gorgeous head of hair

unicorn head - rated

very beautiful!  gorgeous horn, lovely hair, she puts a lot of effort into her look & i bet she’s a hard worker! 10/10

not as multicoloured as her unicorn friends, but still very beautiful! she probably has a very kind heart. 10/10

1 word: very lovely. 
she’s a charmer, everyone loves her. i love her too. although she is blocky, she does not let that bring her down! 10/10

he looks so young and innocent! i’d trust him with my life. adorable boy, 10/10

she looks related to Apple in some way. she’s like the pastel version of her, but she’s still very lovely and unique! 10/10 i love her

very majestic. there’s a feeling of dominance around him, but i bet he has a heart of gold. probably the father of samsung and microsoft. he cares deeply about his children 10/10 loving father

wow! bold & bright! astonishing! she would get 1st place at a beauty contest. 10/10 gorgeous girl

hes very confident. he spiked his hair, & he is really beautiful! look at that smile. he’s a gorgeous boy & he knows it 10/10

mysterious gal!  shes quite reserved and tends to keep to herself, but she doesn’t mind being with her friends! you know in those wallpapers where there’s a beautiful horse at a beautiful lake? that’s her. beautiful. i love her so much 10/10

Boy’s Night: ReggiexReader! Mini Fic Part 1

hey guys! here’s another reggie oneshot :) feedback in my ask would be appreciated! edit: i decided to make this into a mini fic so if you want a part 3 with smut, lemme know!

Summary: Drunk Reggie texts when he’s at the bar with the bulldogs!

Warnings: Swearing. Mentions of alcohol.


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too shy for the ride (m)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader, Jungkook x Reader (feat.my 5 little children watching)

Warnings: I meaaaan, you see the request. Good lucks reading this.

Wordcount: 2.1k 

a/n: aww, this is was really a good idea for me to write ! thanks for requesting, hope you want more and enjoy this stuff.~ 

The boys knew how he felt about you. Always teasing him when you came over wearing your shorts or just a tank top with pajama bottoms. Jungkook is known for his shy ways, and you wanted so bad to bring him out of it. One night, it had all turned into a drunk ass mess of a game of “Truth or Dare.” If you didn’t take the dare, you had to drink. Dares were the only fucking things being thrown around, considering that none of these boys were up for a round of truths. Finally, it came to you. Yoongi looked at you with the cockiest smirk, which had you gulping at the slightest. He knew how much you wanted Jungkook to see that he doesn’t need to be so shy about everything, and boy, was he about to get a damn show. 

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The Roommate (JasonXcivilian!reader)

Requested: Yes
Request: Hello dear!! Nah I please request a Jason x civilian!reader where Jason becomes roommates with the reader because he want to keep a “low profile” and tries to hide the fact that he is the red hood
Summary: You are on the search for a roommate to help you while you are struggling with paying bills. After meeting a couple of undesirable people, Jason shows up and seems to be the perfect fit for a roommate, if not a little moody.
Word Count: 1726

   You frowned as you stared at the screen full of emails in response to your ad. Despite your best efforts, you could no longer afford to live alone. The bills were piling up and the overwhelming feeling of debt had robbed you many nights of sleep. So, you cleaned out the spare room, made up the guest bed, and put out an ad looking for a roommate.

As you read the responses, you couldn’t help but want to bang your head against the wall. Half of the replies looked to be written by what you could only assume was a five year old, and the other half were crazies trying to find out where you lived. Through the dozens of emails, three stood out as normal and decent people. They seemed genuinely interested in a shared living space.

You reached out to them, giving them the opportunity to see the apartment and make a decision. Two agreed to come over tomorrow, one in the morning, the other in the afternoon. The third candidate had an important meeting tomorrow and wouldn’t be able to meet until the next day, so you made arrangements with him to come over once your shift at the hospital was over.

You spent the rest of the evening cleaning, your mood lifted slightly with the hopes that someone would be their to carry part of the financial burden. You fluffed the apartment, making sure everything looked welcoming and smelled pleasant. Before you went to bed, you checked the locks and windows like you did every night.

The next day, you spent a whole hour making sure you looked your best. You lit your favorite scented candles, hoping that it made the apartment warmer. You ate your breakfast as you kept an eye on the clock. It was purposely moving slowly to torment you. Time always seemed to inch by whenever you were waiting for something important. But eventually, it was 10 o’clock and not much time after that, a knock sounded from the front door.

