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Oh My My

Pairing: Avengers x fem!Reader

Word Count: 1500

Warnings: Still kinda lame, bad pickup lines (that I did not come up with), bad language, sexual innuendos, my writing

(A/N): My friend requested a second, more dirty, part. So, yeah…hope you´re happy. Kinda lamer than the first part, but whatever. And once again, if you see a pickup line/ dirty remark that belongs to you, please message me and I´ll gladly credit you. Enjoy.

Oh My

Summary: You thought you heard the last of me? Ha! Or: The Team attempts to cope with your You-ness.

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„Can you just…not…do that?“

Steve huffs impatiently, watching you turn and blink at him all too innocently.

“Do what, Captain? Admire the view?”

You gesture behind yourself, towards the small group of people that were currently being shoved into the back of a SHIELD van. Two young, handsome males and a beautiful, blonde female.

“They are terrorists, [Y/N]. Can you at least fake some professionalism?”

You shake your head with an amused smirk, your gaze lingering on him just long enough to see him reach out to massage his temple.

“What am I going to do with you?”

A laugh bubbles up at the back of throat and you turn, sending him a wink over your shoulder as you set into a casual stroll towards his motorcycle.

“My, Captain, I can think of a few things. Might need to stretch first though.”

His annoyed groan only serves to amuse you further, [E/C] meeting his cerulean blue ones just as he sweeps a hand over his slightly reddened face.

“I´m serious, [Y/N]. If you step out of line one more time-“

“You will give me a good spanking, got it, Captain.”

He buries his face in his hands with a shuddering sigh, the flush that spreads across his face delightfully bright.

And I can tell, today´s going to be a good day.

“How did you pull that off?”

Bruce´s disbelieving whisper drags a small chuckle out of you, your grip on his arm tightening insignificantly when he slowly leads you towards the emergency exit, flash-drive with the needed data safely stored in his jackets pocket.

“Like a wise person once said: If you can´t blow them away with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit.”

He snorts a laugh, opening the door for you once you´ve made sure that you could slip away undetected.

“You amaze me, [Y/N].”

“And we haven’t even slept together yet.”

You smile teasingly his way, easily slipping into the driver´s seat of your getaway car, while Bruce stands next to it for a few moments, shaking his head in a mixture of amusement and embarrassment.

You´ve had a lot of brilliant ideas in your life- a whole lot, but this, you decide, might just have been one of your very best.

“Please tell me I´m hallucinating…”

Tony´s disbelieving whisper drags a chuckle out of you, [E/C] sparkling in amusement as you push away from the set of suits that both Pepper and you have taken great pleasure in painting bright neon pink.

“Well, I am dreamy, but please do contain yourself, darling.”

He takes a shaky inhale, his eye twitching to the rhythm of his pulse. Or as doctor Cho would have put it, unhealthily fast.

“Don´t worry, it´s not waterproof”

You grin at him, reaching out to plant your lips to his cheek in an attempt to soothe his rattled nerves, before you lean back with a playful smirk on your lips.

“What do you say we get out of here, darling. To blow of some steam. Emphasis on the blow.”

He chokes on thin air, his eyes widening, and you take a picture, laughing at it and his truly priceless expression for the rest of your day-off.

“It´s beautiful”

You turn upon hearing Bucky´s voice, training your eyes onto the item the soldier was currently referring to.

It turned out to be Wanda´s new scarf, a fabric of gorgeous scarlet color that complimented both her powers and leather jacket lovely.

“Suits you”

Clint pipes up from across the room, sending you a quick look that almost begs you to say something also. Preferably something incredibly dirty. And who are you to disappoint?

“Indeed, it does. Maybe if you´re feeling a little frisky you´ll let me use it on you in more existing ways.”

She blushes and buries her face in her scarf, her cheeks as delightfully red as the fabric itself, while you merely take a calm sip of your tea and tone out Clint´s barking laughter.

You never failed to be pleased by Bucky´s delight at the simplest and most basest of things, one of the main reasons why you took to treating the Super Soldier to lunches and dinners every now and again, introducing him to various restaurants, bars and cafés while you were at it too.

“That was mind-blowing”

You grin up at him from behind your burger

“Not usually the circumstances I hear that, but I´ll take it.”

You narrowly dodge a fry that he throws your way, laughing at the small blush that tinted his cheeks as his creative imagination paved a way for, what you are sure, were some incredibly dirty thoughts and pictures.

“I hate you…”

“Wanna watch a movie?”

You smirk at Sam from behind the book that you were reading, teasingly raising a delicate brow.

“Why, Wilson, a little ´Netflix and Chill´ is always welcome”

He raises his own brows in slightly flustered disbelief, turning to Pietro for help only to receive a nonchalant shrug in return.

“Welcome to our world…”

You throw a book at the speedster, watching bemusedly as he calmly dodges it by craning his head to the right.

“Glad I´m flexible, right?”

“Certainly, although I´d love to find out just how flexible you can be, love.”

You treat him to a coy smirk and flirtatious chuckle, ruffling up his hair on your way to the elevator when you take notice of the color that set upon his cheeks.

“You coming or what, Wilson?”

“Me? Oh I-“

“Oh, I´m sure he already came!”

You laugh at Tony´s good natured jab, teasingly beckoning the flustered Sam to join you in the elevator with a wiggle of your index finger.

Patience, to most people´s surprise, had always been one of your strong suits, combined with the fact that you, not very unlike Natasha, were impeccable at stealth, it made you into a force to be reckoned with.

A force that Clint, just like HYDRA, learned to fear. For wholly different reasons.


A girlish shriek rips from his lips and you muster a self-satisfied smirk in return, watching him jump away from you, with clear amusement in your eyes.

“I hate you!”

He grips his chest for emphasis, wheezing and far from amused by your sudden and quite frankly startling appearance.

“Now that, darling, is where I beg to differ. I hold firm to the belief that I´m like walking heroin, very habit forming-“

“And it never ends well”

You chuckle at him and nod, offering him the basket of fries you brought along to share with the Archer.

“Now that this is out of the way, I figured you´d be hungry, after a jump like that.”

Nevertheless the withering look he gives you at the mention of his reaction to your sudden appearance, he takes the basket.

“To think you could be scared of lil´ol´me…”

“I wasn’t scared…”

And after swallowing, he quickly adds

“You´re not scary”

You merely grin at him, the flirtatious twinkle in your eyes unmissable and bright

“Well, in this case, rest assured, darling. I still have some tricks up my sleeve that can make you tremble- perhaps not in fear, but-“

You snort a laugh at him as he chokes on his fries and leave him to his demise, still coughing and red-faced.

“You know”

You crack your knuckles one by one, allowing your gaze to stray from her self-satisfied smirk and onto the heap of whimpering and unconscious HYDRA Agents before you.

