They always teased you because you didn’t have the nicest clothes…you had a nice car, but no one was sure why because you didn’t dare say Harry got it for you. You didn’t want his life to be ruined.

“Hey kitten,” Harry smiled brightly as he entered the restaurant. He loved seeing you. He was always kind to you even if he was around his friends. It was nice because you felt slightly more at ease. “How are you?” He asked.

You smiled gently. “Fine thanks, how are you?” You asked.

“Better now that I saw you,” he said dreamily and you blushed badly as you asked him how many people he had. The four girls he was with glared at you hearing Harry flirt with you.

“Ten…is that too much? We can go somewhere else,” he offered.

“She can handle it,” one of the girls he was with was your darling, bitchy cousin. She lived a rich existence because her father ran the country club in town and “anyone who was anyone” belonged to it. She knew all the town gossip and was very proud of her wealth and was sure to flaunt it off to everyone.

“Yeah?” Harry questioned turning an icy gaze to her. “Didn’t realize you worked here,” he snapped at her. “Is it too much, kitten?” He asked.

You shook your head. “It’s fine,” you smiled gently as you grabbed some menus and walked to the back with the longest table.

“We can’t have a booth?” One of the other girls snapped her gum.

You sighed heavily as you set the menus down. “I don’t see a booth in here that seats ten. Do you?” You asked her tiredly. “We do this every time you come in here. Stop asking, please,” you said as you walked back to the hostess stand.

“She’s not getting a tip,” she grumbled.

“We didn’t have to in the first place. She’s family,” your cousin rolled her eyes.

Harry stared at the two girls. “She’s family?” He asked. “That’s how you treat your family? She’s right, you ask every time we come here if we can have a booth,” he said to her. “It’s not her fault they don’t have a table that you want,” he rolled his eyes and then started for the door.

“Harry, where are you going?” one of the guys called.

“As far away from them as possible,” he called back. He paused in front of the hostess stand looking at you. You stared at him a moment. “Here,” he whispered handing you a forty dollars. “They’re not going to tip you…” he shook his head in disgust. “Have a nice night, darling,” he waved and headed to his car.


When you got home from the restaurant, you were officially exhausted and done with all of Harry’s “friends.” You were so tired. But instead you logged onto your email. You read the emails from universities that wanted you. The only time you ever felt wanted.

Your stepmother barged into your room. “Where have you been?”

“Work,” you replied curtly with an eye roll.

“I had things I needed you to do.”

“I don’t know what you want me to say, because you want me to work and you want me to run errands. Unfortunately you only have one me,” you told her.

“Yes, quite unfortunate,” she sneered.

You rolled your neck around listening to her backhanded insult. “Can I help you?” You asked quietly.

“Yes, the dishes need to be done.”

“Now?” You asked.

She nodded. “Now,” she ordered.

You fought back tears of exhaustion as you walked downstairs and took your place at the sink. A year would fly by. But for the moment, the mountain of dishes seemed endless.


Harry’s friend was throwing a masquerade party. And it was easy to tell who was who among his friends because he could clearly see the girls that fawned over him normally. They were wearing little to leave to the imagination–and unfortunately he recognized that. He deflected requests to dance with other girls and continued to munch on the snacks and drinks at the table.

Except there was one girl that he didn’t recognize at first. But then he did all at once and it shocked him to the core. He bit his lip. You were so beautiful but he felt so terrible because your gorgeous eyes looked dead. You looked like you were giving up and he doesn’t know why he only noticed it now, but you looked like you had been giving up for months. And yet, you still looked beautiful.

People caught Harry’s gaze to look at the girl he was ogling. You were carrying a tray of appetizers and you were wearing a pretty blue mask with your high-low dress. your hair was in huge bouncy curls and you were just too beautiful to be real. He always thought you were gorgeous, but this…his heart beat too quickly as he looked at you.

Harry waltzed right up to you, took the food tray, set it down and pulled you toward the exit. “I’m working–” You started.