You quickly made it to the door and opened it to greet the woman you were showing the apartment to. As soon as you opened the door, you were met with a very strong wave of body odor. You had to mask your gag as a cough into your sleeve. You looked at the woman properly to see she was wearing baggy pants that you couldn’t tell if they were green or brown and a black sweater that nearly reached her knees. Her hair was tied into a knot on the top of her head.

“Hi! I’m Glenda!” she greeted loudly. “You must be, (y/n)!” she added. As her loud words reached your ears, her breath hit your face, making it very difficult not to close the door in her face.

“Yes, please come in,” you shoved away your first impression of disgust and found your manners. You stepped aside and let her walk inside. She immediately began looking around the place. The front door opened into kitchen and dining area. She looked pleased with the layout and took no time in finding the living room.

“Oh! I like the balcony!” she exclaimed loudly as she shoved the mostly glass door open and walked outside. She darted back inside, leaving the door open, cold air blowing inside, as she started down the hallway to the bedrooms. “Which room is mine?” she asked loudly as you hurried to close the door before it started snowing in your apartment. You glared up at the sky, wondering if this was some kind of punishment.

“The one on the right,” you answered as you followed her down the hall. She was looking in your room. You grit your teeth trying not to lose your head over this invasion of your space. She quickly wandered passed you into next room, the spare room. She frowned as she looked around.

“It’s a little bland compared to the rest of the place!” she huffed loudly. You were feeling a headache coming on already.

“Well, I figured whoever moved in would want to decorate it to their own tastes,” you shrugged. She looked unimpressed as she pushed passed you again to get to the bathroom. The bathroom was pretty spacious for it to be an apartment, but it had been hard to contain all of your toiletries to one half.

“Is this the only bathroom?” she asked.

“Yes, it’s a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment,” you answered. She crossed her arms.

“I’m not sure that sharing a bathroom is going to work for me,” she said in her high pitched loud voice. You were thankful she was the one to decide against it so you didn’t have to worry about telling her no.

“Well, it was nice meeting you,” you said as you trying to steer her towards the door. She left just as quickly as she came, but her pungent odor lingered.

You sprayed air freshener throughout the entire apartment and collapsed on the sofa. You hoped the next person coming over wouldn’t notice the smell. You also hoped that they didn’t stink.

It was right after you finished eating lunch, that there was a knock on the door. You opened it to reveal a rather short man. He was balding on the top of his head, but he was well groomed and wore clean clothing. You smiled and welcomed him to come inside.

“My name is Gary,” he introduced himself awkwardly. He was shy and it seemed that you made him nervous.

“Hello, Gary, I’m (y/n). Would you like to look around?” you asked. He actually allowed you to give him a tour. You explained the living arrangements and how the division of bills would work. You showed him his room and the bathroom. He seemed like a very reasonable man despite his nervousness.

“Do you have any questions?” you asked with a smile. His face got red.

“Do you have any drugs?” he asked softly. You took a moment to process what he had just plainly said.

“What?” you asked as your brows crushed together in confusion.

“You know, drugs!” he shook his hands. “Crack? Heroine?” he pushed further. You frowned.

“No, and I’m sorry, but I can’t share a space with someone doing drugs,” you informed him as you held open the door. His face burned bright red, but he left without having to be told twice. You shook your head and felt like screaming. You’re last hope was the man coming over tomorrow night. Or you were back at square one.

You went through you nightly routine again, checking the locks and windows before getting ready for bed. You had a long shift tomorrow at Gotham General where you worked as a nurse. You went to bed relatively early but sleep avoided you as more thoughts of your struggling bank account plagued your mind.

You day went by quickly. There had been a car pile up, filling up the emergency room with trauma patients. You kept very busy, allowing time to whiz by. Before you knew it, it was time to head back home.

You had chosen your apartment for the sole reason that it was close to the hospital. You didn’t have to catch a taxi or even ride the bus to get home. Just a short walk and you were back home.

You had literally just walked into the building when you saw him. He wore a brown leather jacket and black pants. He was very tall and he was well built, you could tell even through the layers. You tried not to stare, but he was gorgeous. His dark hair was just perfectly messy. He turned his head and his blue eyes met yours dead on.

“Hi, are you (y/n)?” he asked. Your (y/e/c) eyes widened in shock, but you shook your head and collected your thoughts.

“Yes, I am. Are you here about the apartment?” you asked politely. He nodded.

“Right this way, Jason, right?” you smiled as you lead the way towards the stairs. He nodded and followed quietly, his footsteps only barely making a sound behind you. Once you made it to the third floor, you dug out your key and opened the door.

You allowed him to walk inside first, and you closed the door once you were both inside.