“Shattering their bones is one thing, but shattering their bones, stepping on their manly pride and then laughing in their faces…”

You turn to give her a look of mock disappointment

“That´s just cruel”

“So, arrest me”

A teasing, lopsided grin is what it takes for Natasha to realize her mistake. Her green eyes flitting to where your hand is already reaching for your own pair of handcuffs.

“With utmost pleasure

“Don’t you dare”

You found Maria to be a person of utmost grace and intelligence. Someone who, despite being confined to her office for the better part of forever, still had no trouble slipping into the role of an active Agent if need be.

It´s unlike you, and if somebody were to point it out, you would most certainly deny it, but you admired that about her.

So, it came as no surprise to you when your eyes lingered on her frame for a moment longer than they needed to be, watching profanities leave her lips in an enraging volume if only to convince the target that she was truly offended.

Out of the corner of your eye, you catch Natasha´s gaze on you, her own green eyes twinkling in amusement as she watched your lips curl upwards at Maria´s impeccable performance.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

Her voice reaches you over the com

“I´d love to make that woman scream for real”

It takes you a moment to realize why Maria cracks for a split-second, a flush setting upon her cheeks.

“She left her com on”

Natasha informs you and not missing a beat, she adds a questioning

“You´ll never stop, will you?”

You merely shake your head, teasingly winking Maria´s way when she sends you a half-hearted glare over the target´s shoulder.

A good day indeed


(Disclaimer: this report will not be a serious and professional one because I just can’t contain the fangirling; also I may and probably will be biased towards Aikyan and Shuka I’m sorry-
Also I’m sorry but I can’t really understand Japanese so I don’t know a lot of the things they said and what the Intermission PV was about, but maybe I will be able to update it later
Last, there will probably be a lot of mistakes since I’m writing this on my phone (since I’m going back home to Italy only after Comiket next week)

Sorry this took me a lot of time! So, on Saturday I’ve been to the first day of Aqours 2nd Live Tour in Nagoya and I wanted to write a report of it for curious people and also for me to remember it better :)

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We Are One Mess - Stafou

Things are going well for LeFou.

Belle and Maurice appear to have forgiven him and everyone in the village is making sure he knows he isn’t blamed for a thing. LeFou notices there is a lightness in his steps that hasn’t been there for a very long time.

“Bonjour!” LeFou smiles at Agatha, nodding as a way of greeting. He makes his way over to the tavern, the sun setting and painting the sky a combination of beautiful reds and pinks.

As he opens the door the tavern he is immediately greeted by laughter and other noises and he smiles as he hops onto one of the stools at the bar. This isn’t so bad.

A beer is slid in front of him and when he looks up, he sees Stanley grinning at him. “LeFou.” Stanley slides onto the stool next to him, their elbows touching. LeFou takes a big gulp of his beer. “How was your day?” It is such a simple question, but the smile that Stanley sends in his direction causes LeFou’s heart to flutter. “I uh- I went to the castle. Belle had something she wanted to show me.” LeFou shrugs. He wouldn’t tell Stanley about the reading lessons he was getting from Belle. Not yet.

“How was yours?’ He asks instead. “It was – ah, uneventful.” Stanley ducks his head, his cheeks colouring slightly darker than usual. “Want to get out of here?” “We can go back to mine if you want?” LeFou offers as an answer, smiling slightly. Stanley merely nods.

As soon as the pair felt like there was nobody around that could see them, Stanley’s hand found LeFou’s and the two continued to walk to LeFou’s small cottage hand in hand. LeFou allowed Stanley to enter his tiny house before him, taking his jacket, hanging it over one of the squeaky old dining chairs and closing the door. As soon as the door falls shut, Stanley’s arms are around LeFou, embracing him tightly. LeFou lets out a little sound, before relaxing into the embrace and burying his face in the crook of Stanley’s neck. “I missed you today.” Stanley mutters and LeFou hums. “I did too.” The pair breaks apart, smiling softly at one another. Stanley grabs his bag, pulling out a small package carrying the logo of LeFou’s favourite baker. Stanley sits down and slides the package to LeFou.

“What’s this?” LeFou picks up the box, a big smile plastered on his face. “A little something for my favourite person.” LeFou opens the box, taking out a cupcake, a delicate little sugar flower on top of it as decoration. LeFou leans over the table, pressing a small kiss on Stanley’s cheek.

Yes, things are going well for LeFou.


Some days, things are not going so well for LeFou.

On days he doesn’t spend with Stanley, insecurities and doubt fill his mind and heart, suffocating him. Stanley is without a doubt the most important person in LeFou’s life. He’s funny, handsome, kind, caring and just about everything LeFou isn’t.

Stanley can get everyone he desired, especially now that Gaston – Well, let’s just say Gaston isn’t snatching away any of the village’s ladies anymore.  He can be with someone he can show off to the entire village, something he most definitely cannot with LeFou.

LeFou looks at himself in the mirror, hating how his reflection isn’t fully visible, his sides being too wide. (Never mind the fact that if he takes a step backwards, he will be) He lets out a frustrating groan.

“What are you doing mon amour?” LeFou turns around at once, facing Stanley with his tear-stained face. “Oh, LeFou.” Stanley coos, stepping closer to his lover. “I just want to be skinny.” LeFou sniffles. “Why on earth would you want that, LeFou?” LeFou looks down at his feet. “I just want to be good enough for you.” He didn’t mean to say it out loud, he really didn’t. The words just slipped.

“Oh LeFou! Non! Tu es parfait maintenant! Tu es plus parfait! S’il te plaît, écoute moi! You are the most perfect person I know!” Stanley rushes towards LeFou, cradling LeFou’s face between his large hands. “You are caring and loyal. You are kind and ambitious. I love cuddling with you and I love how well you fit in my arms. I don’t care if you’re not skinny, LeFou, I care if you’re happy. Tu es mon rêve, mon amour.” Stanley gently wipes away LeFou’s tears, leaning down and softly kissing LeFou’s lips. “Je t’aime.” He whispers against the other man’s lips, before pressing them together once more.

Some days are not going well for LeFou, but he will always have his Stanley to make them better.


Stanley is happy.

He has the most wonderful lover and he feels like the two of them can’t possible get any happier. This doesn’t mean, however, that there isn’t something nagging at Stanley. Something that has been nagging him ever since his first encounter with Madame de Garderobe and her majestic creations.

When Tom, Dick and himself were put into dresses of the most gorgeous, soft fabrics, it had repulsed Tom and Dick, but not Stanley. No, Stanley had loved the way the soft fabrics fell around his body and felt beautiful, especially with de kind and uplifting words coming from the Madame. So ever since then, he has been going to Madame de Garderobe, comparing colours and drawing designs for the most wonderful dresses for the most gorgeous of mesdames. Madame de Garderobe has even told him he’d make for a great apprentice and she would love to take him on, if that is something that he would be interested in.

