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McHanzo Week Day 3: Undercover/Downtime

Summary: While waiting for their pick-up, Hanzo and McCree have to stay hidden in unfavorable circumstances. They make do.

(No tw. just lots of soft dialogue and pokemon)


Hanzo was almost certain he was going to snap if Jesse sighed one more time.

He clacked his handheld closed and stared at the simple blue back of it as he spoke with a level voice.

“Jesse. I love you, with every fiber of my being. You are the light of my life and bring more joy to every day that you are with me than I have felt in the past ten years combined. But I swear to any higher power that may or may not exist, if you do not calm down, I am going to throw you out the window.”

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I have an open question for Raph, Gabe and Cas. (Hope you don't mind me calling you by nicknames, it's a thing I do). So yesterday was the Eclipse and it was marvelous - even though I couldn't see it from where I live I had the pleasure of seeing drop to dead gorgeous pics. Do tell Chuck how much I enjoyed, will ya? But back to the point... there was an occurrence I couldn't ignore, which was USA President looking directly to the sun and I kind of wish he got a little blind? Am I too bad for it?

Gabriel dissolves into tear-inducing laughter.  “Oh, honeybun.  Sweetie-pie.  Sugarplum.  Babydoll.”

Raphael smacks his brother in the face with his wing.  “Gabriel,” he warns, “stop calling the poor girl affectionate food-names.”

“Oh, come on, Raph!!  Who eats babydolls?  Freaks, that’s who!  Freaks like that walking-talking orange lump of clay who stared directly into the fucking sun after being told not to!”

“Language, Gabriel.  Young ears are listening.”

“What?!  You can’t claim I’m being a bad influence–Sam isn’t even here!”

Raphael sighs.  “I meant Castiel.”

Castiel stares at them with narrowed eyes, head tilting to the side in confusion.  “Sam says ‘fucking’ all the time.”

Gabriel gasps and covers the seraph’s mouth.  “Castiel!  I can’t believe you would say such a thing.  Don’t tattle on the baby!  What kind of little-big brother are you?”

“Back to the question at hand,” Raphael says, ignoring the wrestling match breaking out across the room. “When a powerful world leader, a man who wields his influence in harmful and ignorant ways, does something incredibly stupid, it does not make you a bad person to hope he experiences consequences for his actions.  Whether that means a spot of blindness for staring into the sun, or having all his business fail because he inadvertently deports his workforce, or losing his seaside resorts due to the climate change he insists is not occurring, or…”

“Raphael!  I think you’ve made your point,” Gabriel calls out mid-scuffle.

“Good.  Because I cannot stand that man.  And I do not wish this young woman to fear her inherent goodness and worth over the likes of him.”

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I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Gorgeous’ was about Meredith and Olivia… hmmm…

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Originally posted by yohoooareinlove

alright alright alright i read The Rin and Makoto Show: Entertainment on a Cosmic Level Brought to you by Divine Intervention by isuilde and haL_1 and let me tell you how i cried. RIVERS. I CRIED RIVERS.

seriously, it’s impossibly good, INSANELY, and it has everything and. ohmygod, no words can describe it.

i wish i could draw smth as beautiful and heartbreaking, but i obviously can’t so this is just youkai Rin. i don’t know shit about haori or how to colour or anything im so sorry i just wanted to do something ANYTHING.

turnip-for-hwat  asked:

Hello ~ I just stopped by to say how much I enjoy seeing your art of Kamira. Everything about your style is absolutely gorgeous, and I can't wait to see more! [[P.S: If ya couldn't tell, I absolutely love Kamira, as well. (。・ω・。)]]

aaaaa thank you so much!!

so glad to meet a fellow kamira fan omg…