“It’s not the biggest, but I think it should be fine for two people,” you started as you began giving him the tour. He was pretty silent throughout and when he saw the bed in the guest room he smiled.

“So, when can I move in?” he asked with a cocky smirk. It sent flutters to your stomach. You swallowed slowly as you tried to gather you thoughts.

“Well, as soon as possible,” you nodded. “Wait, you don’t do drugs, do you?” you asked abruptly. He frowned.

“No, I don’t,” he crossed his arms. “Do you?” he returned.

No, not at all,” you waved your hands. “Thank goodness!” you practically cheered. He looked at you as if you were a crazy person. “You don’t even know what I’ve been through trying to find a roommate,” you brushed it off and lead the way back to the kitchen.

“So, when will you be moving in? There is a $350 deposit to cover this months bills,” you explained as you opened the file folder you had gathered together in a makeshift contract.

“How about now?” he asked. You dropped the contract and looked up at him.

“What?” you questioned. He pulled out a wad of money and counted off a few hundred dollar bills.

“Here’s $400, if I can just sleep here tonight and get the rest of my stuff tomorrow,” he offered the cash. You pulled out a chair and motioned for him to sit. He did and laid the money on the table. You quickly went over the contract, discussing the rent and bills and the apartment rules you were given when you moved in yourself. He signed and you handed him the spare key. He nodded and stood, going to the spare room and closing the door. You just sat at the table stunned.

“Well, that was easy,” you sighed as you grabbed the cash and put in an envelope to take care of in the morning.    

A/N: So, I honestly spent all day at work thinking about this and decided to see if I could turn it into a series. So, consider this part one! Hope you like it!

You’re Mine

♡ Anonymous: Can you make a chanyeol drabble where a girl comes and flirts with you and he gets jealous, could be any ending (smut or fluff) whatever makes you comfortable 💗💗 thank youuuu

♡ A/N: I made this more of an angsty scenario than a fluffy drabble but I hope you don’t mind :)

♡ Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader x Sulli

♡ Genre: Angst

♡ Song:  Jung Seung Hwan - 너였다면 (If It Is You) //  Sam Kim - Your Song (With Lee Jin Ah, Jung Seung Hwan, Kwon Jin Ah)

You stared at the elongated length of your champagne glass. The dim lights of the hall refracted into various colours of golden and brown inside the glass. Taking another sip you looked around, feeling lonely, feeling left out. Chanyeol stood in the corner amongst a group of boys. He chatted happily, his eyes glowing with excitement. You could only stare at him. He was gorgeous. His brown hair sat on top of his head in swift soft curls. The suit he wore fit his tall frame perfectly. Your eyes fell on his hands, holding his drink. His knuckles were a subtle shade of blush, rendering your brain into a mush of thoughts. Maybe it was you feeling lonely or the agitation of being brought to the party. But you wanted to snatch him away from the crowd. He was yours, not theirs. 

As the cold feeling settled in, someone sat next to you. A girl. Dressed in a beautiful short black dress. Her hair rested on her shoulders, ruler lined straight. Her eyes were a dark shade of brown, looking even more fierce in her heavy eyeliner and red lipstick. She was beautiful. And confident, because she resonated self assurance and so did her attitude as she asked the bartender for another drink. 

 "Hi, I’m Sulli,“ she beamed at you. You weren’t easily swayed by girls. You weren’t interested in girls at all. But just her sitting there ignited an unfamiliar feeling in the pit of your stomach. 

 "I’m Y/N, nice to meet you,” you replied, ignoring flare inside you.

 "I saw you sitting alone and honestly I’m bored out of my mind so I was like wouldn’t hurt to judge everyone together.“ Her voice was gentle and seductive. She smiled brightly at you which made you giggle. Why were you acting this way? 

 "Yea, I don’t usually go to fancy parties like these,” you said honestly. She nodded in agreement. 

 "I don’t like going to any either. But when you work for a company you’re forced to attend all of their extravagant parties.“ You both were engaged in a hearty conversation. You forgot about Chanyeol and him being busy and you forgot about how much you hated being here. 

 "I must say, Chanyeol is one lucky guy. You’re gorgeous,” Sulli complemented. You laughed it off, trying to hide your blush but the rush of heat inside your veins didn’t help. “And very bashful as well, I see.” She was pampering you with complements and you didn’t mind. 

 Chanyeol’s gaze fell on you, laughing with Sulli and having the time of your life. He was fine with it and relieved as well that you had found someone to spend time with but when he realised who that person was, he was quick to react. Sulli was into girls, everyone knew that. Even the janitor who cleaned their dorms knew that. A passerby would know how Sulli allures women to the bedroom and does god knows what. 

