gorgeous everyone

I saw this one and loved it but didn’t know who to put it with. I chose Hunk because I think he would look really cute with the arm straps and the bubbly train.

But let’s be honest they’d all look great in this one.

this one screams allura to me tbh, its so ethereal and gorgeous. but yes everyone would look amazing 

Petition to stop saying Kelly is slept on

Kelly Rowland.
She’s gorgeous AF. Literally everyone knows & acknowledges it lol
She’s not as famous as beyonce which makes it seem like she’s slept on…but as far as looks go, 8 times outta 10 people are say she looks better.

(FYI same for Pam from Martin & J. Cole- if damn near the whole black population says that someone is slept on/underrated, then they’re not lol)


We deserve some Black Joy after a long and trying week. In the hopes of bringing a smile to your face, here’s some bomb ass photos from an event I took part in on July 4th  #JuneteenthOrBust called “Dashikis In the City.” The purpose of the event was a belated Juneteenth celebration, and to celebrate unabashed pride in Black culture and unity, in separation from traditional Independence Day festivities. As you can see it was super lit and everyone was gorgeous. Such beauty deserves to be shared!


Here’s a quick look at the 10 gallon that I combined the two 5 gals into! It’s a work in progress, and I can’t get very good pics tonight for some reason, but I’m loving it so far and so are the inhabitants! The betta has been blowing bubbles like crazy and the CPDs are much less shy since the change.

Flora: java fern, moneywort, amazon sword, ludwigia repens, anubias, java moss

Fauna: betta, celestial pearl danios, corydoras habrosus, nerite snails, amano shrimp

An unexpected joy that happened today: Brunch Friend and I were talking anime, and he was trying to tell me about a ‘magical girl series that’s, like, it looks like it’s going to be cute and fluffy but there’s a big dark twist early on’, so of course I said 'Oh, Madoka?’, and no, that’s not the show he was talking about (and damnit, I forget the name of the show he was actually talking about), but anyway, we talked Madoka.

I asked if he had seen it to the end, and yes, he’d watched the series and remembered it ended with Madoka erasing herself from existence and ascending to goddess-hood, and he’d actually really liked the ending (agreed).

What he didn’t know was that Rebellion existed, so I got to be the person that told him that, well, forget about that actual good and fitting and beautifully bittersweet ending to the show, because Homura sure did just turn into satan, usurped Madoka and created her own dark world just so that she could trap Madoka and keep her with her forever.

He decided that he’s never going to watch Rebellion.

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short haired raoul is everything he is so gorgeous

Aww so glad everyone has…fallen in love with the happy!AU Raoul hahah *cries*

Chrispine approves too <3

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But SHAAAN! Imagine them going to visit Japan post-ZTD, and 'Carlos says he wants to know what matsuris are like, let's go Kanny?' and they can all think Carlos looks so good in a yukata.


carlos is absolutely thrilled and loves every second of it 

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You are literally so gorgeous, everyone complimenting you in your askbox is 100% right you are incredibly attractive

I have no idea how to respond to compliments about my physical appearance without being self-deprecating, so instead I will inform you that I pet five entire cats today and it was pretty fun.