Truth be told, he wants nothing more, but something is holding him back. After all, he doesn’t want LeFou to regard him as – No, he will not fall into his doubts so deeply again. He must be the strong and masculine one of them, LeFou carrying enough troubles and doubts for them both.

So, he told Madame ‘no’ with his gaze on the floor, before hurrying out of the castle. Yet every Saturday morning, he makes his way back to the castle, surrounding himself with colours and fabrics and the wonderful person that is Madame de Garderobe. And he doesn’t say a single word to his lover.


“Bonjour, Madame!” Stanley greets her brightly when he enters the chambers. “Stanley! Oh, Stanley! I have the most wonderful thing to show you!” Stanley laughs and follows Madame de Garderobe into the other room, where she makes all her wonderful creations. Stanley stops abruptly when he sees the mannequin in the centre of the room, the most beautiful, gorgeous dress he has ever seen hanging from it.

“Well, what do you think?” “Madame, votre création est magnifique! The girl who will get the honour of wearing these otherworldly fabrics will be the luckiest of all!” “C’est me pas pour une fille, my dear lad.” She smiles, her eyes twinkling with mischief. Stanley steps closer to the mannequin, his fingers dancing over the soft peach-coloured fabric, entranced by the beauty and difficult designs. “Pour qui-” Stanley glances up at the Madame. “Pour toi, Stanley.” “For me? But-” “It’s exactly your size. Go! Try it on for me, s’il te plaît.” And how could he say no to those pleading eyes?


LeFou whistles a little tune as he walks out of the library. The reading and writing lesson went especially well today. Maybe sometime soon he will be able to write an actual letter to Stanley. The thought only caused his smile to broaden. “This is – I’ve never felt so beautiful in my life, Madame.” LeFou hears a familiar voice say. Stanley.

He follows the sound of his excited chatter and walks into the chambers of Madame de Garderobe. He wonders what has lead Stanley to be as happy, since it has been a while since he heard the man this excited. He glanced inside the other chamber, de working space of Madame, and sees Madame de Garderobe looking fondly at Stanley who’s twirling in front of a full-sized mirror, dressed in – LeFou’s eyes widen. Stanley is twirling in a detailed, peach-coloured dress, his lips appearing to be slightly darker than usual and a light pink colouring his eyes.

Stanley gasps when he locks eyes with LeFou through the mirror and turns around abruptly. “LeFou! This isn’t – It’s really not-” Tears well up in Stanley’s eyes and he shuffles his feet. “Madame, could I have a moment with Stanley, s’il vous plaît?” He smiles at her. Warily, she takes her leave. Stanley doesn’t dare look LeFou in the eye as the shorter man walks closer to him. “Stanley, you-” LeFou raises his hand. Stanley flinches back. “Oh, Stan. You look-” Stanley sucks in a breath. “Disgusting? Like a freak? You never wish to see me again?” From the other chamber, Madame de Garderobe makes an indignant sound.

“Stanley, you look stunning.” LeFou speaks quietly, not wanting to startle or cause distress any more. Stanley carefully meets LeFou’s eyes, tears starting to fall once he saw the sincerity in them. “How- Why aren’t you-?” Stanley can’t understand. This wonderful, amazing man, accepted him?

“Stanley.” LeFou wipes away Stanley’s tears, careful of the simple, yet fitting, make-up. “I love you.” Stanley lets out a throaty laugh. “I love you, too, mon amour. Thank you for-” LeFou cuts him off. “There is absolutely nothing to thank me for. Tu es parfait, Stanley.”


One night, a fortnight later, LeFou is getting ready for the ball he was personally invited to by Belle. “Are you sure you won’t join me?” He looks at Stanley through the reflection of the mirror. Stanley is looking at his lover with a wide smile, from where he is leaning against the door post. “Yes, I’m sure. Madame de Garderobe had something the wanted to show me.” “Join me after?” “Don’t assume, but maybe I will. I have no idea how long Madame will take. I do know she is expected to sing at the ball this evening. Come here.” LeFou turns around as Stanley walks over to him, gently taking the strands of the ribbon around LeFou’s neck and tying it together in a neat bowtie. “The pink suits you, mon amour.” “All my ribbons are pink, Stanley.” Stanley hums as response, pressing a kiss on LeFou’s forehead. “Je sais, but pink is quite your colour.” LeFou chuckles and walks past him, exiting their shared bedroom. “Have you told Madame de Garderobe that you will take the apprenticeship yet?” Stanley follows suit. “Not yet, but I will tonight.” He hands LeFou his coat. “Enjoy yourself this evening, mon amour.” “It would turn out better if you would join me. At least join me on the ride to the castle?”


The pair separates in the entrance hall of the castle, after both greeting Lumière, who is welcoming the guests.

LeFou makes his way to the ballroom, while Stanley walks towards the chambers of Madame de Garderobe.

“Salut Madame, you had something to show me?” “Stanley! Oui, come!” She smiles one of her trademark mischievous smiles at him and pushes a grey dress in his hands. “Let’s give that man of you a little surprise, shall we?” “But Madame! The people-” “Will be dealt with by me and my Froufrou if they dare speak badly of you! Now get dressed! I didn’t spend all week on sewing for nothing.” She walks off and Stanley starts to get dressed. The grey fabric falls over his shoulders and Stanley eyes himself in the mirror. The grey is decorated with rich patterns of the most vibrant of blues. It is absolutely stunning. Stanley sits down at the table where the Madame holds all her powders and coals and starts to working on his face, a nervous yet exciting feeling settling in his belly.


LeFou can’t say that he isn’t having a good time, because he is. Yet he also knows Stanley’s presence can make it infinitely better. He smiles at the lady he is dancing with and twirls her around. As she steps from him to turn, another person slides in, filling her space.

LeFou looks up and smiles broadly when he sees Stanley in front of him, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth, yet his lips are lifted in a nervous smile. 

“You look gorgeous, Stanley.” LeFou tells the taller man as he leads Stanley through the dance. In the background, they hear Madame de Garderobe singing her beautiful tunes, her husband by her side and her beloved Froufrou in her arms.

And in that moment, in the ballroom, surrounded by people who don’t even spare the gentlemen a second glance, they were infinite.


Fabrice Fouillet / «Corpus Christi»

Знаменитый французский фотограф Фабрис Фулле отснял великолепный проект, посвящённый красоте и разнообразию внутреннего убранства современных храмов. Здесь мы видим, что современная храмовая архитектура – это своеобразный гимн минимализму, где человека ничто не отвлекает от его общения с богом и самим собой. Это архитектурное движение было начато ещё в 20-е годы прошлого века такими великими архитекторами, как Гийом Жилле (Guillaume Gillet), Готфрид Бон (Gottfried Bohn) и Огюст Перре (Auguste Perret).

