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Even though there's already like a dozen fics like this, it would be greatly appreciated if could write an angsty Bawson fic where there's a team bonding/outing of some sort and jealous Mike makes an appearance :)

The tiniest of tiny drabbles!

I’m thinking of expanding /making it it’s own story so consider this a teaser.

(Not gonna post on ao3 until it’s more fleshed out)

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He takes a deep breath and tells himself to be calm.

Mike isn’t the type of guy that gets into a lot of tussles with other ballplayers. He won’t start fights but he will end them; won’t charge the field first but will follow his teammates every time. As captain, he prefers to lead by example and he finds unnecessary and often immature violence during games to be just that: unnecessary and immature.

However, there are always exceptions to the rule and Mike is hurtling quickly towards outright violence.

If one more idiot dances with Ginny, touches her in every single way he’s day dreamed about for months, the beer bottle he’s currently clutching might just shatter under his grip.

He tries very hard to remind himself that Ginny is not his, he has no reason to be angry at all besides his incredibly childish jealousy. Ginny is not a toy, he doesn’t get to be mad that he’s not the only wants a turn with her. In all honestly he wants a complete monopoly of her time, but that’s an even more ridiculous notion than his growing jealousy.

It certainly doesn’t help that Ginny is well into her cups and dancing without a care; free, beautiful, and more gorgeous than a human being has any right to be.

Mike watches as she shakes off another suitor and shuffles and jigs her way back over to where a few of the Padres are seated. She plops down next to Mike, looking flushed and joyous.

“Having fun, Baker?“ He asks, hoping he doesn’t sound as disgruntled as he feels.

She squints at him and half smiles, screwing up her face and snorting at him.

“Don’t look at me in that tone of voice, Lawson,” she all but yells in his face, a serious look crossing her features before she cracks and starts giggling uncontrollably.

She keels over and rests her head on his shoulder as beautiful, snorting laughter escapes her. He feels warmed to his very core; the emotional roller coaster he’s been on since she walked into the club wearing skin tight jeans and a flowy top that made him want to creep his fingers up her sides, all of that beautiful brown skin so temptingly close and accessible.

One of her warm hands, feeling like pure fire through his jeans, lands on his thigh and he takes a very different kind of calming breath.

This is going to be a long night.

Best Collab Ever (Connor Franta Imagine for psyake)

*Connor’s POV:

“So what are you gonna do?” Ricky asked as I was waiting for Y/N. I have a massive crush on her ever since we met. But I don’t know if she likes me as well..I hope she does. I’m planning to film a video with her which is the ‘What’s in my mouth challenge’ . And Ricky’s the only one who knows about my feelings for her.

“I’m gonna play it cool..and not mess it up.” I breathed out, I just hope that everything will go as planned.


Oh God there she is..Okay..you can do this Connor. Just open the door, say hi and let her in. Okay..I can do this.

*Y/N’s POV:

Y/N just ring the bell..Stop shaking. I’m very nervous since Connor which is my crush for God knows how long, asked me to film a video with him. And I just want to make a good impression for him, I don’t want Connor to think that I’m this awkward girl.

*Connor’s POV:

“Hi! How are you?” I said as I opened the door. She looks so pretty…her dark brown eyes sparkle everytime she looks at me. “Im good! So where are we gonna film?” she asked, I accompanied her to my bedroom where the camera is set. We sat down and settled all of the things that we’re gonna use.

“Hey what’s up you guys! and as you see I’m with this gorgeous human being right here.” I motioned to Y/N “Hi!” she giggled, oh that laugh is so angelic..focus Connor!

“And..uh we are gonna do the what’s in my mouth challenge!” we decided for Y/N to go first and I’m very excited to make her eat all of the things that I bought.

“Okay open up.” my first item is a disgustingly flavoured baby food “Oh God it popped.” she held her hands to her mouth “Come on..it’s not that bad.” I scooped the gooey mixture and placed it onto her mouth. “Oh my God!..” she started to stick her tongue out “No you need to eat it!” I giggled as she chewed on the food. “It’s baby food isn’t it?” I nodded my head and she started to cringe.

