gorgeous i tell ya

alright alright alright i read The Rin and Makoto Show: Entertainment on a Cosmic Level Brought to you by Divine Intervention by isuilde and haL_1 and let me tell you how i cried. RIVERS. I CRIED RIVERS.

seriously, it’s impossibly good, INSANELY, and it has everything and. ohmygod, no words can describe it.

i wish i could draw smth as beautiful and heartbreaking, but i obviously can’t so this is just youkai Rin. i don’t know shit about haori or how to colour or anything im so sorry i just wanted to do something ANYTHING.

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OOH! I love your new theme!! *u* It's been a long while since I've went to your page on a desktop and it's quite a gorgeous blue ^___^ Just thought I tell ya that; hope you're having a great day and that work is not killing ya~ ^ . ^)b

Thanks! My blog definitely needed a revamp and I’ve had every cool color on there except blue, so it was time (I love cool colors in case that wasn’t obvious).

I’m also trying to revamp my character and fiction page, so those should be cleaned up (I haven’t found any new themes for those, but if anyone had suggestions I’m open to them). I’m also going to try to get fics linked to the original post and also on ao3.

tag cleanup is also a thing.

But again thanks! and work is getting busier and busier with summer, but I’m starting to get used to the new schedule. so here’s hoping I can time manage better.

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Hey its ya girl @full-dark-no-starsxx dropping by to say that you are gorgeous and I adore ya!!❤❤❤ OH and please tell me a crush story *settles in with a milkshake*


oh god really? i won’t talk about my current one cause that could get really bad lmao but i remember once i had a crush on this girl from church, she was new and she had dark hair and dark eyes. i didn’t know her name but everyone else seemed to know who she was. i remember the night like it was yesterday, she was wearing a lacy black dress that matched her eyes and thick rimmed glasses. by the end of the night, i had stayed behind to help pack up with my brother who was a leader, and i was just sitting down when she came up to me. she hugged me at random, and introduced herself, i won’t say her name but let’s just say it suited her perfectly, in my eyes at least. we talked for a little bit, i can’t really remember what it was about but after that she grabbed me by the hand because her favorite song had just come on. it was “latch” by sam smith, and we danced for ages.

she was six years older than me but every time i saw her, i just couldn’t believe she was apart of my life.

about two weeks later, i was in the car with my brother when i noticed she was in the car in front of us, turning down our street. i asked my brother if she was coming over, he said she actually lives with another girl from church, who lived across the road from us. i mean could this get any better?

eventually i couldn’t help it, and as naive as little twelve year old me was, i told all my friends at school. they didn’t mind but as months went by, they kinda annoyed when i rambled endlessly about her. so i thought about keeping a diary, but couldn’t risk it if someone like my brother found it. so i kept it on a word document, and it ended up being more like a story than a diary entry, with characters and a plotline, like my own personal fanfiction of what i wish my life was like, and of course, it was a love story centered around her and myself. weeks went on and the story got bigger and bigger. my friends wondered why i didn’t just tell the girl, so i printed the unfinished story and decided to give it to her that night.

bc i’m such a pussy, i ended up getting another girl to give it to. she took it, and the next time i saw her, i asked her where she was up to, and she answered chapter 3. i knew the characters didn’t kiss until chapter 13,so i changed the subject, asking if she had a crush on anyone older than her, she said no and asked if i did. i said the story told her who i had a crush on in chapter 13.

i didn’t see her for days after that, and i didn’t know why, though i should have.

it was friday when i saw her again, and she completely ignored me. basically everyone did, actually.

it had turned out, she had told everybody. and i mean everybody. it was really bad, i had leaders yelling at me, my brother not talking to me.

my mother told me i wasn’t to go back to the church, but i still did. even worse, the girl ignored me for six months before one day she came up to me and asked how i was. i still liked her too, i couldn’t help it.

i could have worded it better, but oh well i guess this’ll have to do. this was like 4-5 years ago. and the girl has since moved away, my brother is dating the girl who yelled at me for attention seeking. i’ve seen the girl twice since, at a yearly camp my church does and she acts as if she did nothing wrong and i’ve had anxiety and really bad trust issues since. i’ll probably never forget her though, she’s probably already forgotten me.

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Hello ~ I just stopped by to say how much I enjoy seeing your art of Kamira. Everything about your style is absolutely gorgeous, and I can't wait to see more! [[P.S: If ya couldn't tell, I absolutely love Kamira, as well. (。・ω・。)]]

aaaaa thank you so much!!

so glad to meet a fellow kamira fan omg…