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@kisu-no-hi is the queen and we should all agree,just look at them, those lines, those expressions DAT STYLE!!!! Utterly speechless. Thank you so.freaking.much.words.cant.describe.how.much.i.adore.this. ; ; *weeps happy tears*

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wcif the black alpha hair in your daisy bra/words on the tip of my tongue post? also if you put it up for dl do you think you could put that sim on the gallery? she's gorgeous

- ̗̀ hair  ̖́-

good news she’s actually already up for dl on the gallery - here’s the info :-) 

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Feyrhys and the AU “I was trying to take a sneeky picture of you because i told my friend about the hot guy on the train and she wanted to see but you totally noticed and yeah this is awkward”

A/N: ok i really love this AU.  And I kinda (by kinda i mean definitely) want to write more in this universe, so let me know what you all think! @rhysndtrash I did the thing! [Part 2!]

~ Rattled ~

Shooting a furtive glance toward her slumbering companion, Feyre bit her lip and tugged her cellphone from the pocket of her messenger bag.

I think I found my muse

There’s a delay in reply, which Feyre fills by scrolling through Tumblr and Instagram, grinning faintly at a few kind comments and tags on her latest piece, which is a misleading characterization unless one considers ‘latest’ to mean over six months.  Still, its good for her ego. 

She’s halfway through reading a ranting conspiracy theory, which managed to connect heelys and Roswell, when an alert drops down at the top of her screen from Mor.

Oo.  intriguing.  is he hot? 

Smirking despite herself, Feyre opens the message to respond.

I never said it was a he

I could be talking about a non-human for all you know

Three dots appear almost immediately and she settles back against the worn but pleasantly clean faux velvety seat, sipping at her fountain drink only to be met with a mouthful of watered down Sprite.  Gross.

pretty sure thats illegal

also that doesnt sound like a denial to me…

Rolling her eyes, Feyre answers back,

ew thanks for making that gross

and fine.  it’s a guy.  but this isn’t about hotness.  artists have muses that they remain platonic with

mhmmm.  so is this going to be a fling or are we talking long term life partners?

whats your stance on marriage as an institution?

Feyre lets out a snort at that, then quickly checks to be sure she hasn’t woken sleeping beauty.  Because he is…beautiful that is.  Purely from an artistic perspective.  This isn’t romantic attraction.  She definitely didn’t think about mouthing her way across his sharp jaw bone while his hands gripped-

i hate you

As if Mor had expected that answer, she fires back almost immediately

no u dont.  and send pics

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Red Square - Chapter 2 (Olicity AU Bratva Fic)

Thank you equally for your patience and enthusiasm about this story. It’s getting a little bigger/longer than I had planned. I really hope you enjoy it. 

You can thank @tinaday3w for inspiring me to complete this chapter this week. She has been encouraging me so much and then she had a birthday yesterday, so I beavered through to complete it. Many thanks again to @mel-loves-all for the lovely artwork she made for this story. And hugs to @scu11y22 for awesomeness. 

In this chapter, we get some backstory. We get some Diggle. We get some nice things, actually. And there are some intriguing developments. 

You can read the first chapter here

Ao3 Chapter 1 / Chapter 2

The sound filled the main room of the apartment. It was the buzz of a tattoo machine, except the machine wasn’t actually there. It was in the bathroom, where Felicity was branding Oliver. The noise in the main room emanated from Felicity’s tablet - a clever ruse to distract listening devices while carrying on a secure conversation in private.

It had been Felicity’s idea to unblock the bug in Oliver’s sitting room. Disabling it for too long at a stretch might call attention and, perhaps, send someone to replace it. For now, occasional outages would be in keeping with the poor quality of Anatoly’s aging tech and easily dismissed. And all it would pick up was the noise of a mechanism doing its job.

