gorgeous game i love it so much

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I'm only up to the beginning of chapter two but I like this game a lot more than the others aesthetic-wise. Especially the trials. The cool colors are a lot easier on the eyes than all the orange and red.

It’s visually gorgeous. Especially the trials. Though playing through Trial six might’ve cause nausea for me but I don’t know if that was my own health + the game overwhelming with so much at once.

But if anything, I love the Non-stop debate visuals cause it gets pretty creative with how the words move. (For example, talking about a bow = words form a bow and fires an arrow)


Thank you so, so much @artbylexie for this beautiful gift. It’s an illustration for my story “On Thin Ice.” Isn’t it gorgeous? Don’t you love his helmet hair? Lexie created the team logo, which I also love! And Molly even has the white towel!!

In spite of herself Molly laughed, then swatted him [John] on the shoulder with the ubiquitous white towel she carried during every game.

Thank you again, so very, very much!!!

Some concept art or doodles on that awesome horror game Hello neighbor! I do have to say the art design is very gorgeous and amazing! I would love to see the new updated version soon! It would be so great if you also check the game out! 

I do love the theory’s too!


I was tagged by the lovely @daisyprouvaire​ and amazing @itistimeforusalltodecidewhoweare​ to do the six selfie thing. They are both gorgeous and have made my 2016 much better than it could have been. Also, they probably received these selfies at some point. This year sucked, but my selfie game did not.

I tag @hozier-than-thou​, @boys-of-the-barricade​, @imsorryfortheinconvenience​, @just-french-me-up​, @whensunscollide​, @gracetaire​, and anyone else who wants to tag me in their selfies so that I can see all the beauty in humanity. Have a great 2017 citizens!

The empress of ice, wreathed in frost. She is known for her signature move, “Diamond Dust,” which freezes everything in an instant.

Intro (jacksepticeye)

“Top of the Morning to you! My name is jacksepticeye and by popular request I’m joined by y/n!” You joined Sean in the frame waving to the people who would eventually see the video.

“Hi imaginary people.” You smiled.

“So, we’re going to go on Twitter and answer your questions in like five minutes, I already tweeted for you to send them in but while you tweet them I’m going to tell you about my main lady, yes?” He waited about half a second before continuing at his normal over-active speed.

“So, like I said y/n is my main lady and you can see she’s absolutely gorgeous and she’s a lot lazier than I am, not that she’s lazy. She’s just not as hyper as I am and she’s great really, she puts up with me and plays games with me and let’s me make videos. So thank her for that. You should love her as much as I do, well not quite as much.” He grinned as you laughed, blushing slightly.

“So, question time!” He shouted pulling out his phone and opening Twitter.

“Okay, so this one asks y/n to talk about herself.” He made a gesture at you.

You groaned and talked a little about yourself.

“How’d we meet?” Sean asked you grinning.

“Well… We were at a store and I had a bit of a fan girl moment and then he asked me to get lunch with him. Totally lame and cliché but yeah..” You laughed.

He kissed your cheek and laughed as well.

“She was so lovely I had to date her and here we are!” He grinned flipping through the questions.

“Oh, y/n someone likes your accent and wants to know where you’re from.” You sighed.

“I’m from *hometown*, but I’ve lived here for several years so I have a bit of a mashed up accent.” You laughed.

“I think it’s adorable.” He smiled.

You guys answered more questions and talked getting many compliments on your compatibility as a couple.

Sean finished the video, closing out in his usual style.

“Thank you so much for that.” He grinned and kissed you.

“Anytime. As long as it makes you happy.” You smiled then kissed him back.

“It makes me very happy, you’re probably the only thing better than video games.” He grinned kissing you again. You shrugged.

“I’m not sure I’m better than video games, but definitely a close second. You’re better than some games. I’ll give you that.” You grinned and he laughed.

“I’ll second that. How about we play one of those games that are better than me?” You grinned and nodded.

“Game on, crazy boy.”

uncharted 4 was??? a beautiful game it was sososo good i love the characters so much the game was so gorgeous nd the story was AMAZING holy shit im in love???


i was tagged by @byunbaeklr @rapmonhyuk @pcybiased @monstajaebum @agustdia @jihansoly@jonginsglow to do the six selfies of 2016!!! (thank you all so much you’re all so so so gorgeous!!!) 

so here’s that, on the last day of 2016 cause i’m a mess lmao


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Just finished catching up on the Fletcher legacy (ignore the upcoming like spree xD) and I just want to say I'm absolutely in love!! Plus your TS3 game and your sims looks gorgeous. *o* I don't know if you've dealt with lag much in your game, but do you have any ideas on how to get TS3 to stop lagging so much? Recently discovered some of my old saves but they are literally unplayable because of the lag haha. Thank you <3

Thank you so much Jayde! That’s so nice of you *-* Sorry for posting this late, I wanted to do it when my queue runs out in order for this answer not to get lost.