“You’re always working. You’re coming with me,” he said softly as he threaded your fingers with his. He tugged you outside. “By no means am I ashamed of you, I assume you’re ashamed of me because I hang out with some of the scum in this town,” he cupped your face. “But you look absolutely gorgeous, my kitten,” he breathed across your face. Your stomach churned in embarrassment but also pleasure from his kind words. “And I can’t watch you be tortured by your “family,” he said and looked at you curiously. “How have you been strong?” He asked. He knew your parents were gone, your stepmom was wicked and you were the butt of every joke. Harry couldn’t stand it. He was never brave enough to say anything. He watched you take the teasing and torture in stride for so long. He didn’t know it then, but the day he gave you your car was the day he was going to end your suffering. You swallowed thickly and looked at your feet and then into the eyes of the gentle, perfect, boy. The only one who ever gave you the time of day and treated you like a human being.

“Because I couldn’t be strong like you,” he said softly. “You shouldn’t have to deal with your family. The people that tease you live miserable existences. I’m so sorry you have to put up with that. And you’re just…so good. you smile and laugh and do all the things good girls do and do too much and you’re–” he was rambling and didn’t know how else to say he thought you were incredible. “You’re amazing,” he said finally. “So how do you do it?”

“I guess…I just believe that miracles take time,” you explained. “No matter how long it takes.”

He blinked at you. “What miracle?”

“The kind that makes you believe in magic. The ones that prove fairy tales exist and that fate is actually on your side. The miracle that makes me believe I’m actually suffering for a reason,” you smirked. “You, as a miracle, I guess,” you said softly. His cheeks tinted pink as he continued to watch your lips and eyes as you spoke. Him? A miracle? Yeah. No way. You were…everything. He was over-privileged. But if you wanted to call him a miracle…

He smirked and cupped your face brushing your thumbs on your cheeks. “You are the most perfect thing in the world,” he said and pressed a kiss to your lips.

It was heavenly.

The clock from the church a few streets over clanged with the signal it was midnight. You pulled away and looked at Harry nervously. He chuckled as he looked into your eyes. “My sweet Cinderella,” he whispered. “Are you going to run away from me and lose a shoe?” He wondered as he pushed your hair behind your head gently with his fingers.

“I would never run from you,” you smirked and pressed a kiss to his lips. You brushed your thumbs on his cheeks and pressed a small kiss to the tip of his nose. “Who would run from Prince Charming?”

He pulled you closer lifting your feet up off the ground and kissing you and twirling you around. He couldn’t get enough of you. “My sweet miracle,” he murmured on your lips.

Some things were worth waiting for.

Cal Berk Bears

Summary: Thinking you’re asleep, Sam admits his love and confusion to Castiel
Warnings: None! (I didn’t even swear!)
A/N: The Cal Berk Bears are the Stanford Cardinal’s biggest rivals! Like… it gets fierce lovies

Sam was yelling your name, running through the woods behind you. The hunter wasn’t trying to be quiet anymore, if anything he was making as much noise as he could. Breathing unsteadily, you managed to scream to him as the wendigo dragged you along the ground, your hair torn out of the bun and wrapped through its fingers. Your hunter shouted your name again, his voice closer than before, while you were pulled across twigs and rocks.

You continued to squirm, fighting against the fingers twisted through your hair. Your knife and gun had fallen from your hold somewhere among the trees and you knew you wouldn’t be able to free yourself, but struggling slowed the creature down. A red light illuminated the edges of your vision and the claws loosened as the monster burst into flames behind you.

Arms wrapped around you as you desperately scrambled away from the fire and you buried your face in Sam’s chest while he whispered soothing words in your ears. His arms slid under your knees and behind your neck when he stood up and you curled into his chest, hands gripping his shirt and hiding in his warmth. His voice continued to chase your worries away as he carried you back through the forest, his lips ghosting over your forehead, temple, cheeks, hair, nose, anywhere he could reach. “I’ve got you,” he kept saying. “You’re safe. You’re okay. I’ve got you.”

Your small frame was still shaking when you finally reached the car and he pulled you into the front seat with him, letting you curl against his side while he started the engine. His calming words didn’t end and your trembling slowly stopped as he drove out of the woods and toward the motel. You could hear him mumbling into a phone and knew he had called Dean, who was at the bunker with a fever, to tell him that you’d finished the hunt. He didn’t mention that you’d been swept away by the wendigo within minutes of stepping out of the impala.

When the car stopped, his arms wrapped around you before you had the chance to move and he carried you into the room, laying you on your side on top of the starchy blankets. He kissed your temple, “Keep sleeping, angel,” he whispered. You’d met at a costume party and he’d never stopped calling you angel, even after he’d met a real one. “Cas?” he called quietly. “I could use you down here.”

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