Felicity preferred to work in the bathroom for a number of reasons. First, the lighting was better – and while the tattoo she was tasked to execute was not complicated, she always preferred to see where she was placing her needles. The bathroom also had the potential to be the most sanitary space in the apartment if properly cleaned first. She had brought disinfectant with her and carefully wiped down the area before beginning. Oliver looked grateful that germs would be kept to a minimum. Moscow was not a place where he wanted to be seriously ill with an infection. The third reason, the one Felicity would not speak aloud, was that the bathroom was quite easily the least dangerous room in the apartment. And by dangerous, she was referring (internally, of course) to the lack of soft horizontal surfaces. The thought of working on Oliver Queen, shirtless no less, on a couch or, god forbid, his bed, was more than she could handle right now.

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A/N Part 2 of the “MC falls asleep on ____” Headcannons!!! V and Saeran!!

Part 1 HERE

-much love, mod cozy

- In preparation for an up and coming RFA party and since the both of you lost rock paper scissors
- You two were stuck at the venue organizing decorations and making sure everything was in order
- He was lowkey salty about it taking all day but also really happy because it’s all day with you this boy can never figure out how he feels
- You had just finished getting the last centerpiece on the table when you guys decided to go out to a quick celebratory dinner!!
- Well you decided saeran wrap just said “Ugh I’m hungry.” And hmphed
- You went to this cute little kimbap place and ordered your respective meals
- You two sat in the window and laughed and complained and made jokes about the people walking by and saeran actually smiled a few times???
- Not like a smirk or anything it was a super genuine super adorable smile???
- What???
- It was just getting dark when the both of you arrived at the train to get home
- You were sitting on the bench next to him and the rhythmic sound of the city eventually lulled you to sleep against your best efforts
- Saeran felt you lean your head on his shoulder
- “MC you’re gonna make us look like a shitty couple or something” he chuckled before realizing you’d fallen asleep and then promptly feeling pretty ding dang dumb for talking to himself
- After the initial feeling of idiocy, it sunk in
- One of his actual favorite people
- One that he may or may not be in love with
- Was currently asleep on his shoulder
- Shit he doesn’t really know how to handle this my dudes
- And the train is fast approaching but he doesn’t want to wake you shit shit shit
- Wraps you in his jacket and bridal carries you whilst praying you don’t wake up
- Accidentally hits your head on the side of the train a little ouch that isn’t helping
- Will use whatever means necessary to make sure you’re home and tucked into bed without being woken what a sweetheart (but don’t tell anyone)

- V was having his first gallery expo since he agreed to get the surgery and regain the sight he deserves!!!  If only It was cannon, fuck you rika
- He wanted you to come with him for it since he’s so nervous and happy and awwwe
- Y’all got all dressed up to go and met at a cute little café!!! The exhibit was set to open in an hour or two so you had some time to kill
- He kept snapping photos of you because he thought you looked gorgeous and wasn’t afraid to say it
- Platonically of course, kinda
- He highkey had a mega-crush on you though and I feel like he’s the type to unintentionally flirt with genuine compliments and the sort because he’s such a sweetie
- The gallery was gorgeous, duh, it’s V and he invited you to his house afterwards get your heads outta the gutter it was with pure intentions
- You were both chilling with some nice drinks (not particularly alcoholic) and snacks and he had this super lovely surround sound music system in his house
- Because he’s pretty fucking wealthy and hearing was one of only four senses a little while ago so of course he’d have a sound system
- And this really nice song comes on and you start humming along to it and V’s humming too and you both just simultaneously stand up a start dancing together and it’s so cute and dorky awwe
- You’re giggling and twirling and the whole thing is so fantastic
- He leaves for a second to refill your cups and you sit down on the couch
- And you close your eyes for a SECOND to reminisce but the long day took its toll on you and you accidentally doze off
- V finds you passed out on the couch and smiles the warmest smile that has probably ever been smiled
- Carries you to his room and tucks you in with a cute little smooch on the forehead
- Sleeps in the guest room because he’s a gentleman


Rose Leslie by Rachell Smith for YOU Magazine (August 2014)