Большая часть церквей, которые вы видите на этих снимках, была построена в 1950-60-х годах двадцатого века. Они рассеяны по всему миру и представляют новую концепцию храмовой архитектуры, которая вызывает массу дискуссий и нареканий со стороны некоторых архитекторов и представителей духовенства. В этих храмах внимание посетителя акцентировано на алтаре, и именно поэтому Фабрис сделал его центральным объектом своих снимков, а сами фотографии — вертикальными. Примечательно, что здесь нет привычных нам икон и других изображений святых. Атмосферу по большей части создают игра света и тени, пропорциональные линии, массивные стены и недосягаемой высоты потолок. Человек в таком храме легко может осознать себя малой частью бытия, подумать о насущном и разрешить свой внутренний конфликт в молитве.

We can navigate the stars back home (Sam DrakexReader)

Note: Takes place after the last chapter of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy




“So…anyone has a plan on how to get back?” Sam slowly gets up from his spot on the ground, stretching his arms up for relief.

“Where’s the 4x4?” Nadine looks around, a questioning gaze is directed towards the other.

“Asav’s men blew it up, had to run here.”

“Well that’s certainly convenient.”

“I say we walk,” Chloe pushes herself up from the ground, placing her hands on her hips. “We could use the exercise.”

“We’ve been running for god knows how long all day, I’m done with the exercise!”

“You saying you can’t keep up with us, Drake?” Nadine taunts, a smirk on her face. “I guess retirement’s calling your name.”

“Is that a challenge, I hear?”

“It is if you can handle it.”

“Well then, on-”

“Alright children, stop fighting.” Chloe starts walking ahead of the two, observing the beautiful surroundings around her. “Time for us to-” She halts in her tracks, spotting something peculiar from far away.

“Shit, there’s still more them?!” Sam quickly takes his gun out, as a 4x4 heads their way. The three of them take cover from whatever debris they could find.

“Is it more of Asav’s men?” Chloe questions, she hears the engine stop and the sound of someone hopping off of the vehicle.

“On my cue…” Sam mutters before signaling towards the intruder. As they all stand up and point their guns, the three are met with an unsurprised look.

“Hello ladies…and Samuel.” She greets them, nonchalant about the guns pointed at her. “I’m betting you had a pleasant trip?”

“(y/n)?!” Sam drops his stance and trudges towards the latter. “What are you-how? Jesus, we could’ve shot you!” He places his hands on her shoulders, still trying to piece things together in his head.

“I tracked your phone down at first but I lost the signal. Good thing I heard a huge explosion at the bridge,” (y/n) emits a chuckle at Sam, who had his mouth was hanging slightly open. She caresses his cheek, closing his mouth while at it. “Close your mouth, Samuel. Don’t want any insects to fly in.”

“Still, I thought you were meeting a client. Weren’t you-”

“It was cancelled. Can’t really get anywhere since the Indian army’s constantly patrolling the area. But on the bright side, I did manage to bargain some gorgeous fabrics in the flea market.” (y/n) glances behind Sam, smiling at the two of them.

“Oh right. This is-”

“Chloe.” (y/n) cuts him off, greeting the said woman with a warm smile.

“(y/n).” Chloe returns the smile with a glint in her eye.

“Nadine.” (y/n) nods off towards her direction, as Nadine greets her as well.


“It’s been a while, having fun without me?” (y/n) crosses her arms, pulling off a hurt look at Chloe.

“Couldn’t really bother someone who’s busy being a designer, now could I?” Chloe purses her lips, before quickly tackling the other in an unsuspecting hug. “It’s been a while, love.”

“A long while indeed,” (y/n) chuckles, wrapping her arms around the brunette. Chloe joins in on the laughter.

“Heard that you hit it off with Drake, of all people.” Nadine interrupts the both of them. (y/n) lets go and faces the latter with a smirk. “Didn’t believe it at first but I guess it’s true.”

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean? And what-what’s going on here? (y/n), you know these two?” Sam looks at her, his brows furrowed downwards in confusion. “Can someone explain something to me?”

“Well, Chloe and I, we go way back. When I still had the time to go hunting for treasure.” (y/n) places a finger on her chin, “It was Shambhala, if memory serves me right. Our first hunt together.”

“Shambhala is correct,” Chloe nods off.

“And Nadine, well…a couple of incidental meetings, and later on I became her source of information.”

“Information?” Sam questions, laying an arm around (y/n)’s shoulder.

“Information.” (y/n) repeats once again. “Anyways, we can continue the chitchat on the way back. Now, hop on.”

“Where did you get a 4x4 anyway?” Chloe takes a seat at the back, with Nadine doing the same thing as Sam takes the front seat.

“Borrowed it from the Indian army, I’m sure they won’t miss it.”

“You stole from them?!”

“Oh relax, they have tons of 4x4’s. They won’t even know that one is missing.” (y/n) lifts her sunglasses up with her finger. Her eyes directed at the makeshift route she was taking. “I almost forgot. Chloe, Nadine, I brought you some clean clothes. They’re in the trunk. There’s a medkit and water bottles as well.”

“You are a lifesaver,” Chloe sighs in relief. She helps Nadine with the trunk, handing a bottle at Sam.

“What about me? Did ya bring me some clothes?”

“You call those hideous Hawaiian shirts of yours ‘clothes’?” A look of disgust is clear as day on (y/n)’s features, Sam looks at her with widened eyes. “One day, I swear I’ll burn them all when you aren’t looking.”

“That hurts, (y/n). Those shirts are pretty ama-”

“If you continue what you’re saying, you’re going to walk all the way back home.”

“Yes, ma'am.” Sam zips his mouth in an instant, craning his neck towards the view before him.

“So, a designer huh?” Nadine closes the cap of the water bottle, tossing it back into the trunk. “And here I thought you’d still be out there adventuring, looking for lost treasure, making history.”

“The high is nice, but I’d rather not do the whole adventuring thing 24/7. But if you do get another interesting treasure hunt, I’ll be available.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Nadine chuckles lightly, a small smile on her lips.


“O-Ow! Jesus, take it easy! It hurts, you know!” Sam tries to move away from (y/n), not liking the burning sensation from whatever it was that she was applying to his wound.

“For pete’s sake, Samuel. It’s not that painful, just slight prickling.”

“I feel like my skin’s about to fall off.”

“You’ve climbed on top of cliffs, swung across mountains, and engaged in active war zones, and you’re complaining about me cleaning your wound?” (y/n) raises a brow at him, taking hold of his arm to finish up the bandaging.

“Hey, it really does hurt! Whatever that liquid shit it is you’re pouring…”

“Hydrogen peroxide,”

“Yeah, that.” Sam reiterates. “Either way, it hurts.” He turns away from her, (y/n) could swear that he was pouting like a kid.