 He stood behind you, listening to her complementing you and stealing your heart. She could sway the straightest girls just by a single glance, he wasn’t surprised at your shy giggles. But he was jealous. 

 "Who’s gorgeous?“ He asked with a straight face. Sulli straightened when she looked at him, mischief filling her eyes. She knew what she was doing. 

 "Your girlfriend, she’s totally my type.” Your cheeks heated up again, as your eyes diverted to your misty glass. Chanyeol saw you modulating into a blushing mess. He didn’t like it. 

 "Too bad she’s taken.“ His voice was stern. And his face was brick hard as he gentle pulled you by the hands from the chair and took you away from her. Sulli was a bit startled at the sudden act but was quick to shoot you a wink and pick up your frosty glass and take a sip. 

 "Just what were you doing?” He asked as he exited the hall, 

 "Making friends,“ you answered. The parking lot was dingy, with the blue lights feebly illuminating the way. You were still in a daze. She was gorgeous and casted a lasting effect on you. 

 "Making friends or flirting with girls?" 

 "Well Chanyeol she was the one who talked to me when my boyfriend didn’t even turn to look at me.” You said harshly. How dare he accuse of such a thing when he ignored you all through the night. 

 "You know how busy these things are.“ He was sweating. Despite the cool air his forehead was covered with small droplets of sweat. He rested his hand on his hips in frustration. 

 "Well Chanyeol you shouldn’t have brought me here then. You know I don’t like coming to these events because I feel alone. Sulli was the first person to talk to me, should I have been rude and turned her away? Like you? The way you ignored me tonight? Mind you Chanyeol, I actually have morals and I know how to treat people.” You stomped away from him but turned back. He stood there, shocked at your outrage. “And don’t bother taking me home, I’ll take the taxi.” With one swift turn you walked away from him. Your heels clicked against the pavement as you made your way out of the gloomy parking lot. 

 "Y/N wait!“ He called after you but you were too angry to look back. He finally ran up to you and pulled you by the arm. Your face met his chest as he enclosed his long arms along the width of your waist. "I’m so sorry. I know I shouldn’t have done what I did.” His voice was remorseful. Tears slipped from your eyes as you held him close, not wanting him to see you crying. 

 "I just felt so alone,“ you weeped. He stroked your hair. 

 "I’m so sorry. I acted poorly. I should’ve known. It’s just…Sulli was flirting with you and I got jealous.” You pulled away and stared at him. Even against the lustreless lights he looked beautiful. Even more than Sulli. “Did you really think I would let you walk home like that? I’m not that mean.” He chuckled lightly. You hit him softly on the chest and hugged him again. He smelled like mint and musk, the fragrance you adored. “You’re mine okay?” He said. You nodded, wanting to go home. It had been a long night.


Title: Seduction

Summary: His mission was to seduce the angel, not to fall in love with her.

Characters: Natsu, Lucy, Zeref, Erza, Jellal

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Genre: Romance/Comfort

Word Count: 1,107

Also found on FF.net

“I don’t understand, Natsu.”

Onyx eyes snapped open at the sound of his name, peering up quizzically at the gorgeous angel. Her head hovered above his, her golden hair like a curtain around the duo, the tips of them tickled his chin. “What dontcha understand?”

With his horned head laying on her lap, her slim fingers absent-mindedly threaded through his thick, pink hair. He didn’t complain as he felt her red painted nails scrape lightly against his scalp. She dragged her hand around his slightly curved horn down to his ink-stained cheeks as she answered his question. “Why haven’t you completed your mission yet?”

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Swept Off My Feet (Part 5)

Misha x Reader

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: language, kissing, flirting, inappropriate touching (consensual), dirty dancing/dry humping.

A/N: This one was slightly longer than I expected, but here it is. :) Oh, and the pic below is not mine. Enjoy.

Swept Off My Feet Master List

The loading zone is for passenger loading and unloading only.

You dragged your small suitcase out of the baggage claim doors and onto the sidewalk, still clutching your passport. You glanced down at your phone to check the time.

New Message: Katherine

Have a safe trip, Mommy!

You smiled at the adorable photo of your best friend cuddling your little fur baby. At least you knew that the only family you really had was well taken care of. It was one less thing that you had to worry about.

Like the fact that you were meeting some you barely knew in a different country. But, you had come to terms with the fact that what you were doing was completely fucking crazy.

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