gorgeous hunk of a man


“Adam is such a rare combination of a tremendously real actor and a very facile, comedic performer. So he can go really fun and funny and big, and likes to be really stupid, but in the real moments in between those moments, which I feel proud of that we have on our show, he’s just really such a good actor … He is really generous and kind and like a real pro.” - Amy Poehler

Possible Concept for Season Three:

  • Big fancy party where Prince Lotor will be

  • Voltron needs to get in somehow

  • Princess Allura goes in, ready to be Royal Guest™ but she cannot go alone

  • Shiro could be possible date but not the point of post lmao
  • Cue Allura excitedly wanting to put Pidge in a dress (cue Pidge internally screaming)

  • Pidge comes out

  • “I feel stupid” - Pidge, scrunching her nose and giving everyone venomous looks because she looks as uncomfortable as she feels and she would rather die than wear this dress anymore because pants are a thing

  • “Yeah, no. This is not going to work” - Hunk

  • “Now what will we do?” - Allura

  • “Lance, get in the dress” - Keith

  • What?!” - Very startled and slightly offended Blue Boy™ because Keith clearly has the curves for the dress while Lance does not, not to mention that mullet will make him look even more princess-y

  • Cue Keith and Lance arguing over how no, Lance will not get in the dress, and no, Hunk, that does not mean Keith will be his date, while Pidge flings the dress off her body, much to Allura’s dismay

  • Anyways, the screen suddenly goes to the party, where Allura and Shiro are linking arms, with the rest of Voltron looking out and meanwhile, Coran is back in the castle, wearing the dress and muttering how rude it was that no one even considered him

Concept: the Paladins soaring toward battle, in their lions, all singing Bohemian Rhapsody together over radio.

Because they’re stressed, they need an outlet, and there’s no rock song quite as unifying as Bohemian Rhapsody.

Lance hits all the high notes. Shiro is the only one who knows all the correct words; everyone else just kind of mumbles or babbles through the complex phrases. Keith just hums the guitar and piano solos. Hunk and Pidge got the “Galileo” and “WE WILL NOT LET YOU GO / LET HIM GOOOO” phrases on lock.

Listening over the radio, Allura is sure they’ve all lost their goddamn minds. Coran is highly amused because in Altea, that song would have been the stuff Baby Einstein is made of.

If the characters of Voltron were any of the things I've said

“That joke was so cheesy, I could’ve put it on my nachos.” - Lance

“Boi if you don’t take that back, I will hit you so hard that the pain will bypass you completely and mutilate your future children.” - Pidge

“Dude… dude, please don’t cry because then I’m gonna cry and I promise it’ll be a huge mess from there.” - Hunk

“Don’t go thinking you’re the scariest person in this room. I’m 5'1, and I’ve thrown my own brother. You haven’t seen the guy but he’s a good foot taller than me and I still don’t know how I managed” - Allura

*someone coughs* “Oh god, please don’t die, we need you. But if you do die, then same.” - Shiro

*someone shoves me in the hall* “WhO ThE FUC-” *elbows them back as hard as I can* - Keith

“Alright, so what you just did is unacceptable… by mom’s standards. But if we just pretend this never happened, and if you let me go for eating all the Sour Patch kids, she doesn’t have to know.” - Coran

“Are you saying that I’m conceited for thinking I own the world? Because I am, and I do” - Zarkon


“Man I just *raises voice slightly higher* LOVE traffic in the halls, it’s my favorite  *almost shouting* Now, if only people could just walk faster” - Shiro

Everyone always talks about homesick Lance but no one ever talks about homesick Pidge and I don’t know why cause they have literally lost almost all of their family and they don’t even know if their brother of father is even still alive. Yes we know that
Lance has a very large family and that of course he, as well as everyone else, is feeling homesick but Pidge might have lost part of her family for good. So here I am telling you that Lance is not the only one who is feeling homesick right now, all of them are, especially Pidge.

  • Pidge: I CANNOT FIND IT, last time I saw It Lance was using it
  • Lance: I was just checking if it was sECure for the baby!!
  • Allura: okay, let's calm down
  • Shiro: OH COME ON!
  • Season 1
  • Coran: A Galra battleship has set its tracker to us!
  • Allura: How did they find us?
  • Lance: I'm not sure, but I think it's Keith's fault.
  • Season 2
  • Keith: I think the Galra are tracking me.