“Samuel.” (y/n) calls out but the latter decides not to hear her out. “Sam.” He turns to you with a pointed look on his face.


“I’m glad you’re alright,” A smile makes its way, and his lips turn upwards. Sam sighs, tucking a strand of (y/n)’s hair behind her ear before placing a kiss on her forehead. He laughs as her face starts to flush with red, but stops when he feels her soft lips on his.

“I still hate those Hawaiian shirts of yours though…”

Beauty and the Beast Mini-Review: Belle’s Wardrobe
  • The Blue Dress: okay so right off the bat we’ve got trouble. Her clothes have no form at all, and they’re layered awkwardly? It’s almost like the costume designer was trying to disguise the fact that Emma Watson wouldn’t wear a corset stays by layering vests and bodices on top of one another. The red elements stand out really sharply, and are frankly jarring to look at when you first see them onscreen. There are awkward side-lacings (I’m unsure if this is because Emma refused anything resembling corsetry or…?) that look very community theater. I don’t know who to blame for this one, but it looks bad. Also for like half of “Belle” her skirts are hitched way up on the side of her thigh to showcase the fact that she’s… wearing bloomers? Blue printed bloomers. I think the idea was to demonstrate that she’s Actually Wearing Pants You Guys (because pants are feminist, didn’t you know?) but all I could think was “why the fuck are you doing the shopping in your underwear??????”
    • Shoutout to the weird, TOMS-lookalike shoes she wears for “Belle (Reprise)” and to do the laundry. She was wearing boots for the first part of this scene. Where did they go?
    • Underneath the blue vest… thing… is a red floral printed white vest thing. It looks a little better? But not much. This whole ensemble is awkward.
  • The Red Dress: What in God’s name is your bodice doing and can you make it stop. It’s loose, and there’s a peplum, and hey look! Laces on the front where they belong! only… not like that. Okay in all seriousness. This is better? Sort of. You don’t look at her and immediately go “oh she’s wearing a bra”, but that doesn’t always mean better sometimes it just means you can’t see anything because your weird peplum bodice thing is almost falling off what the hell. It at least looks more professional? But I hated every second this thing was onscreen.
  • The Gold Dress: aka The Reason I’m Redesigning, aka What In The Iron Hells. In motion I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would? But that’s honestly because I couldn’t focus on the shiny cheap-looking fabric on her bodice, which (again) is obviously I’m Not Wearing A Corset Or Stays. The glitter-glue on the skirt is supposed to literally be magical decorations. Does magic believe in embroidery? Apparently not. Going down the stairs the fabric looked gorgeous, and there were moments when it seemed okay? But then one of those damned tiered flounces would fly up and I was torn right out of the moment.
    • Belle, why would you ride a horse in this dress. Why would you do anything in this dress, including dance, but why would you ride a horse in this dress. (She does - she doesn’t stop to change clothes, instead riding off into the night with loose tiered flounces flapping in the wind behind her)
  • Special shoutout to Belle’s Chemise And Fake Stays, which have about ten minutes of screentime! Yep, in this version, after she saves Maurice (and escapes an asylum transportation cart - long story), she goes riding back to the castle in her literal underwear. She takes the gold dress off and throws it in the dirt (hey look It’s A Feminist Point) and spends the climax of the film in a long chemise and this weird kind of shiny vest thing that’s obviously supposed to vaguely resemble period undergarments but really, really falls short - the side laces came back. I was no happier to see them now than the first time. Every time I saw this onscreen I cringed, ESPECIALLY at the end of the film when she and the transformed Prince (Adam? I’m calling him Adam.) come out to greet the villagers who are flocking back. Belle is still in her underwear. The whole town is going to think you two are going at it like rabbits, but I guess that’s not important because Feminism You Guys.
Playboy - I (M)

Playboy Masterlist ||

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1870

She woke up in the late morning, squinting through the bright light shining from the magnificent window, which curtains had just been pulled apart. Sehun stood by the bed facing her, the sunlight seemed to illuminate his tall and toned body, casting shadows in all the right places. He looked almost angelic. But he was far from being an angel.

“Get up,” he said, picking up her clothes from the floor and tossing them by her side.

She blinked a few times, trying to comprehend the situation. “What? Why?” she asked.

“Because you’re in my bed,” replied Sehun, matter-of-factly. He reached for a bath robe that rested on the velvet sofa and slipped it on. “Get dressed and go.”

She looked down at her garments and crawled out from under the sheets. She slowly began redressing herself while Sehun checked the notifications on his phone, completely ignoring her. “I need a shower,” he said. He placed his phone down on the nearby mahogany table and made his way to the ensuite bathroom.

She strutted over to Sehun with confidence. “Did you want me to join you?” she asked in a sultry voice.

Sehun leant against the door frame and scanned her from head to toe. “Not really, no.”

“Did you want my number then?”

Sehun rolled his eyes and sighed, gripping the door handle and pushing it slightly. “Get your stuff and leave. Chester should be awake by now, he will drive you home.” He curled his lips into a fake smile, “It was nice meeting you!” he cooed before slamming the bathroom door in her face.

“You asshole!” she screamed. After grabbing her purse from the bedside table and collecting her shoes by the door, she stormed out of the bedroom in a hurt rage.


Bright lights, the heavy bass of EDM and the pungent stench of alcohol polluted the atmosphere of the nightclub, disorientating even the soberest of people. Black-lights cast a pale indigo glow over the sea of dancing bodies, further illuminating all the bright colours.

You stood to the side of the dance floor, back pressed against the wall, watching your friends grind onto random men. The club wasn’t usually your ideal place for a fun night out, but your friends managed to force you out of your dorm. Plus, you had recently bought a gorgeous black dress. The fabric perfectly wrapped around your figure, defined your curves and pushed your cleavage up a little. There were cut-outs on the sides, exposing the bare skin of your waist. You definitely felt more confident in this outfit. Or, maybe it was just the liquor.

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I’m getting a sewing machine!!!!! Kurt’s Aunt saw me wishing for one when I spotted some gorgeous fabrics and she has a brand new Brother machine from a few years ago still in box! I could cry, I’m so happy/excited!! I COULD MAKE A DRESS EVERY WEEK! I live down the street from a fabric store that has hundreds of novelty cottons at $5/yard! AHHHH

Jacob Frye x Reader - What I Never Knew I Always Wanted

A/N - Yeah, I’m late, sorry. Real talk though, what is with me writing things involving weddings and proposals? I am terrified of commitment what is happening to me. I also don’t like song fics very often and yet, here I am.

