gorgeous final fantasy women


Day 03: Your favorite female Final Fantasy character.


This was an easy question. Not that I don’t love many other female Final Fantasy characters, but Yuna is a really special character for me. There are many characters I love with all my heart but Yuna just stands out. Because she is my role model since I’ve first played Final Fantasy X.

She is one of the strongest characters of Final Fantasy ever. I envy her, I adore her, I look up to her. Her willpower is one of the most amazing traits of her. She is determined. She never gives up her duty. Yes, she has her moment of doubt and no one would blame her if she did give up her duty but still she didn’t. She made a choice, and it was when she was very young, and she sticked to that choice until the very end. She was going to defeat Sin and she did.

Also, she smiles. She smiles even when she’s sad. I’m sure all of us know how hard it is to keep smiling when everything’s hard but she manages to do that. Even though she is the one who’s going to meet a tragic fate, she is the one who supports everyone and keep them going.

And I think one of her strengths is that she accepts help. She is strong, she is capable; yet she knows that she doesn’t have to do this alone. That is admirable. I always get mad at “This is my duty. I’ll do it alone. I don’t need anyone else.” type of characters. Yuna is beyond that. She is mature enough to accept help.

She is also still a teenager at heart. Even though we don’t see it much because of the heavy duty on her shoulders, we can catch glimpses of it when she is with Tidus. She is a fun person. She doesn’t brood over the fact that she is going to die, she is trying to make the best of the rest of her time. I love her interactions with Tidus. And their relationship is my favourite as well. Yes, they are in love with each other but more importantly they are also friends. And I love it.

There are many other traits of Yuna I adore and I can talk about it for days but I’ll save it for an another time. In short: Yuna is amazing! ^-^

Day 04: Which Final Fantasy game do you think needs to be more popular?

Final Fantasy VI

This game is not only one of the best Final Fantasy but also one of the best games ever. It has everything that a good game needs and more. But since because of media, the games prior to Final Fantasy VII don’t get the attention the should. Well thanks to remakes, some of them are more popular than the others. But Final Fantasy V and VI deserves that attention too. So I really want a remake. I want fan arts of it in every corner I turn, I want more people to learn about and to be able to appreciate its beauty. (High quality artworks of the characters would be a big plus too. :D)