gorgeous head of hair

unicorn head - rated

very beautiful!  gorgeous horn, lovely hair, she puts a lot of effort into her look & i bet she’s a hard worker! 10/10

not as multicoloured as her unicorn friends, but still very beautiful! she probably has a very kind heart. 10/10

1 word: very lovely. 
she’s a charmer, everyone loves her. i love her too. although she is blocky, she does not let that bring her down! 10/10

he looks so young and innocent! i’d trust him with my life. adorable boy, 10/10

she looks related to Apple in some way. she’s like the pastel version of her, but she’s still very lovely and unique! 10/10 i love her

very majestic. there’s a feeling of dominance around him, but i bet he has a heart of gold. probably the father of samsung and microsoft. he cares deeply about his children 10/10 loving father

wow! bold & bright! astonishing! she would get 1st place at a beauty contest. 10/10 gorgeous girl

hes very confident. he spiked his hair, & he is really beautiful! look at that smile. he’s a gorgeous boy & he knows it 10/10

mysterious gal!  shes quite reserved and tends to keep to herself, but she doesn’t mind being with her friends! you know in those wallpapers where there’s a beautiful horse at a beautiful lake? that’s her. beautiful. i love her so much 10/10

this joke isn’t funny anymore

has anyone written an age reverse fic yet where yakov and lilia are suddenly 16-years-old again? consider:

  • yakov and lilia are terrible together in the way that they are beautiful together and cruel together and yurio instantly loves both of them until he HATES THEM because lilia looks down on him even more now that she can say, “no, like this,” and throw her body into poses that should be impossible but they aren’t, not for her, and yakov is a fast learner with a gorgeous full head of hair who thinks that yurio is old yakov’s problem, why should young yakov have to give a shit?
  • they break up and get back together every fifteen minutes. even georgi gets tired of their shit, while it becomes mila’s entire snapchat story. 
  • victor thinks it’s hilarious until lilia decides to make yakov jealous by draping herself all over yuuri, complimenting his dancer’s body and flexibility. victor calls minako like, how do i deal with this TERROR, because he knows she knows
  • no, what’s even worse is that young yakov is totally bisexual and look, lilia, we can share him
  • “share who?” yuuri asks, but lilia is pretzeled around him and victor is getting the vapors, and he’s pretty sure he knows exactly who, he just doesn’t want to know.
  • yakov refuses to listen to anything that isn’t joy division or sisters of mercy. lilia steals mila’s favorite pair of leggings. 
  • everyone’s problems are put into perspective when they see the worst of themselves magnified in young yakov and lilia
  • which is why yakov and lilia intentionally used black magic or w/e to make themselves young again in the first place, it was actually a curse on all of yakov’s students, not on themselves, and it can only be lifted by everyone getting over themselves
  • except yuuri, ur perfect just the way u are boo
Boy’s Night: ReggiexReader! Mini Fic Part 1

hey guys! here’s another reggie oneshot :) feedback in my ask would be appreciated! edit: i decided to make this into a mini fic so if you want a part 3 with smut, lemme know!

Summary: Drunk Reggie texts when he’s at the bar with the bulldogs!

Warnings: Swearing. Mentions of alcohol.


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too shy for the ride (m)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader, Jungkook x Reader (feat.my 5 little children watching)

Warnings: I meaaaan, you see the request. Good lucks reading this.

Wordcount: 2.1k 

a/n: aww, this is was really a good idea for me to write ! thanks for requesting, hope you want more and enjoy this stuff.~ 

The boys knew how he felt about you. Always teasing him when you came over wearing your shorts or just a tank top with pajama bottoms. Jungkook is known for his shy ways, and you wanted so bad to bring him out of it. One night, it had all turned into a drunk ass mess of a game of “Truth or Dare.” If you didn’t take the dare, you had to drink. Dares were the only fucking things being thrown around, considering that none of these boys were up for a round of truths. Finally, it came to you. Yoongi looked at you with the cockiest smirk, which had you gulping at the slightest. He knew how much you wanted Jungkook to see that he doesn’t need to be so shy about everything, and boy, was he about to get a damn show. 

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old T-shirt


A/N : For my first ever Harry one shot, I hope this is good and does ‘From The Dining Table’ justice.

Word Count : 1700+

Summary : Harry sees a picture of Y/N on her new boyfriends Instagram, and it breaks his heart.

                                                       * * *

Light cascades through the half turned blinds, torching the room inside and revealing tiny dust particles dancing around Harry’s head. Behind his translucent eyelids he stirs as a disgruntled huff escapes his chapped, raw lips and the sour taste and smell of alcohol and cheap, sweaty sex floods Harry’s nostrils before he’s taken his first breath. 

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