The song

Never was the kind to think about dressing in white
Wasn’t waiting on a prince to come riding into my life
Thought I was happy on my own
‘Til you came and proved me wrong

  “You look incredible!” Evie’s voice shocked you from your trance. You were staring at your wedding dress in pure bliss, analyzing every inch of the gorgeous fabric Evie had helped you pick out.
  “I never really thought I looked good in white,” you confessed, tears building behind your eyes as you grinned, “Evie!” You threw your arms around her, thankful the friend who did your makeup decided to play it safe with waterproof mascara.
  “You look fantastic and I know Jacob will think so too.”
  “I can’t believe I’m getting married!” you turned back to the mirror, fixing yourself up and holding back the happy tears still ready to fall. “You’ve got to admit, I never really seemed the type.”
  “You certainly seem the type now. Look at you!" 

Never pictured myself singing lullabies
Sitting in a rocking chair in the middle of the night
In the quiet, in the dark
You’re stealing every bit of my heart with your daddy’s eyes
What a sweet surprise

  You hummed quietly to the baby in your arms, eyes drifting shut, but still far from sleep.
  You might have missed sleep, but every time you looked at your child’s face, you fell more in love.
  "You look so much like your daddy.” The baby, tears stopped for the moment, stared at you almost like he understood. “You’re probably going to worry me just as much as he does too, aren’t you?”
  “I love you, sweetheart." 

I finally found what I never knew I always wanted
I couldn’t see; I was blind 'til my eyes were opened
I didn’t know there was a hole
Something missing in my soul
'Til you filled it up with your love

  "Jacob?” Your voice was quiet, cutting through the darkness of your room as you traced patterns on your husband’s bare chest.
  That word still threw you for a loop when it went through your mind.
  “Is something wrong?” His arm, around your waist tightened, pulling you closer to him.
  You hadn’t really expected him to be awake, so you tripped over your words a bit as you spoke. “No, nothing, I just- I love you.”
  A deep chuckle escaped his lips, igniting a grin on your own. “I should hope so.” You feigned a pout, barely visible in the darkness and he laughed again, before placing a kiss against your forehead, “I love you too.”

I never was the kind to think about dressing in white
I never pictured myself singing lullabies

wandamaxmoffz  asked:

20+tom holland. :)

 20: blind date

“A blind date to the Golden Globes? How blasphemous!”

You roll your eyes as your stylist helped you into your dress, (Naeem Khan from two years ago. “Risky,” he’d told you, “but gorgeous.”) the amount of fabric overwhelming you and second guessing how to get in it. From behind, you Marcus pulled back your hair to keep the intricate stitching from getting pulled.

“So, has he been to the Globes before,” he asks, seeming to be both in front of you and behind you as you struggle into the gown. “Has he been more times than you?”

The way he said been felt like he meant has he won a globe, unlike you? But you tried shoved the feeling off. Pursing your lips to show that you were at least the teensiest bit offended, Marcus caught your gesture, and immediately backed away from you.

“I didn’t mean any shade, Y/N,” he said clearly, fluffing the bottom of your gown to get the static out. “I’m just asking if he’s jittery first timer.”

“Well it is a blind date, Marcus,” you explained, and he returned your earlier eye roll. “But Louise tells me he’s been nominated four times.”

“Four?” Marcus’ voice was loud, looking up at you with wide eyes. “Is he old?”

“Not that much older than me, I don’t think.” The more you thought about the information your agent had told you, the less cryptic it seemed. You could easily Google “actors with four golden globe nominations” and come up with a pretty good list of people that you might have your arm around for the night.

Either way, showing up with someone who had four solid nominations under their belt was quite steeling. You’d been (a slightly less impressive) three times, being nominated for best television comedy series. You wondered if your date was in television like you, or if he was a director, or a movie actor. Perhaps he was a fellow writer and creator. (although, you were pretty versed in the world of TV writers and creators, and any date would not be a surprise)

These thoughts ran through your head, even up until the moment you would meet. A limo stretched its way toward you, the windows dim and rolled up. You felt like you were in a prom movie, your mysterious date rolling up, fixing his tux behind the tinted glass while he looked you over.

You opened the door to get in yourself, hands slippery with sweat against the slick black door. The driver was yelling your name as he tried to get it open himself, but everything paused when the occupant inside slowly pushing it open.

“wow,” was the first thing you heard him say, in a British accent no less. There was nothing else in your mind but that word, your entire body frozen as you lifted your eyes.

In a brown suit (not those tragic, faded looking dark brown suits. It’s a shiny coffee color, as rich as his eyes) sat Tom Holland, locks of auburn hair unslicked and parting around his face. He looked as young as when you’d seen him for the first time.

His ageless face finally turned to yours, a smile making him light up, a glow about his entire being. You were hallway leaning into the car, grabbing at the bottom of your dress to stuff it into the backseat. He was chuckling, which you didn’t consider all that bad. You were a comedy writer after, and what was life without a few laughs.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” he started, but you waved him off.

“It’s my job to be funny. Glad I could entertain you,” he laughed again at your good-natured joke. Perhaps a blind date to an award show wasn’t such a bad idea.

Malec fic: The Break of Day

Alec awakens to the soft caress of the warm morning sunlight, a gentle breeze flickering through the curtains, and the murmurings of a city just coming to life. It’s strange; he usually wakes in the still-chilled dark, pushing his protesting body from bed to get a jump-start on the day, after a too-late night. Alec stretches his arms above his head, pulls his legs out long to the very edge of the bed but not over it like usual, with his feet dangling in the cold air. He remembers then that he’s not in his own bed. Not in his room at the Institute with scratchy sheets and cold rooms and a bed a few inches shy of accommodating his full height. He’s at Magnus’s.

A contented hum rumbles Alec’s chest, and he turns, curling on his side so his nose rests at the nape of Magnus’s neck. He breathes in. Magnus stirs. They don’t have anywhere to be right away, a miracle, really. If Alec lets them in there will be flood of thoughts about things he needs to do, missions to complete, meetings and briefings he should attend, people he needs to help—

Right now, he doesn’t need to be anywhere but in this bed, with Magnus. 

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“I need a place to stay”

Request 6

Sorry this took so long, I’m trying out a new multiple ending system..with choices! Ahah

Becca x MC

Kaitlyn x MC

Teddy x MC

Begins where The Sophomore Chapter 3 ends

MC = Ellen


“Can you like, get your paws off my stuff?”

Textbooks scattered across the path, you ignore her, squatting down to help Becca gather up her fallen cargo. Reaching for an unlabeled book–a journal, perhaps?–earns you a quick slap on the wrist.

“Hey!” You recoil, snatching your wrist away. You wince at the sight of your reddening knuckles. “I’m just trying to help” You reach out again, this time avoiding avoiding the journal altogether.

Becca groans, quickly gathering her things into a heap and standing up to hug it to her chest. A pen, balancing precariously along the edge of her teetering pile of books, falls unceremoniously to the ground. Instinctively, you grab it, offering it to Becca. Rather than accept it, Becca lifts a hand to her head, two fingers rubbing against her temple

“Can you please just leave me alone?” She gives a long exhale “I’m just not in the mood right now, okay?”

