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Voltron/Adventure Time crossover~

did mostly everyone, hard to fit Voltron designs with characters from Adventure Time :/

Finn-Lance Jake-Hunk BMO-Pidge Flame Prince-Keith Marshall Lee-Shiro Princess Bubblegum-Allura Peppermint Butler-Coran Lady Rainicorn-Shay

also check out this! https://pilots-eyes.tumblr.com/post/159056908522/more-voltronadventure-time-this-time-with-more


more Voltron/Adventure Time!! this time with more emperor zarkon (ice king)~

(and of course pidge always has rover by her side!)


this is chris being worried about her dear friend, knowing that something’s wrong as she reads her message, and then deciding to reach out to dr. skrulle to try to find a solution to this problem. not because she doesn’t want to deal with it herself, but because she’s afraid the support she can provide might not be enough, and she wants what’s best for vilde. she has a truly caring heart and she just wants her friends to be happy and well