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Flirty Mario with his favorite girl, Coo.

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So Curious Galralogy of the day: 

The planet here is indeed Zarkon’s home planet and it’s definitely destroyed long ago. 


take a look at the engineers on screenshot 2, you see any fluffy ears? I don’t. They are all reptilian just like Zarkon

Either the reptilians are a caste of scientists in Galra Empire (which might be the current Druids are exactly same reptilians) or the original homeworld Galra were reptilian and all those gorgeous felines kinda joined later?

Although I tend to believe in first. In the same episode, the Inulu at knives shop examines Keith’s knive and says following: And is this a luxite blade? The planet they’ve mined it from hasn’t existed in deca-smth..many-years

Reaons to LOVE Rocky a.k.a Park Minhyuk

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- The boy has the most adorable smile 

- He has gorgeous feline like eyes that look more innocent than fierce

- He has that type of hair where you just feel the need to tie up in little pigtails or style with bows and such (or am I alone XD)


- He is also extremely talented where he makes those who are around his age feel like potatoes (just like Sanha)


- he is that one guy you brag to your family about dating but when they ask when can they meet this amazing guy you turn around and say “Never because he is on the other side of the world and I doubt I will ever meet him myself”

- he can cook (Which makes me feel bad because i’m close to his age yet I can barely cook ramen)

- He knows Taekwondo 

- He is also a tall lad (171cm) so if you ever need to get something, Rocky is your guy

- Despite people expecting him to be this chic, cool guy he is a bundle of fluff, food and occasional fails






Hobo and Glunkus backstory.

My friend nikki-page and I concocted the backstory for both Hobo and Glunkus, here’s how it goes;

Hobo’s story isn’t all that original. He was just a normal cat, whose owners loved him until they had kids and couldn’t take care of him anymore. Therefore, they left him on the streets, only to have him fight to survive.

One night, Hobo wandered into an alley in the city while it was raining to gain some shelter. He soon noticed that he wasn’t alone, and that there was something dark and mysterious hiding in the shadows…

Glunkus’s backstory goes something like this:

Glunkus lived a luxurious life as an absolutely gorgeous feline. His owners treated him as a trophy cat, and bragged about him to everyone. As they had invested their pride into Glunkus, he - in turn - invested his love into his owners.

Later on in life, he notices that his family starts going through some small financial troubles, no big deal. But Glunkus sees the turmoil, and wants to do something about it. He decides the only way to properly return the love to his owners is to sell one of his nine lives to the devil for a wish. He does so, and later on he sells more and more of his souls. As he sells his souls, he starts to lose function in his face (ie, sight, smell, taste, etc), as well as his beauty. By the time he sells his ninth soul, he transforms into that of a demon - pitch black fur, gruff voice and a face full of teeth. After he’d given all that he could to his owners, they took one look at him, called him hideous and discarded him on the street.

Of course, he finds his way into this same alley that he and Hobo first meet. Hobo is, without a doubt, scared shitless of Glunkus, thinking the cat might rip him to shreds with his maw. When in fact, Glunkus can’t see a single thing, so when he walks towards Hobo out of curiosity, he ends up bumping into objects, signifying how harmless he really is. Hobo sees this, and forms a tender heart towards the other cat.

Hobo is a more outgoing cat; he’s willing to share his life story with Glunkus, who is more on the shy side and doesn’t like to talk about himself. He tells the other about the adventures he had in his previous home with his owners, and how great they were until the couple started reproducing. Glunkus, of course, listened. Even while he didn’t share his life with Hobo, he was still relieved to know someone wanted to talk to him, despite his tumultuous flaw.

They become close friends as time goes on. Due to Glunkus’s lack of vision, Hobo must be his seeing eye cat. They walk shoulder to shoulder with their tails linked together as to make sure Glunkus doesn’t accidentally wander off and get hurt.

One day, Glunkus finally feels comfortable enough with Hobo to tell his story. He confesses to Hobo that he sold all nine of his lives to please his owners, and after he’d gone through the awful transformation, they disowned him. He was bitter about humans, now that his favorite ones had taken him for granted and only “loved” him because of his beauty which he didn’t have anymore. Not only did he lose his aesthetic charm, but his sight as well. This particular thing got Hobo interested.

He asked Glunkus how simple it was to sell one’s soul to the devil in exchange for a wish. Glunkus told him it was an easy ritual, and he could be summoned anywhere, anytime, only by the will of the one selling their soul. This gives Hobo an idea.

Later at night, while Glunkus is asleep, Hobo ventures off to leave him alone for the first time ever. He goes somewhere private and attempts to call forth the devil, and is successful. He tells the devil about his friend Glunkus, whom the devil knows very well. Hobo then explains that he wants to sell his soul to the devil to give his friend sight, which also leads to him sacrificing his right eye. The devil promises to donate Hobo’s eye to Glunkus as he takes one of the cat’s souls and disappears.

In the middle of the night, Glunkus paws the ground to find out that Hobo is no longer lying beside him. He meows out for him, unable to function without his seeing eye friend. In moments, he starts seeing clearly with no explanation, and the first thing to appear before him is his friend Hobo, who is one eye short.

Hobo explains to him what he did, and why his eye went missing, to which Glunkus is aghast. He is in disbelief as to why anyone would do something that big for him. Glunkus states “I’m nothing to this world”.

To which Hobo replies, “But you’re something in mine.”