Your brow furrows, the edges of your smile dampening; fading quickly away to a frown.

“What’s wrong?”

Becca shakes her head, sighing. “Please, just let it go”

You cock her head to the side, bangs shifting along “Is it about the sorority?”

Becca doesn’t respond. Instead, her eyes drop to the floor, and she moves to walk past you. You reach for Becca’s unencumbered hand, and begin to rub your thumb against it reassuringly. You lean close, lips nearly grazing Becca’s ear;

“Hey, I’m here for you, it’s gonna be–”

“Get off of me!” Becca snatches her hand back and squirms away, writhing in apparent anger and disgust. “What part of don’t touch me did you not understand?”

You take a step back, palms slick with sweat, cheeks flushed “The part where I can’t support someone I care about!”

“That you care about?!”  Becca scoffs “I barely even know you”

Your teeth bare down on your lip, biting back tears. “But we…connected..”

Becca narrows her eyes “This–whatever this is” gestures wildly with a hand “means nothing. You’re just a pit stop. Get that through your head”

“Becca, please, I know you’re having a hard time..” Your tears well in your eyes, face burning.

Time seems to stand still.

“Can’t you tell when you’re not wanted?”

Without a word, you turn on your heel, barely facing the other way before fresh tears have thoroughly moistened your face, accumulating to pour from your cheeks and chin, irrigating the sparse foliage below. You wipes your eyes with your sleeve and start to run down the path with no particular destination.

Somewhere behind you Becca calls after “Wait! Please!”, but in vain as her calls are lost in the slew of commotion, and likely would have fallen onto to deaf ears had they not been. Becca loses you in an oncoming crowd, and drops her head to her hands with a sigh; littering the campus grounds with yet another set of unused textbooks.


Several minutes later, you scurry along the path, rounding the corner by the cafe; almost coming full circle. While passing, you peer in, hoping to spot a friendly face; you could really use a friend right about now. You notice Kaitlyn sitting in a booth, slumped over a table sipping a milkshake with..Natasha?!

“What the..”

Hurt and confused, you’re too absorbed in your thoughts to notice the approaching passerby;

“Whoa, look out!”

He tries to duck out of the way, but his regrettably slow reaction time proves critical. You collide with a heavy thunk.

Shaking your head and keeping your eyes low, you immediately begin apologizing; your voice unsteady and high-pitched “I’m so sorry,  I” (voice cracks) “I..don’t know what I was thinking I just–”

“It’s Ellen, right?”

As you turn your eyes toward him, it takes everything in your power to keep your jaw from dropping to the floor. In front of you stands the tall, dark, handsome, and hilarious: Teddy. Your eyes glaze for a moment as you recall your last interaction with him; he had been flirting with you and Zack all night, but neither of you had worked up the courage to make a move “A few more shots and I might have..” you muse.

“Hmm?” he teases boyishly “You might’ve what?”

Flustered, you choke up “I..uh..I..” your cheeks deepen to a scarlet hue, tears begin to creep up again.

“Hey, are you okay?” He curls a finger under your chin and lifts it to face him.

Refusing to meet his eyes “What? Oh yeah, I’m fine, just..allergic to…” you struggle “..cute boys”

Sensing discomfort, Teddy acts quickly, interrupting your stammering with the first one liner he thinks of;

“You know, boxers rarely have sex before their matches,” you fall silent, staring at him, wide-eyed. The pressure now on him, sweat beads down his forehead “you know, unless they really fancy each other”

Silence goes on for what feels like an eternity.

Teddy chuckles anxiously, his hand compulsively retreating to the back of his head, scratching nervously. Out of nowhere, laughter bursts from deep in your chest, causing you to double over; grappling yourself to keep from collapsing to the ground.

Teddy eyes you nervously “Heh..I didn’t think it was that funny..”

“It was horrible!” your face reddens, a vein bulging your her neck.

“Well you know..occupational hazard..” his cheeks turn pink, glowing against his tan complexion.

With a finger, you mop a tear from under your eye as your laughter subsides. “Thank you, really”

“Aw it was nothing, really. I just thought it might take some of the pressure off you, you know, me sounding stupid and all, heh” You notice his hand retreating back toward the back of his head.

“Well whatever it was, it was sweet” you pause for a moment in thought, then raise yourself onto your tiptoes and lean in to graze your lips against one stubbly cheek “and really cute”

“I was hoping you might see it that way” His mouth spreads from ear to ear in a toothy grin “You know, I came here looking for James, but I’m glad I ran into you. Maybe we can hang out sometime while I’m in the area?”

You return the grin and nod wordlessly. With two fingers he pulls a slip of paper out of his front pocket. “Normally I wouldn’t use a business card for this, but I don’t seem to have a pen” He hands it to you, which you promptly slip into your pocket. He strolls off, presumably in James’ direction.

Refocusing, you realize the pen still clenched in your fist. Your chest tightens. You slowly make her way over to one of the campus trash cans. You hold the pen over it, willing yourself to loosen your grip, to drop it in.

Frustrated, you instead hurl it into the one of the quad’s fields; it ricochets off of a lone elm tree, presumably landing near its base; one of possibly hundreds in the area. You double over, catching your breath as you feel a sharp pang in your stomach. From your new vantage point, you can see a stack of fresh textbooks; an unmarked book sitting on top. You retrieve it, wiping it off with a flick of the wrist. In sparkling gold cursive, likely from a gel pen, reads “Becca” on the bottom corner. You hold it over the can, debating if to return it to its rightful place. Sighing, you return your hands, book still held between them, to your chest.

You slowly make your way to the bus stop to catch a ride back to the house.


“She said what?!” Zack exclaims in sheer outrage “To you?!”

You nod solemnly “I know, and I know she’s growing through some things but–”

“No buts!” Chris joins in “She can’t talk to you like that, I don’t care if she’s beta theta delta whatever. That’s no excuse to talk to your girlfriend like–”

“She’s not my girlfriend” You interrupt “She made that pretty clear”

Kaitlyn, who until now has remained quiet, pipes up “Well, if she doesn’t want to be exclusive, maybe you should show her that you’re not either at–”

Zack cuts in “AT THE SORORITY BALL TONIGHT” he grins “…and with some hot man-candy on your arm”

You blush “I don’t know..this is all kind of sudden..”

“Come on, it’s perfect. It’s an honest to god sign” he continues “This thing with Becca, the Sorority Ball, bumping into Teddy…”

James pitches in “Hell, you could even write an expose on the sorority drama for the paper..”

You throw back a laugh “Wow, you’re starting to sound just like Vasquez..maybe he never really left at all!”