Actually it depends a lot on your computer, TS3 was absolutely unplayable on my old laptop (that’s why I used to play nothing but TS2) but thankfully my current one that I have since last January runs it pretty well. I experienced some problems at the beginning, mostly crashes. As far as I remember I increased virtual memory, switched between compatibility modes, messing with DEP and so on, I tried literally everything. Recently I started playing in windowed mode - when I played in full-screen mode my game used to crash a lot, but in windowed my game almost never crashes so it’s a great solution for me. I also delete caches after every game session using this guide. However my game still loads like forever (for an hour or so). I tried to merge cc to reduce the loading times, here’s a tutorial (it’s recommended to do with hairs and clothing). By the way, my newer saves run smoothly while the older ones, like the Fletchers, tend to lag and run slower, but I’m used to it, it’s a huge save after all. I’ve heard of an app called save cleaner but I’m yet to try it. Hope that helps :D

Oh, and if you’re interested in editing stuff (this aspect usually transforms your pics so much that people think your quality is majestic), I answered this question here, however I know it’s not the best way possible and a lot of people would rather use photoshop actions & have better quality than me, it’s just how I do it :)

OOC;; honestly forgot how much i love skyrim. 50% of it is m remembering the game and the xbone version being so fucking gorgeous. but the other 50% is me remembering all the muscular, beautiful bearded men holding big swords that you get to talk to and interact with 


I was tagged by the awesome @guidethisonekalahira to post my favorite oc’s screenshots of 2016! Thank you so much for thinking of me, and I’m sorry it tooks so long!

Soooooo… I hope screenshots by other people are relevant for this meme because the amazing @inquizies has recently made gorgeous shots of my Celia (you can see some of them here and here), and I couldn’t resist to share a few more. Choosing was so hard because I love them all…

I’ve added other screenshots I’ve made of other oc’s and other games than DAI. Here’s the list:

1-3: Celia Trevelyan (DAI) - courtesy of @inquizies.

4: Neryn Lavellan (DAI) - sometimes when I hit the print screen key, a very cool shot like this one appears.

5-6: The Arisen (Dragon’s Dogma) - I have very mixed feelings about this game, but I really enjoyed it overall. Still a mystery for me :)

7-9: Shaiandra (SWTOR) - Jedi Consular and my main character in the game (she also provides me my url (: )

Pretty much everyone has already been tagged in this I guess, but I would like to tag @inquizies, @kadustuniverse, @elhuen and @flowerbabytrevelyan because I love your oc’s! Of course, no pressure, do it only if you’re willing to :)

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For the ask thing, 4, 7, and 13?

4. What other devs do you look up to?

  • I gotta quote Toby Fox, it’s because of his game, Undertale, that I’ve decided once and for all that a project I’ve been maturing for years (which is not Moacir) was going to be a game. Mortis Ghost and KIKIYAMA might as well enter the list, for being source of inspiration! :’D But then, from Tumblr, I’d quote @thejudge and his gorgeous OFF fangame HOME, @visitorsfromdreams, because not only he’s a good animator, he puts much love into his creations, omg omg Idk who else to quote because I follow so many dev blogs and all… ;-;

7. What do you find hardest?

  • Like many others, keeping focus and motivation, nothing any of the fellow devs I follow hasn’t said. But specifically, the tilesets, though I believe I came up w/ a solution for this, I’ll soon talk about it ;)

13. What other ideas would you work on in the future (if any)?

  • Why as a matter of fact I do. It’s in fact that story I’ve been working since my 12′s, I guess. and it’ll have a more “complex” (though not Too much, bc I ain’t confuse the player x_x) story than Moacir will ever have. Its cast will be mostly of anthropomorphic animals, with a single human among the main chars, the title is Anywhole and i sAID TOO MUCH ASDFLKJHGFDFGH I DIN’T SAY ANYTHING FORGET I SAID THAT!!
Dating Lewis Nixon Would Include

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@katejeevas :  the Speirs post is game! can we do some justice to Mr. Gorgeous Eyebrows Lewis Nixon and have the same kind of headcanons for him? :D love your blog immensely, btw. thank you for writing and good luck on further works <3

(Sorry that this took me so long. Again, I’ve been a bit busy lately. Hope you like it!)

  • Such a cute couple
  • And very protective of each other
  • He trusts you so much
  • And that’s saying something, because he’s had a rough past, and doesn’t really trust people all that much.
  • He’s the best kisser
  • I mean, damn
  • He’ll wrap you up in his arms and take his time, making sure that by the time he’s done, you’re a mess.
  • He’d be a romantic
  • Taking you out to the absolute best restaurant in town
  • If he’s really going for it, he’ll pay the string quartet to serenade you.
  • Actually the cheesiest.
  • And he always brings flowers to every single one of your dates
  • And definitely the type of guy who gets you jewelry all the time.
  • He’s basically the same way in the bedroom.
  • He romances you in the best way
  • Like, he goes slow, whispering sweet nothings in your ear as he walks you to the bedroom
  • The first couple of times, he doesn’t do any showing off
  • He sticks to the basics
  • But then, when he starts trusting you, he opens up a bit more.
  • Big into roleplay
  • And he loves dirty talk
  • Also, foreplay, oh my God
  • He would tease you so much, but at the same time, he’d always be careful about making you happy.
  • In the morning, you usually wake up before him, but he’ll be holding onto you so tight that you can’t get up
  • So you’ll just lay there, cuddled up with him, until he finally wakes up
  • And when he wakes up, he’ll shower you in little kisses.
  • You are his rock, and the reason why he decided to quit being an alcoholic
  • It was difficult, and at times it put a strain on your relationship, but you stuck with him
  • And that means the absolute world to him.
  • He cares for you so much, and would do anything to protect you and keep you happy
  • And at night, when it’s just the two of you
  • After a long day
  • He’ll pull you close, kissing your forehead
  • And whispering about how much he loves you
  • And how he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

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Video Games is a divine song like oh gosh it's so beautiful! It really is I don't know why but it's very special..

Video Games is so gorgeous. I love the chorus so much