I took the plastic and placed it onto her mouth so that she can spit the baby food out. “Next ooone!” I sang and took the cucumber. “It’s not baby food right?” she asked reaching for my hand, Jesus her hand is so soft. “Here you go.” she chewed on the cucumber carefully and she actually liked it.

“It’s cucumber!” she cheered and had a huge smile on her face. I gave her two more different things and now we’re down to the last. “Okay so this is the last one.” I wasn’t actually gonna give her something but I’m gonna do something a bit more..fun.

I leaned in and placed my lips onto hers but its just a peck. “I’m sorry I didn’t get that it was too fast.” I giggled and she puckered her lips. I kissed her again but this time she kissed me back. Her lips were soft and smooth. We pulled away and she took off her blindfold.

“That was my boyfriend’s lips..” she smirked. Now I got a kiss from my crush and! I’ve got a girlfriend! Best collab ever!

So much ashton. Finally finallY FINALLY SO MUCH ASHTON I NEEDED TO HEAR HIM SING AND SEE HIM FRONT AND CENTER FOR ONCE. luke lookin fine af like I’ve watched him grow from a boy with a dream into this gorgeous human being that belongs right there with that microphone using that magnificent voice to send a message that ITS OK NOT TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE ITS OK TO BE DIFFERENT AND SAD AND STRANGE AND CRAZY YOURE STILL GOING TO BE OK. Michael. Can we just talk about how this style of music and the vibe of this video is essentially Michaels entire being. Its perfect he’s the real king of the broken scene. AND BABY CALUM WHO HAS TO DEAL WITH SO MUCH NONSENSE JUST SMILING THERE AND BEING CUTE AND TALENTED, JUST PERFECT.

This music video was everything that is good in the world I’m so so so so sooooo proud of them

So that Alistair smut I did recently, Freckles.  
A few of you seemed to like that little piece.
Wouldn’t it just be terrible if my tumblr wife were making art for it. 
… absolutely terrible. (◕‿◕✿)

*cue evil laughter*

It took me a while to write this down - Mostly because I’m an emotional wreck and I didn’t realize that you actually were much more to me than just my bias. You went from being just a member I adored, to bias list wrecker, to bias and now you’re one of my ultimate biases. You mean an insane amount to me, and I think you’re an amazing artist. It’s sad how I’ve fallen in the celebrity crush trap, but I have and I know I’ll come out of it soon, but as of right now I think you’re the most gorgeous human being on earth. You are an wonderful dancer, a really cute singer, a badass rapper and the best bratty maknae there is. I don’t really believe you’re turning 20, I think 10 would be the right number. Anyways, Oh Sehun you’re an idiot, sassy as fuck, and sarcastic to the bone. You’re also sweet and incredibly cute. You love and respect your hyungs (most of the time). You’re a hard worker and it shows. You got in to SM for a reason and I know that in a little while, your hard work is going to pay off. You’re getting more and more lines in songs, you have even more screentime during MV’s and you’re one of the most popular members of EXO. Happy Birthday Sehun, may this be your year. Show the power that is yehet and take over the world. I love you!

- Sincerely, Ida-Eveline.

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louis' getting fat again :(

are you kidding????????? He’s the most gorgeous human being i’ve ever seen walking on this earth!!! He has right curves in the right places, he has BICEPS and caramel skin and beautiful THIGHS and gorgeous hair and I am so so GLAD he looks fine sexy and healthy because there was a period where he was so skinny you could tell he was stressed and tired and sometimes miserable and that was AWFUL! Now he’s glorious and he’s beautiful and he shows us his smile almost every time we see him out and about so LONG LIVE LOUIS’ PERFECTION OF A BODY AND LONG LIVE LOUIS LOOKING HEALTHY AND SMILING !!!!!!!!

Sometimes I try to imagine what I would say if I ever got to meet Taylor but I feel like I would be so weird and wouldn’t know what to say cause there would be this gorgeous adorable human being right in front of me