James smiles thoughtfully and shrugs “It was just a suggestion; two birds, one stone” He teases “It’s not like your scholarship is riding on it or anything..”

Kaitlyn frowns, shaking her head “Wait, back up. You lost me..who is this guy?”

You turn to face her “Vasquez? I didn’t think anyone could forget him, he was such a character..”

Kaitlyn shakes her head, exasperated “No, no, the other guy”

Chris chimes in “Teddy?”

Zack swoons. “The most beautiful man in the world” He turns to Chris “No offense”

Chris smiles and rolls his eyes. “None taken”

Zack slams his hands on the table “So it’s official then! Ellen’s going to the ball with Teddy!” he turns to her “Have you texted him yet?? Tell him to pick you up at 7:00” She obliges, albeit in a less demanding manner.

James looks to his watch “Uh, guys?” The group turns to him expectantly “It’s 6:15”

Kaitlyn’s face pales “We’ve have to get ready!” She hurries you off to your room.


Once situated in your respective gowns; you in the same glimmering starry night one you wore to the last sorority ball, while Kaitlyn sports a new gorgeous, shapely gown; the bust vibrant white, suspended by a white crochet halter-top chest piece, the skirt a gorgeous, flowing black fabric, accented with white embroidery along the hemline, you each take a seat on your bed.

“Wow…” You admire in unison. She really does look amazing..

“I know” Again.

A slim strand of hair slips to fall in front of her eyes. Reflexively, your hand reaches out and tucks the strand carefully behind an ear; your fingertips grazing her cheek. She gazes at you, her dark eyes focused on yours; you notice her lips quivering slightly, as though unsure, you glance down to her hands and notice one kneading the other similarly. Her eyes shift from yours to your lips, and back again. Are our faces closer together than they were a second ago?

“So,” you clear your throat “Who’s the lucky lady?”

Kaitlyn blushes, clearly flustered. “Just a friend”

You continue “Anyone I might know?” Kaitlyn looks nervously to her phone.

“Ahh! 7:05! We have to go!” You sigh.

The two of you rush down to the front door together, the gang already assembled. Teddy looks astonishingly handsome in a classic black tux, a single white rose in one hand, and a sequined midnight blue bow-tie perked up on his collar bone.

“A little birdy told me you might be wearing blue..” You blush. There’s something really..exquisite about a man with the confidence to reveal his feminine side.

“IT WAS ME” Zack blurts out suddenly “I’M THE LITTLE BIRDY. YOU’RE WELCOME”

You laugh. You raise a hand to gesture to Kaitlyn. “Teddy, this is Kaitlyn” You move your hand toward Teddy “Kaitlyn, Teddy” Kaitlyn nods and forces a smile, stammering.

“I..I have to go. I’ll meet you guys there!” She takes off, her heels clicking off into the distance. Teddy resumes, offering you the rose; you reach for it when you hear a distant “Thud!” Kaitlyn’s voice sounds from the distance “I’m okay!”

You smile with a small chuckle, graciously accepting Teddy’s rose. You lift to your tiptoes and press a kiss to his cheek. “Thank you”


As you and the gang roll up to the sorority house, you take Teddy’s hand and lead him upstairs, toward the main party scene.

“I’ll grab us some drinks” he offers, racing off. Your eyes scan the crowd, you spot a familiar figure headed your way. “Hey Chris!”

He smiles easily “Hey! How’s it going with the..what did Zack call it?”

“Man-candy?” you offer

“That’s it!”

“It’s good, he’s just getting me a drink” Chris smiles thoughtfully, then shakes his head with a frown. “Do you know what’s up with Kaitlyn?”

You open your mouth to respond when you hear a familiar voice shrieking from somewhere nearby;


Chris sighs “You gonna get that?” You shake your head. Another pang spreads through your stomach. No more Becca drama. He nods. “Then I think I will”


“She’s going to need someone to talk to, and god knows there aren’t many contenders…” Teddy returns, a glass in each hand, a puzzled expression on his face.

“What was that?” he turns to Chris “Should we investigate?” Chris looks to you. “Do you need to take this?” You sigh.

“I’ve got this, I’ll be back in a minute” You lift onto your tiptoes to kiss Teddy’s cheek yet again “Promise you’ll save me a dance?”

He frowns and shakes his head “No” your face pales “Just kidding!” You playfully punch his arm “Geez… Occupational hazard, remember?” He laughs. You stalk off toward Becca’s room.


When you arrive, you find yourself amidst a flurry of sorority girls in a heated argument outside Becca’s closed bedroom door, Becca at its center.

“You know the rules Becca..only the president’s room is off-limits”

“Well that’s BULLSHIT”

“You made that rule!”

“I should be president!”

“We voted!”

“It’s called *Democracy*, have you heard of it?”

“Maybe you should just quit altogether!”


Becca storms off, pushing and shoving her way through the girls. Her head down, she doesn’t see you standing by, quite literally bumping into you. Without lifting her head, her eyes raise to look at you “I…” she stammers. The green of her eyes stands out against the reddening in her face and eyes. A tear drips from her nose, spattering to the ground between you.

“I have to go” she pushes past you and hurries down the stairs, stumbling for a moment, and out the front door. You see Chris taking off after her. He truly is a gentleman.

You turn and head back to find Teddy sidled up next to Zack, the two of them sharing a laugh. You smile, opening your mouth to speak when something catches your attention.

Hearing a creak, you glance back to see the bedroom door open, Kaitlyn peering out and tentatively exiting, Natasha in tow. You notice your heart start beating faster, your hands clenching into fists. You try to relax. It’s her decision, remember?

Her own stupid decision.

Zack notices you standing by and calls you over. “Hey! You seem a little preoccupied. You okay?” You sigh, your eyes drifting to the front door. I wonder where she went…

You turn back toward the bedroom door, Kaitlyn now out of sight ..Ditto.

You turn back toward Teddy, equipped with a midnight bow tie, a vibrant smile, and a personality even more so. You approach him.


…Sorry about the wait, let’s dance!”

…Sorry, but I need to find Becca and make sure she’s okay”

…Sorry, but I need to find Kaitlyn and stop her from making the biggest mistake of her life”

pretty boys ™

but just

dan ; fluffy over sized soft pastel yellow sweaters (sometimes they’re turtlenecks but only when necessary) and tight black jeans, hair always messy and slightly curly and falling in his face also it sticks up in random places for like no reason but dan doesn’t notice, lips always slightly swollen and cheeks tinted pink, hickeys, a lil bit of chub, black nails

phil ; tight colorful relatable tees with a pocket/design/logo on the top right corner (you know the ones) and shorts going down mid thigh, quiff, dad glasses, clunky black boots that also manage to look sleek, leather jackets but only sometimes and most of them are that weird soft brown velvet fabric, zippers, gorgeous collarbones, drinking too much coffee